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What year did Ronnie Barke win a BAFTA for Best Light Entertainment Performance?

1971 Click to see the answer

How many episodes of The Two Ronnies were there starring Ronnie Barker?


What was the name of Christopher Lee's first American film?

Airport '77

Who gave Christopher Lee permission to marry his first fiance?

King of Sweden

Who offered Richard Brier the role of Malvolio?

Kenneth Branagh

How many children does Michael Gambon have?


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What was Ronnie Barker's local weatherspoons named after?

Four Candles Click to see the answer

What did Alec Guinness win a Tony Award for?


How much money did Richard Brier borrow off his mom to buy an engagement ring?


Who voted Christopher and his wife in the best dressed over 50s?

The Guardian

Which Academy Awards honoured Christopher Lee after he had died?


What year didthe BBC commission a second series of Open all Hours starring Ronnie Barker?


What character did Christopher Lee voice in Alive in Wonderland?


What programme brought Richard Briers to the forefront?

Marriage Lines

Who was Christopher Lee a step cousin to?

Ian Fleming

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How many children does Timothy Spall have?

3 Click to see the answer

What role did Alec Guiness play in the original 1977 Star Wars?

Obi-Wan Kenobi

What film was the greatest challenge for Christopher Lee?


What author did Christopher Lee meet that made him unique in the filming of the book?

J R R Tolkien

How much did the origianl script written by Ronnie Barker of the Four Candles sketch go for in auction?


What country was Christopher Lee filming in where there was a media campaign to get him deported?


What year did Robert Barker star in The Two Ronnies with Ronnie Corbett?


What film did Timothy Spall make his debut in?


What did Richard Brier record specifically designed for senior citizens?

sat nav

What name did Ronnie Barker write most of the show's material with?

Gerald Wiley

Ronnie Barker was a collector, how many post cards did he have?


What film did Alec Guinness get an Academy award nomination in 1988?

Little Dorrit

Who gave Christopher Lee his BAFTA Academy Fellowship?

Tim Burton

What role was Christopher Lee's dream but he was too old to undertake?


How many children did Alec Guiness have?


Which film did Christopher Lee turn down whichhe later called 'a big mistake'?


What did Alex Guiness do everytime anyone mentioned Star Wars?

shrivel up

Who was Richard Brier's on screen wife in 'The Good Life'?

Felicity Kendal

How tall was Christopher Lee?

6 ft 5

What role was specifically written for Richard Briers?

Tom Good

What does Timothy Spall own that he sails around the British Isles?

Dutch Barge

What year did Open All Hours starring Ronnie Barker air on BBC?


Which presenter from Top gear paid tribute to Richard Brier?

Jeremy Clarkson

What year did Ronnie Barker receive an OBE?


What cartoon did Richard Briers narrate in 1974?


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What did Alec Guiness ask a fan to do in return for an autograph?

stop watching Star Wars Click to see the answer

How many memoirs has Michael Caine written?


What character did Michael Gambon take over from after the original actor died?

Albus Dumbledore

What major role did Sean Connery turn down?


What did Alec Guiness win an Academy award for in 1957?

The Bridge over the River Kwai

What film did Timothy Spall play Winston Churchill?

The King's Speech

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What performance did Michael gambon make his debut in?

Othello Click to see the answer

How many languages does Christopher Lee speak fluently?

5 (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian)

What was Michael Caine's breakthrough role?


What singer did Peter Vaughan star in a music video for?

Kate Bush

How many seasons did John Cleese star in Monty Python's Flying Circus?


How many times has Michael Caine been nominated for an oscar?


How did Ronnie Barker first get noticed by Bill Cotton of the BBC?

An 8 min improv sketch when there was a technical difficult

What animal is John Cleese passionate about?


How many times has Michael Caine been married?


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How many tattoos does Sean Connery have?

2 Click to see the answer

What year did People magazine vote him as the Sexiest Man Alive?


What was Peter Vaughan best know for?


Which James Bond film did Christopher Lee play a villian in?

The Man with the Golden Gun

How many times was Peter Vaughan married?


What gangster film did Michael Caine star in?

Get Carter

What accent did Peter Vaughan put on in The Boscombe Valley Mystery?


How many times has John Cleese been married?


How many Golden Globe awards has Sean Connery won?


What year was Michael Caine called up to do his national service?


What was Sean Connerys breakthrough role?

James Bond

Why did Ronnie Barker move to Australia in 1979?

To exploit a tax loophole

What performance impressed John Le Carre so much that he based his characterisation of Smiley on Alex Guinesss?

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

What was Sean Connery's first ever job?


Which gangster film did Michael Gambon star in?

Layer Cake

What was Timothy Spall diagnosed with in 1996?

Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

How many antique pistols does Michael Gambon own?


What age did Peter Vaughan live to?


What did John Cleese decline in 1996?


When did John Cleese star in Fawlty Towers?


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Who tutored Sean Connery for the James Bond role?

Terence Young Click to see the answer

Who did John Cleese work with which provided Python with its darkest moments?

Graham Chapman

What was Peter Vaughan's most unusual role?

SS Obergruppenfuhrer

Who broke Sean Connery's wrist during martial arts lessons?

Steven Seagal

What role did Peter Vaughan receive a best actor nomination from British Academy Television Awards?

Felix Hutchinson

What job did Sean Connery do after he left the Navy?

a nude model

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Which film did Michael Caine win an academy award for best supporting actor in 1999?

The Cider House Rules Click to see the answer

What car did Michael Gambon race in Top Gear?

Suzuki Liana

What fllm did Peter Vaughan make his debut?

The 39 Steps

In which James Bond film was Sean Connery's life at risk?


What did John Cleese do between 1970 and 1973?

Serve as a rector of the University of St Andrews

What police drama did Peter Vaughan star in 1975?

The Sweeney

Where was Michael Caine evacuated to during WW2?

North Runcton

Which Bond film did John Cleese star in?

The World is not Enough

What is the name of Sean Connery's production company?

Fountainbridge Films

What has Sean Connery been polled as ?

The Greatest Living Scot

Who did John Cleese base Basil Fawtly on?

Donald Sinclair

Which James Bond actor was Michael Gambon auditioning to replace?

George Lazenby

What job did Sean Connery do before he became an actor?

coffin polisher

Which HBO series did Peter Vaughan star in from 2011 and 2015?

Game of Thrones

Who told Michael Gambon he had 'the heart of a dancer'?

Kenneth MacMillan

What was Peter Vaughan's final role?

Maester Aemon

What did Michael Caine call for in 2009?

National Service

Who lectured Michael Caine to stop smoking in the 1970s?

Tony Curtis

What was Michael Caine's first film role?

A Hill in Korea

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