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The Watts Riots took place in which US city in August 1965?

Los Angeles Click to see the answer

Who became Lyndon B Johnson's vice President in January 1965?

Hubert Humphrey

The Apollo 11 mission to the moon took off in which month of 1969?


Which company created its Doughboy mascot in 1965?


Where did the US Ranger IV rocket land in 1962?


In which city did Cassius Clay win Olympic gold in 1960?


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In which month of 1968 was Martin Luther King killed in Memphis?

April Click to see the answer

What was the surname of the 1960s jailed Teamsters union leader?


How many astronauts blasted off on the Apollo 11 moon mission?


In which year did Neil Armstrong become the first man on the moon?


1,000 refugees per week from Cuba arrived in which US state in 1960?


Who was the US President at the start of 1960?


In which month of 1963 was JFK shot in Dallas?


How many inmates escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962?


Which US state hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960?


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The Astrodome opened in which city in April 1965?

Houston Click to see the answer

What is the better known name of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, shot in 1965?

Malcolm X

Martial law was imposed in which Alabama town in 1961 after riots?


Which writer did Marilyn Monroe divorce in 1961?

Arthur Miller

Which divided city did President Kennedy visit in June 1963?


Who was JFK's vice president in 1962?


The Gateway Arch was completed in which city in 1965?

St Louis

In which city was Malcolm X shot dead in 1965?

New York

Which famous musical film premiered in New York in March 1965?

Sound of Music

Luther King made his 'I have a dream' speech in which US city?


In which US city was JFK assassinated?


In which month of 1961 was JFK sworn in as US President?


In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968?


In which year did Luther King make his 'I have a dream' speech?


The Vietnam War officially began in which month of 1961?


Which American won the gold for boxing at the 1960 Olympics?

Cassius Clay

Florida International University was founded in which city in June 1965?


U2 pilot Gary Powers was put on trial in which city for spying in 1960?


Which President signed the 1964 Civil Rights bill?


What soap debuted on NBC in November 1965?

Days of Our Lives

The US invaded the Bay of Pigs in which county in 1961?


Eisenhower put embargoes on which Cuban product in 1960?


Who led civil rights marches in Montgomery Alabama in spring 1965?

Martin Luther King

What was the number of the Apollo mission to the moon in 1969?


In which year did John Glenn become the first American in space?


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Francis Gary Powers was sentenced to how many years for espionage in the USSR in 1960?

10 Click to see the answer

The Summer of Love was held in which city in 1967?

San Francisco

Which pilot and later politician was shot down over Vietnam in 1967?

John McCain

Which author released 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in 1960?

Harper Lee

The US invaded a bay named after which animal on Cuba in 1961?


JFK's body was moved to its permanent burial place where in March 1967?

Arlington Cemetery

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How old was Kennedy when he became President in 1960?

43 Click to see the answer

Sit-ins to protest about segregation took place in Greensboro in which state in 1960?

North Carolina

President Lyndon B Johnson was from which US state?


Kennedy and Khruschev met in which European city in 1961?


In which year did Kennedy broadcast to the nation and announce Soviet missiles in Cuba?


The 1969 Woodstock music festival was held in which US state?

New York

Marilyn Monroe died in which city in 1962?

Los Angeles

In which city were Elvis and Priscilla married in 1967?

Las Vegas

Beatlemania hit the US in 1964 when the Fab Four arrived in which city?

New York

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In which year did Kennedy make his 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech?

1963 Click to see the answer

Which boxer refused military service in April 1967?

Muhammad Ali

What was the name of the woman Elvis married in 1967?


Hubert Humphrey, Vice President under Johnson, represented which state?


James Meredith was the first black university student in which state in 1962?


Riots broke out in which Calaifornian city in summer 1965?

Los Angeles

The first US Polaris submarines arrived in which European country in 1961?

United Kingdom

Fidel Castro nationalized American property in which country in 1960?


What was the name of the hurricane which hit Florida in August 1960?


Russwood Park a stadium for which sport burned in 1960?


James Earl Ray, killer of Martin Luther King, was arrested in which European city?


Which volunteer body was established by President Kennedy in 1961?

Peace Corps

n which year did The Doors release their first album?


How many US reisdents were there at the time of the 1960 census?

179 million

In which year was the first star placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


Who was inaugurated as Governor of California in January 1967?

Ronald Reagan

The first Playboy Club opened in 1960 in which city?


Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash in which state in 1967?


Which famous Disney movie was released in 1967?

Jungle Book

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What was the name of Stalin's daughter who defected to the USA in 1967?

Svetlana Click to see the answer

Malcolm X made the 'Message to the Grass Roots' speech in which city?


President Kennedy visited his ancestral home in which Irish county in June 1963?


How many screaming teens greeted the Beatles on their first US visit in 1964?


Which comic book hero debuted in March 1963?

Iron Man

Which was the last US state to accept black students into Universities?

South Carolina

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200 students staged a sit-in at which US university in 1969?

Columbia Click to see the answer

How many people died in rioting in Los Angeles in August 1965?


Martin Luther King's killer, James Earl Ray, was tried in which US city?


The Pro Football Hall of Fame opened in which state in 1963?


How long was the sentence handed down to James Earl Ray in 1969?

99 years

American spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers was freed from jail from which country in a spy swap?


Who did Nixon beat to the Presidency in 1968?


James Meredith was shot during a civil rights protest in which state in 1966?


What was the name of the US landing craft which touched down on the moon in July 1969?


Richard Speck was accused of murdering 8 nurses in which US city in 1966?


The famous 1962 Russian American spy swap took place in which city?


The Mona Lisa went on display in a gallery in which city in early 1963?

Washington DC

The element Lawrencium was first made in a lab in which University in 1961?


What was the name of the chimp sent into orbit in 1961?


How many people attended the Woodstock festival in 1969?


What was the Coca-Cola company's first diet drink, introduced in 1963?


Which airport was opened by Kennedy in November 1962?


Zip codes were introduced in the US in which year?


Who was convicted of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald in 1964?

Jack Ruby

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