12,161 Best Entertainment Trivia Questions & Answers

Do you want a trivia question challenge that will have you, your family, and your friends entertained all throughout? Try out this entertainment trivia challenge that includes questions around Academy Awards, Horror Movies, Disney Movies, and so much more. This is the ultimate set of trivia challenges on movie, film, television, and all things entertainment.

1960s/70s/80s/90s banner


129 questions

21 Savage banner

21 Savage

47 questions

2Pac banner


100 questions

50 Cent banner

50 Cent

99 questions

Actors & Celebrities banner

Actors & Celebrities

247 questions

App & Games banner

App & Games

199 questions

Arabs Got Talent banner

Arabs Got Talent

100 questions

Ariana Grande banner

Ariana Grande

100 questions

Assassins Creed banner

Assassins Creed

100 questions

Awards banner


198 questions

Barack Obama banner

Barack Obama

100 questions

Big Sean banner

Big Sean

100 questions

Cartoon & Animation banner

Cartoon & Animation

53 questions

Celebrity & Entertainment banner

Celebrity & Entertainment

300 questions

Celebrity Couples / Marriages banner

Celebrity Couples / Marriages

112 questions

Celebrity Fall Outs banner

Celebrity Fall Outs

12 questions

Celebrity Real Names banner

Celebrity Real Names

140 questions

Celebrity Weddings banner

Celebrity Weddings

100 questions

Comics banner


356 questions

Console Games banner

Console Games

151 questions

Decades banner


189 questions

Diddy banner


100 questions

DJ Khaled banner

DJ Khaled

100 questions

Dr Dre banner

Dr Dre

88 questions

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson banner

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

100 questions

Eminem banner


100 questions

Entertainment [General] banner

Entertainment [General]

731 questions

Film Celebrities banner

Film Celebrities

250 questions

Future banner


150 questions

Games banner


250 questions

Grand Theft Auto banner

Grand Theft Auto

150 questions

Gucci Mane banner

Gucci Mane

100 questions

Ice Cube banner

Ice Cube

100 questions

J Cole banner

J Cole

100 questions

J Lo banner

J Lo

100 questions

Justin Bieber banner

Justin Bieber

100 questions

Katy Perry banner

Katy Perry

99 questions

Kendrick Lamar banner

Kendrick Lamar

100 questions

Kevin Hart banner

Kevin Hart

100 questions

Khloe Kardashian banner

Khloe Kardashian

100 questions

Kim Kardashian banner

Kim Kardashian

87 questions

Kodak Black banner

Kodak Black

100 questions

Kylie Jenner banner

Kylie Jenner

100 questions

Lady Gaga banner

Lady Gaga

316 questions

Lil Uzi Vert banner

Lil Uzi Vert

100 questions

Lil Wayne banner

Lil Wayne

100 questions

Manga Anime banner

Manga Anime

150 questions

Marvel banner


266 questions

Michael Jackson banner

Michael Jackson

97 questions

Migos banner


100 questions

Miley Cyrus banner

Miley Cyrus

100 questions

Mobile Apps banner

Mobile Apps

55 questions

Music Celebrities banner

Music Celebrities

350 questions

Musicals banner


240 questions

Musicals & Theatre banner

Musicals & Theatre

200 questions

Nicki Minaj banner

Nicki Minaj

100 questions

Oprah Winfrey banner

Oprah Winfrey

149 questions

Playstation Games banner

Playstation Games

150 questions

Pop Culture banner

Pop Culture

173 questions

Pop Culture Celebrities banner

Pop Culture Celebrities

246 questions

Post Malone banner

Post Malone

100 questions

Reality Stars banner

Reality Stars

138 questions

Red Carpet banner

Red Carpet

16 questions

Selena Gomez banner

Selena Gomez

100 questions

Snoop Dogg banner

Snoop Dogg

150 questions

Steve Harvey banner

Steve Harvey

150 questions

Taylor Swift banner

Taylor Swift

150 questions

Taylor Swift banner

Taylor Swift

75 questions

The Fast and The Furious banner

The Fast and The Furious

150 questions

Travis Scott banner

Travis Scott

150 questions

TV Celebrities banner

TV Celebrities

238 questions

TV, Film & Books banner

TV, Film & Books

648 questions

Video Games banner

Video Games

300 questions

Video Games Japan banner

Video Games Japan

100 questions

Wiz Khalifa banner

Wiz Khalifa

100 questions

World of Warcraft banner

World of Warcraft

150 questions

Young Thug banner

Young Thug

100 questions

YouTube banner


84 questions

Fortnite banner


50 questions

Naruto banner


50 questions

Bollywood banner


50 questions

Bar Trivia banner

Bar Trivia

50 questions

Horror Movie Trivia banner

Horror Movie Trivia

50 questions

Supernatural banner


50 questions

Star Trek banner

Star Trek

50 questions

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