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What team does Michael Douglas support in Formula 1?

McLaren Click to see the answer

What fllm did Winona Ryder make her debut in?


What year did Michael Douglas marry Catherine Zeta Jones?


How many times has Jeff Bridges been married?


What job did Christopher Walken do when he was 16?

lion tamer

How long has Lea Thompson been married to Howard Deutch for?

29 years

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What was Lea Thompson's debut film?

Jaws 3 Click to see the answer

What did Lea Thompson say she could do to get the part in 'Jaws'?

water ski

Which film did many critics deem to be Jeff Bridges best performance?


What film did Phoebe Cates make her debut in?


What politics issue has seen Richard Gere exiled from Hollywood?

Tibet and China

What did Mickey Rourke stop acting to do instead?


How many academy award nominations had Jeff Bridges received by 2000


What year was Richard Gere named sexiest man alive?


What year did Mickey Rourke win an academy award for 'The Wrester'?


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What year did Richard Gere make his debut in acting?

1975 Click to see the answer

Who did Winona Ryder famously date in 1990?

Johnny Depp

What was Winona Ryder arrested for in 2001?


What did Christopher Walken win an academy award for In 1978?

The Deer Hunter

What film did Kevin Costner make his debut in?

Sizzle Beach USA

Who did Michael Douglas share a room with during university?

Danny Devito

What job did Kevin Costner used to do before he became an actor?


What film did Jeff Bridges play a video game programmer?


What film did Richard Dreyfuss play an oceanographer?


What type of cancer was Michael Douglas diagnosed with?

Tongue cancer

What side dish does Michael Douglas love?


What year did Richard Dreyfuss get sober?


Which actress did Richard Gere reunite with on 'Runaway Bride'?

Julia Roberts

How many years was Richard Gere married to Cindy Crawford for?

4 years

How many children does Richard Dreyfuss have?


Where was Richard Dreyfuss a senior associate member?

Oxford College

Which film boosted Richard Gere's prominance in Hollywood?

American Gigolo

What film is Phoebe Cates best known for?


Who did Jeff Bridges lost out to for Best Actor at the Academy Awards?

Colin Firth

What is Michael Douglas's favorite film?


What does Michael Douglas make in Majorca, Spain?


What music video did Chistopher Walken star in for Madonna?

Bad Girl

What type of role Is Mel Gibson best known for?

action hero

What type of scholarship did Richard Gere win to attend Univeristy of Michigan?


Which member of the Jaws cast did Richard Dreyfuss NOT get on with?

Robert Shaw

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What does Christopher Walken regard each role as?

A learning experience Click to see the answer

What award did Robin Williams win for Aladdin?

Golden Globe

What is Lea Thompson's most famous film?

Back to the future trilogy

What religion does Tom Cruise follow?


What film did Tom Cruise star in that got him his second nomination for an academy award?

Jerry Maguire

Which Academy Awards show did Robin Williams co-host?


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What was Robin Williams first starring role?

Popeye Click to see the answer

What is William Defoe's beliefs regarding food?


What film gave Kevin Costner full blown movie star status?

The Untouchables

What does Christopher Walken list as one of the reasons why he has had such a prolific film career?

Not having children

What was Mel Gibsons first american film?

The River

Which actress did Bill Murray say couldn't act?

Lucy Liu

Who beat Bill Murray to the Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his role in 'Lost in Translation'?

Sean Penn

What was Bill Murray's first starring role in?


What was Robin Williams addicted to in the late 1970s/early 80s?


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Where did Mel Gibson turn down an award in protest about nuclear testing in Southwest Pacific?

France Click to see the answer

What is the name of the restaurant that Bill Murray co-owns with his brothers?

Caddy Shack

What year was Mel Gibson named 'sexiest man alive' by People?


At his low point, how many pints of beer was Mel Gibson drinking for breakfast?

5 pints

What was Jeff Bridges first major role?

The Last Picture Show

What role did he win best supporting actor at the Oscars for?

Sean Maguire

How many of Wes Anderson films has Bill Murray acted in?


How many times has Bill Murray been married?


Tom Cruise got his first break in what film?

Endless Love

How many children does Bill Murray have?


What language is John Malkovich fluent in?


What year did William Defoe receive his first academy award nomination?


What music video did Christopher Walken star in for Fat Boy Slim?

Weapon of Choice

How many academy awards has William Defoe won?


Where did Michael Douglas work when he was 20?

A petrol station

What type of characters does Michael Douglas typically play?

weak, morally indolent

Approximately how many troops dod Robin Williams throughout his career perform to overseas?


What film did Winona Ryder win a Global Globe award for?

Bran Stokers Dracula

What role did John Malkovich play in 'The Killing Fields'?

Al Rockoff

Which cartoon wrote a role specifically for Robin Williams?


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What is the name of the restaurant John Malkovich owns in Lisbon?

Bica do Sapato Click to see the answer

What is the name of the theatre group that William Defoe founded?

The Wooster Group

Alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, what did Robin Williams found?

Comic Relief USA

What film did William Defoe star in that was the first film to film on location at Auschwitz?

Triumph of the Spirit

What did Bill Murray agree to do to get financing for 'The Razor's Edge'?

Star in ghostbusters

Which of Mel Gibsons films was about a World War II conscientious objector?

Hacksaw Ridge

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Which one of Mel Gibson's films caused viewers to suffer heart attacks?

The Passion of the Christ Click to see the answer

What film was John Malkovich nominated for an academy award for?

Places in the Heart

Why did Swedish police pull 1980s actor Bill Murray over?

driving a golf cart under the influence

What day is Tom Cruise day in Japan?

October 10th 2006

What actor did Robin Williams credit as helping him during his acting career?

Robert De Niro

What film did William Defoe star in that was considered blasphemous?

The Last Temptation of Christ

What did Dan Aykroyd nickname Bill Murray?

The Murricane

Where did Bill Murray study philopsohy and history?

Sorbonne University

Tom Cruise starred in 'Days of Thunder' and 'Far and Away' with which of his wives?

Nicole Kidman

Where did Tom Cruise publicly delcare his love for Katie Holmes?

On Oprah's sofa

What was Robin Williams favoutite book as a child?

The Lion, The witch and the Wardrobe

What had Robin Williams been diagnosed with prior to his suicide?

Parkinson's disease

What did John Malkovich create in 2002?

A fashion company

Who advocated that Mel Gibson be forgiven for his anti Semitic outburst?

Robert Downey Jr

Who did John Malkovich say he would like to fight to the death?

He said he would like to shoot Robert Fisk and George Galloway

What does William Defoe practice daily?

ashtanga yoga

What did Premiere rank Tom Cruise as ?

Hollywoods most powerful actor

Which actress from Dangerous Liaisons did John Malkovich have a relationship with?

Michelle Pfeiffer

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