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Difficulty: Easy
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What board game made its debut in January 1955?

Scrabble Click to see the answer

A 1955 train crash in Guadalajara in which country killed over 300 people?


What type of fastening was patented in 1955?


What type of kitchen gadget was introduced by Tappan in October 1955?

Microwave Oven

General Peron of which country was overthrow in a 1955 coup?


What animal was on a 'Hot Tin Roof' in the title of a 1955 play?


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In 1955, the Olympic Committee awarded the 1960 Summer Olympics to which city?

Rome Click to see the answer

What state is in the name of the writer of the 1955 hit play 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'?


83 people were killed at a 24 hour car race in which country in 1955?


What word completes the title of the 1955 Disney release, 'The Lady and the '?


How old was James Dean when he died in a car crash in September 1955?


Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in which state in 1955?


In December 1955, Barbra Streisand recorded her first album at what age?


What was the first name of actor Dean, who died in a car crash in September 1955?


Chiva Stoica became leader of which country in 1955?


Bulganin replaced Malenkov as leader in which country in 1955?

Soviet Union

Who was US Vice President in 1955?

Richard Nixon

What was the third volume of 'Lord of the Rings', published in 1955?

Return of the King

Who released the single 'Folsom Prison Blues' in 1955?

Johnny Cash

Sugar Ray Robinson won the world title in which sport in December 1955?


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Which US state became the first to enact seatbelt legislation in 1955?

Illinois Click to see the answer

The last Soviet forces left which European country in August 1955?


The Mir mine opened in the Soviet Union in June 1955, to extract which precious gemstone?


The popular 1955 TV quiz show had a title worth how many dollars?


In 1955, who became the first US President to appear on color TV?


How many Communist Bloc countries signed the Warsaw Pact in 1955?


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What was the atomic number of Mendelevium, discovered in 1955?

101 Click to see the answer

Ichirō Hatojama was recognised as leader of which country in 1955?


What type of fuel did 1955 submarine Nautilus use?


To which country did General Peron flee after a coup in 1955?


Who topped the charts with 'Rock Around the Clock' in 1955?

Bill Haley

The US signed a 'Canal Treaty' with which country in 1955?


In 1955, the Baghdad Pact was signed between Iraq and which country?


Which European country gained full indepdence in 1955 after being occupied by 4 powers since 1945?


What European city gave its name to a pact between Communist countries, signed in May 1955?


Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on which type of transport in 1955?


In October 1955, the first edition of L'Express newspaper was published in which city?


In 1955, the Soviet space center opened in which part of the country?


Which country acquired 4 of the 7 Dead Sea Scrolls in 1955?


Questions: 11
Difficulty: Hard
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José Antonio Remón Cantera, President of which coutnry, was assassinated in January 1955?

Panama Click to see the answer

An emergency crisis was declared in the UK in 1955 over a strike in which industry?


The first plant to try to produce a man-made version of which precious stone opened in 1955?


Which tiny Asian nation issued its first postage stamps on January 1, 1955?


In which US state did Albert Einstein die at the age of 76 in April 1955?

New Jersey

What was the name of the first book of world records which was published in 1955?


The British government of which island declared a state of emergency in November 1955?


Josephine Kroesen was elected first female jufge in which country in 1055?


In which US state did James Dean die in a car crash in September 1955?


In South Africa, 60,000 black residents of which city were forcibly evicted in 1955?


Which singer made his first TV appearance on 'Lousiana Hayride' in March 1955?

Elvis Presley

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