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Sir Edmund Hillary arrived at which point on 4 January 1958?

South Pole Click to see the answer

Which famous toy bricks were patented in 1958?


Which official body came into existence in the USA in 1958?


What did Dahomey change its name to when it became independent in 1958?


Arnold Palmer, winner of the 1958 Masters Golf, was from which country?

United States

The monarchy in which Middle Eastern country was overthrown in July 1958?


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What was the flavour of the first instant noodles, produced in 1958?

Chicken Click to see the answer

The Israeli navy lanched the first one of which type of craft in October 1958?


French Guinee adopted which name when it became independent in 1958?


The UN sent observers to which Middle Eastern territory in 1958?


The city of Acapulco was hit by a strong earthquake in July 1957?


Which singer released her first album, 'Little Girl Blue', in 1958?

Nina Simone

Airline BOAC launched the first service over which ocean in 1958?


Boris Pasternak refused the Nobel Prize in which field in 1958?


In 1958, Elvis served with the US Army in which country?


Senegal, Mali and Chad all became independent from which country in 1958?


Nikita Khrushchev became leader of which country in 1958?

Soviet Union

Nuri ash Said became leader of which country in 1958?


The 1958 FIFA World Cup was held in which country?


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Typhoon Ida killed over 1270 in which coastal Asian country in 1958?

Japan Click to see the answer

The first domestic jet passenger flight in 1958 was between New York and which city?


What was the name of the US's first music chart, which started recording sales in August 1958?

Billboard 100

Which group, originally known as The Quarrymen, had their first recording session in 1958?


The EEC came into being in which month of 1958?


Alberto Lleras Camargo became President of which country in 1958?


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Which country carried out nuclear testing at Novaya Zemlya in 1958?

Soviet Union Click to see the answer

How old was Pele when he made his debut at the 1958 FIFA World Cup?


Gary Sobers achieved a record score in which sport in March 1958?


What kind of 'belt' was discovered by James Van Allen in 1958?


Battles broke out between Turkey and Greece on which island in 1958?


What type of animal was Laika, sent into space in 1958?


In March 1958, Sugar Ray Robinson became the first person to be world boxing champion how many times?


Which famous director released the movie 'Vertigo' in 1958?


How long did the first surface crossing of the Antarctic take in 1958?

99 days

Which country won the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden?


In October 1958, the Soviet Union lent Egypt $400 million to build a dam on which river?


The 1958 July 14 revolution ousted King Faisal in which country?


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The African National Congress was banned by the government in which country in 1958?

South Africa Click to see the answer

What was the name of the island where the UK carried out nuclear testing in 1958?


Boris Pasternak, winner of 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature, was from which country?

Soviet Union

In April 1958, the northern strip of Spanish Sahara was ceded to which country?


How many months did US troops stay in Lebanon after being deployed in 1958?

3 months

How old was chess player Bobby Fischer when he won the US Championship in 1958


In January 1958, a plane flying between London and Singapore crashed in which body of water?

Mediterranean Sea

What was the profession of Juan Manuel Fangio. Kidnapped by Cuban rebels in 1958?

Racing Driver

In 1958, Syria united with which country to form the United Arab Republic?


The Nankai Maru ferry capsized off the coast of which country in 1958, killing 167 people?


Ferenc Munnich succeeded Kadar as premier of which country in January 1958?


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