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Instantly host & play our 10,000+ trivia games or use our AI powered generator to create your own with custom trivia questions.

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A trivia hosting platform for both in-person & online quiz games.


Engage your audience during workshops & training. Or add a fun team building activity to your face to face & virtual meetings with a real time trivia competition.



Test your students knowledge with multiple choice quiz questions & fun dynamic leaderboards. Help students learn correct answers in a fun way.



Make family game night more fun that ever for the trivia addicts & quiz heads in your home. Or be the ultimate host for your friends that are trivia game fans by hosting virtual game nights.



Add exciting trivia games to your charity fundraiser or pub quiz events with up to 100 players in a game, playable from any device. Award your winning team with a podium finish.


Every feature you need to host fun multiplayer trivia games

Choose or Create a Game

Choose from thousands of pre-made trivia games or create a custom game on your own using your own questions & answers in minutes.

Instantly Host & Play
one of our 10,000 pre-made trivia quiz games from hundreds of topics.
AI Question & Answer Generator.
Simply enter a topic and our AI will generate a playable trivia quiz for you on that topic. Magic!
Custom Trivia Builder.
Use our 100,000 trivia question library, your own multiple choice questions or true & false questions. Add GIFS, images from our library or upload your own.
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Invite Your Players

Easily host multiplayer live trivia games by sharing a QR code or game PIN.

Up To 100 Players In Each Game.
Perfect for small & larger groups, with no limits on how many games you can play.
Customisable Time Settings.
Choose how long you want to give your players to guess correct answer.
No Downloads Required.
Play on any mobile, tablet or desktop device via a web browser.
Invite Players

Play & Have Fun!

Enjoy a fun and intuitive gameplay experience accessible via any device, complete with leaderboards and fun gamification.

Different Game Modes.
Choose between free for all multiplayer or team vs team mode.
Dynamic Leaderboards.
Keep track of the score & update between each round.
Avatars & Sound Effects.
1,000 different player avatar combinations & fun (optional) background music & sound effects.

The internet's best collection
of trivia & quiz games

Over 100,000 trivia questions & answers in our library.

Explore hundreds of trivia categories & topics each with 100 trivia questions. New quizzes added every week based on trending pop culture & current events.

Ready to play games

Happy TriviaNerd fans from all over the world.

As someone who has used literally every single trivia & quiz tool out there I can hands down say that TriviaNerd is by far the easiest to use and my classes absolutely love it. There's a ton of free trivia games for them to play single player as well.
Emily Cusick
Emily Cusick
Teacher & School Leader
We like to end the week for our remote team with a bit of fun trivia during our meetings. We use TriviaNerd because it’s the virtual trivia game that keeps getting better each time we play - I'm called the Trivia Star now thanks to you guys!.
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell
Manager & Team Builder Leader
Over the break I like run a trivia holiday party for our family, TriviaNerd made it a walk in the park to create a trivia quiz in just a few minutes as a one person host. 5 stars, my family members love this great game!
Chris Wiltshire
Chris Wiltshire
Dad & Family Gathering Fun Organiser
TriviaNerd is a like the perfect combo of family feud & trivia crack, when I say it's quiz time at my events people know they are about to have a lot of fun! I've got a list of reasons why I recommend TriviaNerd but the gameplay & ease of hosting are definitely at the top.
Nick Murphy
Nick Murphy
Trivia Host Extraordinaire
TriviaNerd Team

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Our dedicated team of trivia addicts are on a mission to build the best trivia hosting platform on the internet.

Whether you want to organise a trivia holiday event at work, test everyone's general knowledge at a family gathering, or run weekly trivia nights at your pub you'll find the best online trivia games on TriviaNerd.

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