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comedy Western 'Cat Ballou' released in 1965, won actor Lee Marvin 'Best Actor' at what awards show

Academy Awards Click to see the answer

During the Beatles' 1964 musical comedy, they travel to where from Liverpool?


Eyes Without a Face' is a French horror film released in British theatres in 1960, what is the original French title of the film?

Les Yeux Sans Visage

Directed by Gene Kelly, 'Gigot' is the tale of a penniless mute Frenchman who makes friends with a young girl and her mother. What pet does he have?


classic musical 'My Fair Lady', what does actress Audrey Hepburn sing that she could have done all night?


1963 horror 'Dementia 13', is more commonly known in Britain under what name?

The Haunted And The Hunted

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Charlie Bubber Reeves, played by Robert Redford, escapes from a Texan prison in 'The Chase', who plays Sheriff Calder whose mission is to bring Charlie to justice?

Marlon Brando Click to see the answer

comedy 'The Producers' is about a theatre producer and his accountant trying to pull off a scam and have to stage the worst stage musical they can, what do they base the musical on?

Adolf Hitler And The Nazis

Once Upon a Time in the West' (1968) has what form of transport at the center of the film?


In the Heat of the Night' follows detective Virgil Tibbs investigating the murder of a businessman in Mississippi and the racism he encounters along the way, which actor plays Virgil Tibbs?

Sidney Poitier

1962 saw the release of the film adaptation of prize-winning novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird', who wrote the book?

Harper Lee

1967 comedy drama 'The Taming Of The Shrew' was based on a play by which playwright?

William Shakespeare

The Apartment' follows C. C. Baxter who lends out his apartment to executives to do what in?

Have Affairs In

It's a Mad Mad World' follows a group of people journeying through the countryside, but what are they in search of?

Buried Treasure

During the train journey in 'The Incident', Punks Joe Ferrone and Artie Connors terrorize a lone female by giving her a 'hot foot|. What does the prank'hot foot' involve?

Setting Shoelaces On Fire

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The Blue Max' is a World war I action story based on a brash German fighter named Lt. Bruno Stachel, what was his occupation?

Fighter Pilot Click to see the answer

Deadlier Than The Male' is a 1967 spy film featuring an already popular investigator from a 1920's novel and several films during the 30s of his own. What is his name?

Bulldog Drummond

1962 saw the release of the first 'James Bond' film 'Dr. No', who played 007?

Sean Connery

Elizabeth Taylor stars in the 1963 epic romance 'Cleopatra', but what was the film best known for at its time of release?

Being The Most Expensive Film Ever Made

Catch Us If You Can' is a 1965 comedy designed to promote which rival band of the Beatles?

Dave Clark Five

The Innocents' is a 1961 British horror movie about strange occurrences in a large estate, who in the estate is being possessed?

The Children

1968 brought us the horror tale of 'Night of the Living Dead', but what caused the deceased to rise from their graves?

Radiation From A Fallen Satellite

Doctor Zhivago' follows orphan Yuri Zhivago, a medical student in training, but what is his true passion?


1968 brought us the British-Italian adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', what are Romeo and Juliet's family names?

Montague And Capulet

Baby Face' is a song popularized by the 1967 musical 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'. Who originally recorded the song in 1926?

Jan Garber

How the West Was Won' is an epic tale of how the American West was won and lost, what genre is the film?


The Sound of Music' is well known for its soundtrack, how many songs are featured in the film in total?

Twenty Seven

Elvis Presley stars as Chad Gates in the musical 'Blue Hawaii', what type of company does Chad's father want him to work at?

A Fruit Company

Batman' films have been made time and time again, but who played Batman in the 1966 action comedy?

Adam West

The Greatest Story Ever Told' released in 1965 is a epic portrayal of who's life?

Jesus Christ

American gangster film 'Johnny Cool' follows Johnny on his mission back to America after he was exiled. Where does his journey begin?


That Darn Cat' tells the tale of mischievous cat, but what is the breed of the cat?


