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Which river that passes through Switzerland and Germany is 850 miles long?

Rhine Click to see the answer

Jawaharlal Nehru was the leader of which country from 1947 to 1964?


In which country did 1951 floods in Manchuria kill 4,800 people?


Mossad, the secret service of which country, was established in 1951?


The Headquarters of which organization opened in Manhattan in 1951?

United Nations

Which actor, nicknamed 'Old Blue Eyes', married Ava Gardner in 1951?

Frank Sinatra

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In which sport did the Washington Capitals team fold in 1951?

Basketball Click to see the answer

The Marimekko textiles brand was founded in which country in 1951?


Which future US President appeared in a movie called 'The Big Truth' in 1951?


During early 1951, battles continued over which city on the Korean peninsula?


Lie detectors were firstused in which European country in 1951?


Albert Camus, author of 1951 novel 'The Rebel' was born in which country?


Which company introduced the Sugar Corn Pops cereal onto the market in 1951?


Throghout 1951, the USA undertook nuclear testing in which state?


Ben Hogan was a Masters champion in which sport in 1951?


Joe DiMaggio announced his retirement from which sport in 1951?


In 1951, Belgium extended its conscription period to how many months?


Operation Courage' involved the US Army in which war in 1951?


The Festival of Britain was focused on which part of London?

South Bank

In 1951, Stalin announced that Russia had which type of bomb?


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Arnold Schoenberg, who died in 1951, was famous in which field?

Music Click to see the answer

Will Kellogg, who died at the age of 91 in 1951, founded which type of company?


Which city fell to the communists in January 1951, then was regained by the UN in March of the same year?


Who opened the UK's Festival of Britain in 1951?

George VI

Milk packaging company Tetra-Pak was founded in which country in 1951?


Talal replaced Abdullah I as king of which country in 1951?


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Released for the first time in 1951, what was the name of the main character in the 'McBoing Boing' cartoon?

Gerald Click to see the answer

The first vineyard opened in which middle Eastern country in 1951?


Mount Lamington, which erupted violently in 1951, is in which country?

Papua New Guinea

Shot in 1951, Marshal Henri Petain headed the WW2 government in which country?


Sweden's Kiki Hakansson became the first winner of which competition in 1951?

Miss World

The US navy took control of which Pacific Island group in 1951?


The US and which European country signed an agreement on bank secrecy in 1951?


Kwame Nkrumah became the first Prime Minister of which country in 1951?


Which African country gained independence from Italy in December 1951?


How many months had Liz Taylor been married when she divorced Conrad Hilton in 1951?


Which island group became an overseas province of Portugal in 1951?

Cabo Verde

The 33 1/3 LP album made its debut in which country in 1951?


In 1951, which was the first African country to get indepdence in the 1950s?


Questions: 11
Difficulty: Hard
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In June 1951, Mozambique became an overseas dependency of which European country?

Portugal Click to see the answer

In January 1951, French forces resisted an offensive near Hanoi in which country?


Mamerto Urriolagoitía was deposed by a military coup in which country in 1951?


Egypt was banned from the world table tennis federation in 1951 for refusing to play which country?


What type of animal is a 'cahow', thought extinct since 1615 but discovered in 1951 in Bermuda?


An American couple called Rosenberg were found guilty of spying for which country in March 1951?

Soviet Union

What was the first name of General Macarthur, who was a leading figure in the 1951 Korean War?


Prime Minister Haj Ali Razmara of which country was assassinated on 7 March 1951?


Born in 1951, Anatoli Karpov went on to be a world champion in which discipline?


Which company intoduced car models called Country Squire, Comete and Consul in 1951?


King Abdullah Ibn Hussein of which country was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1951?


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