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In May 1959, the Auckland Harbor Bridge was opened in which country?

New Zealand Click to see the answer

Errol Flynn, who died in October 1959, was from which country?


Photos of the far side of which object were first seen in 1959?


Errol Flynn, who died in October 1959, was famous in which field?


In 1959, the Summer Olympics for1964 were awarded to which city?


Who had a 'lover' in the title of the book banned in 1959?

Lady Chatterley

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In 1959, the St Lawrence Seaway was opened in which country?

Canada Click to see the answer

The Shah of which country married Farah Diba in 1959?


Which country did the Dalai Lama flee Tibet for in 1959?


Who became Prime Minister of Cuba in February 1959?

Fidel Castro

The first Daytona 500 race was held in which US state in 1959?


The Guggenheim modern art museum opened in which city in 1959?

New York

Yuri Gagarin of which country was selected to train as an astronaut in 1959?

Soviet Union

Mao Zedong gave up the ceremonial post of head of which country in 1959?


What was the name of the doll which made its debut at a toy fair in March 1959?


First shown in 1959, what sort of animal was Rocky in 'Rocky and Bullwinkle'?


What stretchy fabric was first trademarked in October 1959?


Cecil B DeMille, who died in January 1959, was famous in which field?


Which animals became the first to survive a space flight in May 1959?


Which country granted citizenship to war criminal Josef Mengele in 1959?


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Prince Akihito announced his engagement to commoner Michiko Shoda in which country in 1959?

Japan Click to see the answer

What was the code name of the spy planes flown over Russia in 1959?


Designed in 1959, the flag of Singapore is red and which other color?


What kind of vehicle was the Sea King, which had its first trials in March 1959?


What was singer Billie Holiday arrested for in June 1959?

Drug Possession

President Fulgencio Batista was ousted by a coup in which Caribbean island in January 1959?


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The first Grammy awards were held in which month of 1959?

May Click to see the answer

What was the surname of Groucho, Chico and Harpo who made their last film appearance in 1959?


Which electronics company invented the first integrated circuit in 1959?

Texas Instruments

Who was the star of 'Gigi', winner of 1959 best picture Oscar?

Leslie Caron

How old was Mario Lanza, the famous American singer when he died in 1959?


What was the profession of Frank Lloyd Wright, who died in April 1959?


The 1959 Oscar-winning movie 'Gigi' is set in which city?


How old was Buddy Holly when he died in a plane crash in February 1959?


Crime boss John Gotti was arrested in which US city in 1959?

New York

What was the name of the family in 'The Sound of Music', which premiered on stage in 1959?

Von Trapp

David Ben-Gurion resigned as leader of which country in July 1959?


Which mountainous state held its first ever elections in February 1959?


Prime Minister Bandaranaike of which country was assassinated in 1959?


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Violence between Hutus and Tutsis erupted in November 1959 in whuch country?

Rwanda Click to see the answer

The world's first satellite communication in 1959 was sent between the US President and the leader of which country?


There were riots over food shortages in which Indian city in September 1959?


In 1959, Emperor Hirohito became the first Japanese monarch to attend a game in which sport?


In 1959, the spiritual leader of which country fled to India to escape opression?


Egypt and which other country signed a treaty over the use of the River Nile in 1959?


In 1959 the Cayman Islands became a British dependency in which body of water?

Caribbean Sea

Charles de Gaulle announced sefl-determination for which colony in September 1959?


How old was singer Billie Holiday when she died of heart failure and liver disease in 1959?


In June 1959, there were riots in Guayaquil in which south American country?


In November 1959, the Kilauea volcano on which island group started to erupt?


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