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The West German government refused to recognise which country in 1954?

East Germany Click to see the answer

The first sub-four minute mile was run in which UK city in 1954?


Which famous actress appeared in the 1954 movie 'A Star Is Born'?

Judy Garland

Which part of Germany joined NATO in 1954?


Which side won the 1954 football World Cup?

West Germany

Hurricane Hazel hit which part of the world in October 1954?


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At what weight was Rocky Marciano a 1954 boxing championship?

Heavyweight Click to see the answer

Who recorded his debut single 'That's All Right?' in 1954?

Elvis Presley

The world's first nuclear power station opened in which country in 1954?


Ferenc Puskas, star of the 1954 World Cup, was from which country?


Which actor, famous for westerns, married Pilar Pallete in 1954?

John Wayne

Work started on which theme park in January 1954?


Seven Samurai' is an iconic 1954 movie from which country?


Achiel van Acker formed a new government in which country in 1954?


Which country hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1954?


Emil Zatopek was a 1954 athletics champion from which country?


Elvis Presley recorded his first tracks in which city in January 1954?


Which country hosted the 1954 World Cup?


Gregori Malenkov became leader of which country in April 1954?


Theodor Heuss was re-elected President of which country in 1954?

West Germany

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Haile Selassie, leader of which country, visited the UK in 1954?

Ethiopia Click to see the answer

In May 1957, the UK, France and USA vetoed which country's membership of NATO?


What was the name of the first US nuclear submarine, launched in 1954?


Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe married in which US city in 1954?

San Francisco

Milovan Djilas was chair of the parliament in which country in January 1954?


What was the retail price of the first color television in 1954?


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Charles Lindbergh, winner of the 1954 Pulitzer Prize, is better known in which field?

Aviation Click to see the answer

The first Scientology church was established in which US state in 1954?


There was a military coup in which South American country in May 1954?


The Fanfani-led government in which country resigned in 1954?


The Ellis Island immigration center in which US city was closed in November 1954?

New York

The Geneva Conference in 1954 partitioned Vietnam into how many parts?


How many samurai were in the title of a famous 1054 movie by Akira Kurosawa?


In 1954, a British medical student became the first person to run a mile in less than how many minutes?


In February 1954, Eisenhower warned against US involvement in which country?


In 1954, the CIA began covert operations in which central American state?


What was the first name of Hemingway, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature?


W H Auden won the Bollingen Prize for which type of literature in 1954?


Van Houtte resigned as leader of which country in 1954?


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Difficulty: Hard
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What was the name of the woman who married President Marcos of the Phillippines in 1954?

Imelda Click to see the answer

The first successful transplant of which organ was carried out in Boston, USA, in March 1954?


Francois Duvalier, nicknamed 'Doc', became leader of which Caribbean nation in 1954?


In 1954, both the Netherlands and Belgium reduced conscription time from 20 months to how long?

18 months

Which country suffered a series of serious avalanches in 1954, killing over 300?


A ship called Toya Maru sank in the Strait of Tsugaru during a typhoon in which country in 1954?


What kind of show was 'South Pacfic' which closed after almost 2000 performances in 1954?


In which city was the 1954 conference held which partitioned Vietnam into two parts?


In October 1954, President Eisenhower pledged support to which part of Vietnam?


President Adib el-Shishakli was driven out by the Army in which country in 1954?


Which city in Africa was raided in 1954 and suspected Mau Mau rebels arrested?


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