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How many times was John Wayne married?

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How many films did Anthony Perkins star in during his career?


How many children did John Wayne have?


How many times has Doris Day been married?


Who is Paul Newman godfather to?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Which author was NOT one of John Wayne's favorites?

Jane Austen

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What was Paul Newman so passionate about that he owned his own team?

Racing Click to see the answer

How many children did Doris Day have?


Which film was Elvis Presely's favorite to star in?

King Creole

What year was Rock Hudson born?


How old was Sidney Poitier when he made his breakthrough film?


Which film is Charlton Heston best known for?

Ben Hur

Which of John Wayne's wives attempted to shoot him because she thought he was having an affair?

Esperanza Baur

How many motorcycles did Steve McQueen own?


Where else does Sidney Poitier have citizenship besides the US?

The Bahamas

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How many years did Steve Mcqueen serve in the Marines?

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Who was Steve McQueens motorcyle leap double in 'The Great Escape'?

Bud Ekins

How many children does Sidney Poitier have?


Who did Anthony Perkins play in the 1960 film Psycho?

Norman Bates

What was Steve McQueens personal fortune estimated as?

$30 million

Which 1978 film satirized Sandra Dee?


How tall was John Wayne?


How many academy awards did John Wayne win in his lifetime?


What character did Anthony Perkins agree to voice in 'The Simpsons'?

Dr Wolfe

How many films has John Wayne played the lead actor in?


How many times was Charlton Heston married?


What was kept secret during Rock Hudson's career?

his sexuality

What was Rock Hudson diagnosed with in 1984?


Who was Warren Beatty famously engaged to but split due to his infidelity?

Joan Collins

What film won Charlton Heston an oscar at 32nd Academcy awards?

Ben Hur

What year did Warren Beatty marry his current wife Annette Bening?


What film did Sandra Dee win a Golden Globe Award for?

Until they sail

Who was Paul Newman often mistaken for?

Marlon Brando

What category of film is John Wayne best known for?


What year did Steve McQueen star in The Great Escape?


What was Doris Day afraid of?


What year was Poitier appointed a Knight Commander of the order of the British Empire?


How many films did Elvis Presely make?


How many children did Sandra Dee have?


How many children did Steve McQueen have?


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How many times was George Peppard married?

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What film did Sidney Poitier win an Academy Award for in 1964?

Lilies of the Field

Which film established Jane Fonda as a sex symbol?


How many years did Charles Bronson serve in the army for?

3 years

Why did Steve McQueen demand free items from studios whilst doing films?

He gave all the items to Boys reformatory school

How many times was Elizabeth Montgomery nominated for an Emmy Award?


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How many times was Henry Fonda married?

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How many times was Elizabeth Montgomery married?


How many Golden Globe awards has Dustin Hoffman won?


What film won Jane Fonda her first Academy Award?


Which film of Poitiers became the first in his career where race was irrelevant to the plot of the film?

The Bedford Incident

How many children does Dustin Hoffman have?


What type of roles did Charles Bronson typically get cast in?


How many children does Mia Farrow have?


Which film did Warren Beatty make his debut in?

Splendor in the Grass

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What did Paul Newman open in 1988?

A summer camp for children with cancer Click to see the answer

How many times has Jane Fonda been married?


What was the name of Elizabeth Montgomery's character in 'Bewitched'?


What genre of film is Clint Eastwood best known for?


How many children does Warren Beatty have?


How many Academy Awards has Warren Beatty been nominated for?


Which film gave Dustin Hoffman his second Academy Award win?

Rain Man

What did Sidnye Poitier win a Tony Award for?

A Raising in the Son

How many children did Elizabeth Montgomery have?


What is the name of Henry Fonda's famous daughter?


What film did Henry Fonda star in that was based on the Cold War?

Fail Safe

How did Anthony Perkins wife, Berry Berenson die?

in the 9/11 attacks on board AA Flight 11

What did Mia Farrow do before becoming an actress?

A model

What did she suffer with that was attributed to her death?

anorexia nervosa

What is Dustin Hoffman best know for playing?


What year did Clint Eastwood set up his own production company?


What film was considered career defining for Kirk Douglas?


Which film did Sandra Dee star in that made her a household name?

Imitation of Life

How many children did Anthony Perkins have?


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Which role did Robert Redford turn down?

The Graduate Click to see the answer

What does Clint Eastwood practice daily?

transcendental meditation

What did Jane Fonda do that earned her the nickname 'Hanoi Jane'?

Sat on Vietnamese anti aircraft guns

What was Mia Farrow's first leading film role?

Rosemary's Baby

What film did George Peppard make his debut in?

The Strange One

What film did Burt Lancaster win an Academcy award for for in 1960?

Elmer Gantry

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What was George Peppard's breakthrough film?

Breakfast at Tiffany's Click to see the answer

What is Kirk Douglas believe to the oldest in the world?

blogger, he started on Myspace

What was the name of the film Burt Lancaster starred in with Judy Garland?

A child is waiting

George Peppard looked for a good director, a good part and what else in a film?

a good script

Which film did Warren Beatty act in and produce?

Bonnie and Clyde

Who was Mia Farrow famously married to?

Frank Sinatra

Which film was Anthony Perkins nominated for an Academy Award for?

Friendly Persuasion

Which film won Robert Redford a Golden Globe?

Inside Daisy Clover

What experience led Kirk Douglas to search for a meaning in life?

A collision between a helicopter and a small plane

Which film did Robert Redford make his debut in?

Tall Story

Which film in 1964 made Clint Eastwood a star in Italy?

A fistful of Dollars

What film did Dustin Hoffman receive an academy award nomination for?

The Graduate

What did Burt Lancaster join the fight against in 1985?

Against AIDS

What film was Robert Redford paired with Paul Newman for the first time?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

What award ceremony did Kirk Douglas attend in 2018 with his daughter in law?

2018 Golden Globes

What is Mia Farrow's net worth?

$60 million

What is Robert Redford the founder of?

Sundance Film Festival

What was Jane Fonda arrested for in 1970?

drug trafficking

What film did Mia Farrow win a Golden Globe for in 1965?

Guns at Batsi

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