8,583 Best Movies Trivia Questions & Answers

Forrest Gump, Harry Potter, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicholson, and Disney Movies. There's so many categories and topic under the movie umbrella! Here's a whole collection of movie trivia questions for you to answer. Challenge someone to a knowledge war on what movies won best picture or which movie stars won best actress or best actor. How about some questions on Star Wars, Fight Club, Saving Private Ryan, Captain America, or Snow White? We could go on all day, but let's get started!

1950s Films banner

1950s Films

198 questions

1960s Films banner

1960s Films

201 questions

Actors & Actresses banner

Actors & Actresses

450 questions

All things Disney banner

All things Disney

12 questions

Animation banner


176 questions

Avengers banner


150 questions

Black Panther banner

Black Panther

150 questions

Blockbusters banner


112 questions

British Films banner

British Films

183 questions

Chuck Norris banner

Chuck Norris

150 questions

Classic Movies banner

Classic Movies

115 questions

Comedy banner


181 questions

Directors banner


200 questions

Disney & Pixar banner

Disney & Pixar

286 questions

Disney Heros, Villains & Princesses banner

Disney Heros, Villains & Princesses

12 questions

Fast & Furious banner

Fast & Furious

43 questions

Film General banner

Film General

960 questions

Film Timings banner

Film Timings

54 questions

Films Released in 1930s-1950s banner

Films Released in 1930s-1950s

100 questions

Films released in 1960s banner

Films released in 1960s

100 questions

Films Released in 1970s banner

Films Released in 1970s

100 questions

Films released in 1980s banner

Films released in 1980s

100 questions

Films Released in 1990s banner

Films Released in 1990s

200 questions

Films Released in 2000-2009 banner

Films Released in 2000-2009

200 questions

Films Released in 2010-2014 banner

Films Released in 2010-2014

200 questions

Films Released in 2015-2019 banner

Films Released in 2015-2019

200 questions

Films Released in 2020 banner

Films Released in 2020

138 questions

Films/TV General banner

Films/TV General

499 questions

Get Out banner

Get Out

101 questions

Girls Trip banner

Girls Trip

100 questions

Horror banner


124 questions

James Bond banner

James Bond

125 questions

Movie Cars banner

Movie Cars

12 questions

Movie Quiz banner

Movie Quiz

12 questions

Movie Quotes banner

Movie Quotes

200 questions

Movie Villains banner

Movie Villains

11 questions

Movies & TV Shows (UK) banner

Movies & TV Shows (UK)

100 questions

Movies, TV, and Sitcoms banner

Movies, TV, and Sitcoms

12 questions

Name the Film Character banner

Name the Film Character

99 questions

Name the Movie banner

Name the Movie

93 questions

Odd One Out (Film) banner

Odd One Out (Film)

100 questions

Oscars & Awards banner

Oscars & Awards

113 questions

Quentin Tarantino banner

Quentin Tarantino

224 questions

Recent Films banner

Recent Films

95 questions

Romantic Films banner

Romantic Films

160 questions

Sci-Fi banner


100 questions

Star Wars banner

Star Wars

133 questions

Superheroes banner


12 questions

Think Like a Man banner

Think Like a Man

100 questions

Twilight banner


89 questions

Tyler Perry Movies banner

Tyler Perry Movies

100 questions

UK Actors 1950s banner

UK Actors 1950s

100 questions

UK Actors 1960s banner

UK Actors 1960s

100 questions

UK Actors 1970s banner

UK Actors 1970s

100 questions

UK Actors 1980s banner

UK Actors 1980s

100 questions

US Actors 1950s banner

US Actors 1950s

100 questions

US Actors 1960s banner

US Actors 1960s

99 questions

US Actors 1970s banner

US Actors 1970s

100 questions

US Actors 1980s banner

US Actors 1980s

99 questions

Top Gun banner

Top Gun

50 questions

Avatar banner


50 questions

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