What a Way to Go' is a 1964 musical comedy story about a widow who gives away $200 million as she believes the money is cursed, how many husbands is she widow to?


During the bazaar in 'Pollyanna', what flag did the children cover themselves with?

American Stars And Stripes Featuring 13 Stars

1968 American war film 'The Green Berets' is set during which war?

Vietnam War

Actor Steve McQueen plays youngster Eric Stoner, AKA 'The Cincinnati Kid' in the 'The Cincinnati Kid'. In the film what does Eric have a reputation for playing?


The Pink Panther' follows a clumsy detective in this 1963 comedy, but what is the Pink Panther?

A Diamond

Cool Hand Luke' is a story set in the 50s of a gutsy prisoner who keeps escaping from prison, what was his first crime?

Cutting Parking Meters From Their Poles

36 Hours' is a 1964 thriller based on the short story 'Beware Of The Dog' by which popular childrens story writer?

Roald Dahl

1963 brought us the second James Bond 'From Russia With Love', who was 007's love interest played by in the film?

Daniela Bianchi

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How many enemy planes does Lt. Bruno Stachel, played by George Peppard, shoot down in 'The Blue Max'?

Twenty Click to see the answer

For the 1965 musical comedy 'Tickle Me', what award did Elvis Presley win for best actor?

Golden Laurel

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic 'Psycho' was the first American film to show what?

A Flushing Toilet

Flint is called in to investigate the missing minutes his boss has lost whilst playing golf with who in 'The Sandpiper'?

The President

George Lazenby stars as 007 in the 1969 Bond film 'At Her Majesty's Secret Service', what was the feature song?

We Have All The Time In The World'

How do James Bond and Romanova spend some quality time together once the mission is over in the final scenes of 'From Russia With Love'?

Romantic Boat Ride

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How many children does Adelina, played by Sophia Loren, have in 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', to escape imprisonment?

Seven Children In Eight Years Click to see the answer

How many hours are portrayed in 'A Hard Day's Night'?


How does Lucky, played by Elvis Presley, lose his money in the 1964 musical comedy 'Viva Las Vegas'?

He Falls In The Pool With It

A young officer, played by Jack Nicholson, is from whose army before getting separated and decides to follow a woman before she disappeared into the sea in 'The Terror'?


How is Lawrence killed in the opening scenes of 'Lawrence of Arabia'?

Motorcycle Accident

How many Academy awards did 'A Man For All Seasons' win?


How does Mewsette, voiced by Judy Garland, travel to Paris in the 1965 animation 'Gay Purr-ee'?


How long has Edward Hewitt, played by Richard Burton, been married to Claire, played by Eva Marie Saint, when he falls for free spirit Laura Reynolds, played by Elizabeth Taylor in 'The Sandpiper'?


How long is the 1966 sport drama 'Grand Prix'?

4H 26M

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How does the fireman in 'The Iron Maiden' break his leg at the annual Woburn Abbey Steam Rally?

Falls Over A Roller Skate Click to see the answer

In the 1965 comedy 'Catch Us If You Can', retitled 'Having a Wild Weekend', what advertising campaign does model Dinah, played by Barbara Ferris, feature in?


How does Dolly, played by Barbra Streisand, make her money in the 1969 musical 'Hello, Dolly!'?

She Is A Matchmaker

How long do the boys get for lunch in the 1961 comedy 'The Errand Boy'?

Thirty Minutes

1960 British comedy 'Doctor in Love' is the fourth instalment of the 'Doctor' series, how many films are there in total?


George Lazenby took over as James Bond in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. What was George's profession before becoming Bond?


Harper' is a 1966 drama based on the 1949 novel 'The Moving Target'. In the opening scenes, what is Lew Harper, played by Paul Newman, seen to recycle out of the trash?

Coffee Grounds

Filomena, played by Sophia Loren, and Domenico, played by Marcello Mastroianni, fall in love in Naples during WWII in which 1964 comedy drama?

Marriage Italian Style'

family favorite 'The Incredible Journey', tells the tale of a pet trio, but what animals are in the trio?

