Shrek Trivia

Shrek Trivia Trivia

50 Trivia Questions & Answers

Shrek is one of the most iconic animated film series of our time. So what better way to celebrate the movie, characters, and fandom than a trivia challenge? Test your knowledge around everything related to Shrek and the band of uncanny fairy tale characters today!

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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Who was the first cartoon creature that Shrek saw?

Donkey Click to see the answer

What does Shrek have to do in order to break Fiona's curse?

True love's kiss

What does Fiona turn into at night?

An ogre

What is the name of the place the fairy-tale creatures relocate to?


What is the name of the tournament Shrek and Fiona participate in?

The Duloc Tournament

What colour is Fiona's hair?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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What kind of flower does Shrek throw into the fire?

A sunflower Click to see the answer

Who accompanies Shrek on his journey to Duloc?

The Donkey

What is the name of Robin Hood's group?

The Merry Men

How does Fiona defeat Robin Hood and his Merry Men?

with her fist

What does Fiona take shelter in when they are near Duloc?

A windmill

What does Fiona need in order to break her curse?

True love's kiss

What does Shrek overhear Fiona say about herself?

That she is ugly

'I'm not a puppet -- I'm a real boy.' Who says this?


What does Shrek make for Fiona for dinner?

weed rat

Questions: 8
Difficulty: Hard
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Who is playing the piano at the Poison Apple?

Captain Hook Click to see the answer

Why is Rumplestiltskin desperate to find Shrek?

To stop him from unravelling all he has created

How does the Pied Piper compel the ogres to dance?

With his pipe

Where do the ogres dance to?

To the castle

What was the Pied Piper disguised as?

a giant duck

What does the Fairy Godmother do for a living?

She grants wishes

What kind of bird was Fiona singing with?


What does Fiona seem to be more in touch with in this reality?

Her ogre side

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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What does Shrek say to Fiona when she's upset about becoming an ogress?

He reassures her that he still finds her beautiful Click to see the answer

How does Fiona feel about her curse being broken?


Of what material are Shrek's candles?

Ear wax

How many merry men does Monsieur Hood have with him?


When Shrek tells Donkey he can stay with him for one night, what does Donkey want to cook for breakfast?


What group performs both the opening credits song and the remake of The Monkees' 'I'm a Believer'?

Smash Mouth

What does Shrek do when he realizes Fiona is in love with someone else?

He eavesdrop

How does Shrek feel about Fiona when she turns into an ogress?

He's understanding

Who attends Shrek and Fiona's wedding?

Fairy Tale creatures

What does breaking Fiona's curse do to her?

It turns her into an ogress permanently

Where does the wedding take place?

In the swamp

Why does Fiona want to marry Farquaad?

She wants to be a Queen

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the Queen's role in the story?

To help Prince Charming win Fiona Click to see the answer

What does Fiona do when she overhears Shrek talking to himself?

She ran away

What was Shrek's initial reaction upon seeing Artie for the first time?

He was scared of him.

What is the film based on?

It is based on the 1990 book of the same name by William Steig.

Who was originally cast as the voice of Shrek?

Chris Farley was originally cast as the voice of Shrek.

What does Fiona's father not allow her to do after nightfall?

Go to sleepovers

What does Charming tell everyone about Rapunzel?

That she is going to be the next queen of Far Far Away

What do the girls need Pinocchio's nose to do?

To help their friends to escape

What do they tell Pinocchio to do when they can't think of a lie for him to tell?

To say that he is wearing women's underwear

What does Fiona want to do?

Go to Sleeping Beauty's sleepover

What convinced Artie to return?

All of the above

What does the wolf wear in the story?

A pink nightie and frilly cap

What does the bridge to Fiona's castle go over?


Which does Fiona not ask Shrek to recite to her?


What was Lord Farquaad's fate?

He was swallowed up by a dragon

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