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What was the first name of Ms Parks, who refused to give up her bus seat in December 1955?

Rosa Click to see the answer

Nearly 58,000 cases of which illness were reported in 1952, prompting a mass vaccination program?


In 1954, the US carried out hydrogen bomb tests on Bikini Atoll in which ocean?

Pacific Ocean

Which became the 49th US state in January 1959?


What did Norma Jean Mortenson change her name to in February 1956?

Marilyn Monroe

Maureen Connolly, a famous player of which sport, announced her retirement in February 1955?


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The Disneyland park opened in which California city in July 1955?

Anaheim Click to see the answer

Ray Kroc founded which food retail brand in April 1955?


14 year old Bobby Fischer won a championship in which activity in January 1958?


In November 1957, the Mackinac suspension bridge opened in which US state?


The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel opened in which city in May 1950?

New York

Elvis Presley first hit the charts with which single in February 1956?

Heartbreak Hotel

Which famous singer died in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa in February 1959?

Buddy Holly

What was the name of scientist Einstein, who died in the US in 1955?


In March 1959, the Busch Gardens theme park opened in which US state?


Which became the 50th and last US state in August 1959?


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In 1954, which Senator led the hearings into Communist sympathisers?

McCarthy Click to see the answer

In 1954, the US carried out hydrogen bomb tests on Bikini Atoll, part of which island group?

Marshall Islands

In July 1951, whose iconic novel 'The Catcher in the Rye' was published?

JD Salinger

Hugh Hefner published the first issue of which magazine in December 1953?


In August 1950, Althea Gibson became the first African American to compete at the national championships in which sport?


In 1954, the first branch of Burger King opened in which Florida city?


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Which President sent the first advisors to South Vietnam in February 1955?

Eisenhower Click to see the answer

In January 1951, the United Nations building opened in which US city?

New York

In 1951, the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution was passed, limiting Presidents to how many terms?


Who was Truman's Vice President from 1949 to 1953?


Who appeared on the front page of the first issue of Playboy in December 1953?

Marilyn Monroe

In June 1950, the Mauna Loa volcano in which state started erupting?


Which singer purchased the Graceland mansion in March 1957?

Elvis Presley

In 1952, nuclear tests were conducted in the deserts of which state?


How old was tennis player 'Little Mo' Connolly when she announced her retirement in 1955?


Questions: 9
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Who became Eisenhower's Vice President in 1952?

Nixon Click to see the answer

The January 1950 Great Brinks Robbery took place in which city?


Which movie star married Jo DiMaggio on January 14, 1954?

Marilyn Monroe

In which month of 1953 was the Korean War brought to an end?


The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the production line in which state in June 1953?


Who won the US Presidential election in 1952?


President Truman nationalized which industry in an attempt to prevent an April 1952 strike?


Martin Luther King was convicted of organising a bus boycott in which US state in 1956?


The 1952 Treaty of San Francisco formally ended the US occupation of which country?


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