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Ann Davison became the first woman to sail solo across which ocean in 1953?

Atlantic Click to see the answer

4 to 5 million citizens of which European country went on strike in August 1953?


In which month of 1953 did Hillary reach the top of Everest?


1953 tennis stars Maureen Connolly and Doris Hart were from which country?

United States

What was the name of the Iranian monarch who returned to the country in 1953?


Rocky Marciano was a 1953 champion in which sport?


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Elvis Presley graduated High School in which city in 1953?

Memphis Click to see the answer

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was set up on which continent in 1953?


What was Disney's hit 1953 animated release?

Peter Pan

General Neguib became the leader of which newly-declared republic in 1953?


Who wrote the play 'Waiting for Godot', which premiered in 1953?

Samuel Beckett

Who starred in the smash hit 1953 movie 'From Here to Eternity'?

Burt Lancaster

Ben Hogan won tournaments in which sport in 1953?


In which city was Josef Stalin buried in March 1953?


In February 1953 the USSR broke off relations with which Middle Eastern state?


How many US soldiers were killed during the Korean War, which finished in 1953?


D. F. Malan was the leader of which country in 1953?

South Africa

The Korean War ended in 1953 after how many years of conflict?


General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla led a military coup in which country in 1953?


Arie Van Vliet became a champion in which sport in 1953?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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Dictator Antonio Salazar won elections in which country in 1953?

Portugal Click to see the answer

The DSB football tea was formed in which Dutch city in 1953?


What medical condition did Joseph Stalin suffer in March 1953?


The Golden Bear award was given to 'Wages of Fear' at a film festival in which city in 1953?


Camille Shamun disbanded the government in which country in May 1953?


In 1953, Edmund Hillary first climbed Everest with a companion from which country?


Questions: 13
Difficulty: Medium
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Who wrote the play 'The Crucible' which premiered in 1953?

Arthur Miller Click to see the answer

Which US city saw the first passenger helicopter service introduced in July 1953?

New York

The Malans National Party had success in which country's elections in 1953?

South Africa

Operation Boot was the codename of the operation to oust the government of which country in 1953?


The foreign minister of which country was arrested for spying in 1953?

East Germany

Currency reform sparked a revolt in which European country in June 1953?


Which British Prime Minister was knighted by the Queen in April 1953?


How many days after suffering a stroke did Stalin die in 1953?


Which Scandinavian country adopted a new constitution in June 1953?


Arthur Miller's 1953 work 'The Crucible' opened in which city?

New York

There were riots in which European country in June 1953 in favor of reunification?

East Germany

Which scientist announced the Revised Unified Field Theory in 1953?


What was the first name of Dr Salk, who developed a polio vaccine in 1953?


Questions: 11
Difficulty: Hard
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What percentage of US tv sets were tuned to a special episode of 'I Love Lucy' in 1953?

71% Click to see the answer

The inauguaration of which US President was the first to be broadcast live in 1953?


Appointed Secretary of State in 1953, John Foster Dulles has an airport named after him in which US city?


What country was home to Edmund Hillary, first man to climb Mount Everest in 1953?

New Zealand

In 1953, which US state became the first to approve a literature censorship board?


Hank Williams, who died of an overdose in January 1953, was known for which type of music?


What was the 'Canadian Comet' which crashed in 1953, killing 11 people in Karachi?


Jomo Kenyatta was sentenced to how many years' hard labour in 1953 for his part in the Mau Mau uprising?


Marguerite Pitre was the last woman hanged in which country in January 1953?


In 1953, Dag Hammarskjold of which country became Secretary General of the UN?


Jomo Kenyatta, leader of which country was up in court on rebellion charges in 1953?


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