Our mission is to bring people together through the most fun & accessible trivia software ever built.

Our Story

Since the 1960's trivia has been a mainstay activity for groups of fun loving people all over the world. Fast forward to today and people still love testing their knowledge in competitions with their friends, colleagues & classmates everyday.

We here at TriviaNerd are, you guessed it, absolute trivia nerds. We love bringing people together whether it be in person or virtually to participate in a fun trivia competition.

We are dedicated to the goal of building the best trivia hosting experience on the web. We've been building fun software that brings people together since 2018 so rest assured we'll be here for a long time to come!

Whether it be in a meeting room, on a Zoom call, in a pub, at a conference or in a classroom - TriviaNerd exists to help you, the facilitator, to easily run a fantastically fun & engaging live multiplayer trivia contest.

We're fanatical about listening to our customer's feedback, so please, don't hesitate to send us all your ideas on how we can continue to improve our product for you, our customer.

We've already run over 100,000 trivia games but we still feel like we're at the beginning of a very long journey. Sign up today and help us reach our goal of bringing TriviaNerd to a billion people.

The TriviaNerd Team

TriviaNerd Team
Our most recent team retreat in Bangkok

Thanks to our wonderful customers we're able to hire people from all over the world to help achieve our mission & goals. From Cape Town to Taipei, Manila to Melbourne, Cyprus to Kyiv - our team works around the clock to support our customers & build the best possible product for them.

Want to join our team? Check out our jobs page.

Our Values

  1. Stay agile
  2. Never stop testing
  3. Build what our customers want
  4. Have a TON of FUN along the way