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What color of suede shoes was Elvis singing about in 1956?

Blue Click to see the answer

What type of show was 'As the World Turns', shown for the first time in 1956?

Soap Opera

In 1956, a terror group called the IRA began operating on which island?


Dawn Fraser won three gold medals in which sport at the 1956 Olympics?


Golda Meir became the Foreign Minister of which country in 1956?


Which nation won both 100m and 200m gold at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics?

United States

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The 1956 summer Olympics, were held in Melbourne in which month of the year?

November Click to see the answer

Which country joined the UN in December 1956?


The 1956 Olympics were held in which country?


The region of Karnakata was establushed in which country in 1956?


In April 1956, the first radios powered by which source went on sale?


What kind of dog was a hit song for Elvis Presley in 1956?


The 1956 Winter Olympics were held at Cortina d'Ampezzo in which country?


Gamal Abdel Nasser was elected President of which country in 1956?


In 1956, the world's first Judo championships were held in which country?


The popular 1956 TV show 'My Friend Flicka' was about which type of animal?


The 1956 Suez Crisis took place in which country?


The world's first atomic power clock was demonstrated in which city in 1956?

New York

Who starred in the iconic 1956 western movie 'The Searchers'?

John Wayne

Rocky Marciano retired undefeated from which sport in 1956?


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Construction started on which large South American city in 1956?

Brasilia Click to see the answer

Urho Kekkonen was appointed President of which country in 1956?


In October 1956, thousands of people from which country protested against Soviet occupation?


Television was first seen in which country in September 1956?


A new range of mountains was discovered on which continent in 1956?


Yogi Berra was setting records in which sport in 1956?


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How many Commandments were there in the hit 1956 movie starring Charlton Heston?

10 Click to see the answer

In 1956, a record high of how many degrees centigrade was recorded in Antarctica?


In 1956, the Independence National Park opened in which US city?


Zestienhoven airport opened in which city in 1956?


In 1956 a government forned in Pakistan following the teachings of which religion?


Which future African politician was arrested for political activities in South Africa in December 1956?

Nelson Mandela

The first European Cup Final was held in which city in 1956?


Which singer released the famous track 'Tutti Fruitti' in 1956?

Little Richard

What nationality were 1956 tennis stars Lew Hoad and Ken Rosewall?


What position did Golda Meir hold in the Israeli government in 1956?

Foreign Affairs

Polders and Dikes were features of geography in which country in 1956?


Which Australian city hosted the 1956 Olympics?


What was the name of Elvis' first movie, released in 1956?

Love Me Tender

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Difficulty: Hard
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Sudan became independent in 1956 after 136 years of union with which other nation?

Egypt Click to see the answer

In August 1956, Indonesia said it would not honour its debts to which European country?


Sudan declared independence in 1956 from Egypt and which other country?

United Kingdom

A stampede at Yahiko Shrine in which country killed 124 in January 1956?


Women gained the right to vote in which African country in February 1956?


Microwave radiation from which planet was first detected by researchers in 1956?


France, Israel and which other country invaded Egypt during the 1956 Suez Crisis?

United Kingdom

Which country declared indpendence from France by revoking the Treaty of Fez in 1956?


In 1956, a World Trade center opened in the Ferry Building in which city?

San Francisco

In 1956, David Marshall was the first Chief Minister of which small Asian state?


Although the 1956 Olympics were held in Melbourne, where were the equestrian events held?


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