Two Dogs, One Cat

How is John Lowes tortured in 'Witchfinder General' in an attempt to find the so-called devil's mark?

He Has Needled Stuck In His Back

How many flights of stairs do Paul and Corie Bratter have to walk up to get to their 'cosy' apartment in 'Barefoot in the Park', which angers Paul every time?

Six Flights

For which 1960 drama did Sophia Loren win the first ever Best Actress Academy Award for a performance in a foreign-language film?

Two Women'

Based on a true story, 'Tell Them Willie Boy is Here' tells the story of who?

A Vietnam Veteran

For her role in 'Rosemary's Baby', what awards show did not nominate Mia Farrow for a Best Actress Award?


French comedy drama 'Cleo From 5 to 7' focuses on the title star, but what is her occupation?

Pop Star

How many children does Filumena, played by Sophia Loren, secretly have in 'Marriage Italian Style' when she is a successful businessman's mistress?


How many Academy Awards did the 1962 war adventure 'Lawrence Of Arabia' win?


How long is the 1960 action drama 'Spartacus', featuring Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier?

3H 18M

How is witch Asa Vajda brought back from the dead in the 1960 horror film 'Black Sunday'?


French crime drama 'Breathless', follows a petty thief who commits a murder, who does he murder?

A Policeman

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How much does Chris Larabee Adams tell Harry Luck the job pays in 'The Magnificent Seven'?

A Gold Eagle Plus Room And Board Click to see the answer

In 'Pure Hell of St. Trinians', where are the girls shipped off to after burning down the school?

Middle East

In 'Our Man Flint', James Coburn worked for Z.O.W.I.E., but what does that acronym stand for?

Zonal Organization World Intelligence Espionage

How much does Howard, played by Edward G. Robinson, raise the stakes by in the final hand of poker played in 'The Cincinnati Kid'?


How many of the eight Academy Awards did 'To Kill a Mockingbird' win?


In 'My Six Loves', what is Janice Courtney taking a vacation from, before taking in six abandoned children?

Being A Broadway Star

Questions: 19
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In 'Burn!', Marlon Brando's character Sir William Walker is sent to Queimada, where is that?

Lesser Antilles Click to see the answer

In 'Cast a Giant Shadow', who enlists U.S. Col. David Marcus to prepare the nation for battle against the Arabs?


In 'Midnight Cowboy', what job does Joe Buck quit before heading to New York to become a male prostitute?


In 'Pippi Longstocking', Pippi lives with a monkey and a horse, what is the name of the horse?

Little Old Man

In 'Dementia 13', what happens to John whilst he argues with his wife on a rowing boat in the dark?

He Has A Heart Attack

How many times is the word 'mad', used in the title of the 1963 comedy adventure?

Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'

In 'The Amorous adventures of Moll Flanders', to who does orphan Moll grow up to be a servant for before marrying his youngest son?

Town Mayor

In 'That Touch of Mink', whilst in Bermuda, what does Cathy, played by Doris Day, come down with?

A Rash

In 'The Great Race', what food was thrown in the great food fight?


In 'A Shot in the Dark', what member of Mr. Benjamin Balloons staff has been murdered?

His Driver

In 'How to Steal a Million', what does Charles Bonnet, played by Hugh Griffith, collect?


How much is the Mexican government paying per horse in the 1969 Western 'The Undefeated'?


In 'Village of the Giants', how does Red, played by Toni Basil, tell Horsey, played by Johnny Crawford, he likes his ducks?


How many teenagers are charged for the murder of a blind boy in 'The Young Savages'?


How was the title sequence of 'What's New Pussycat' made?

Using Animation

In 'The Assassination Bureau Limited', what is Sonia Winter, played by Diana Rigg, a campaigner for?

Women's Rights

How much is the prize for winning the quiz tournament in 'The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes'?


In 'Raising the Wind', what style of music are the students studying?

Classical Music

How much money do punks Joe Ferrone and Artie Connors get from the old man they mug before beating him unconscious in 'The Incident'?


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