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Marc Bolan, who died in a car crash in 1977, was lead singer of which group?

T-Rex Click to see the answer

What was the name of Princess Anne's first child, born in 1977?


Bombs exploded in pubs in which British city in November 1974?


The world's longest pier in which town burned down in 1976?


What nationality was Georgi Markov, stabbed with an umbrella in London in 1978?


The British ambassador to which South American country was kidnapped in 1971?


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Which branch of the Armed Forces did Prince Charles join in 1970?

Navy Click to see the answer

Rock singer Jimi Hendrix died in which city in 1970?


The 1973 Sunningdale Agreement attempted to create peace in which area?

Northern Ireland

In which part of London did Marc Bolan die in a car crash in 1977?


Bombs went off in which Surrey town in October 1974?


Which UK airport saw the first Jumbo Jet land in 1970?


Lord Mountbatten was killed during a fishing trip to which country?


How many people did The Yorkshire Ripper kill in the 1970s?


What was the UK's first independent radio station?


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In which month of 1977 was Star Wars released in the UK?

December Click to see the answer

Minister John Stonehouse was found alive in which country after faking his own death?


Bill Shankly retired as manager of which football club in July 1974?


Long Kesh Maze prison near which city went on fire in 1974?


Which racing driver was killed in a plane crash in 1975?

Graham Hill

Mick Jagger was fined £200 for possession of which substance in 1970?


What was the speed of the Inter-City train, introduced in 1976?

125 mph

The age of majority was reduced to 18 from which age in 1970?


What was the name of the company launched by Richard Branson in 1970?


In which year did the UK experience a heatwave, leading to water shortages in many areas?


A deadly disease affecting which trees first emerged in 1975?


How much did it cost to take a tube from Heathrow into Zone 1 when the line opened in 1977?


Arthur Ashe became the first black man to win Wimbledon in which year?


What was the first name of the Yorkshire Ripper, Sutcliffe?


Ian Smith, Prime Minister of which country, declared independence from the UK in 1970?


What was the name of the first 'test tube baby', born in 1978?


What was the first name of Lord Mountbatten, murdered in 1979?


A parcel bomb sent to the embassy of which country in London killed a diplomat in 1972?


An extension to which London underground line reached Heathrow in 1977?


30 people died in a huge fire on which island in 1973?

Isle of Man

A tube link to which airport was opened in 1977?


Oil began to flow in 1975 from which sea?

North Sea

What was the school leaving age raised to in 1972 in England and Wales?


Clothing brand Big Biba opened its first shop in which city in 1973?


Firefighters went on strike in 1977 over claims for what percentage pay rise?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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An air crash at Heathrow in 1972 killed how many people?

118 Click to see the answer

Which UK Prime Minister sailed in the Admiral's Cup in 1971?

Edward Heath

The British ambassador to which country was assassinated in 1979?


Airey Neave was shadow secretary in which department when he was killed in 1979?

Northern Ireland

The first £1m fee for a footballer was paid in 1979 by which club?

Nottingham Forest

In 1972 Idi Amin expelled 50,000 people from which country to the UK?


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Which bank merged with the National Provincial Bank in 1970 to form the NatWest?

Westminster Bank Click to see the answer

What was the name of Sid Vicious' girlfriend, who he was on bail for killing when he died?


Who became ITN's first female news reader in 1978?

Anna Ford

1972's 'Bloody Sunday' in Derry occurred in which month?


How many people were killed in a coach bombing in Yorkshire in 1974?


Who became the first million pound footballer in 1979?

Trevor Francis

Women were allowed into which institution for the first time in March 1973?

Stock Exchange

Which UK car and aircraft engine manufacturer went bankrupt in 1971 and was nationalised?

Rolls Royce

Which Middle Eastern Emirate became independent from the UK in September 1971?


The UK's first Gay Pride march was held in London in which year?


A crash at which London tube station killed 29 people in 1975?


Which Royal died in France in May 1972?

Duke of Windsor

Outside which building was Airey Neave killed in 1979?

Houses of Parliament

Which Royal announced that they were to divorce in March 1976?

Princess Margaret

How old was Charlie Chaplin when he was knighted in 1975?


The 1970s 'Babes in the Woods' murders occurred in which county?


5 British plane spotters were imprisoned in which country for 10 weeks in 1977?


Operation Babylift' brought orphans to the UK from which country in 1975?


A 1971 conference permitted the selling of arms by the UK to which country?

South Africa

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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The 1970s 'Cod War' was a dispute between the UK and which other nation?

Iceland Click to see the answer

Who did Glasgow Rangers beat to win the Cup Winners Cup in 1972?

Dynamo Moscow

Who was appointed Poet Laureate in 1972?


The UK's first Hard Rock Café opened in 1971 in which city?


What honour did Charlie Chaplin receive in 1975?


In which year did Princess Anne get married?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Parliamentary proceedings were first broadcast in which year?

1975 Click to see the answer

A gas explosion in the Clarkston area of which city killed 20 people in October 1971?


Which UK University awarded its first degrees in January 1973?

Open University

Jeremy Thorpe, cleared of murder in 1979 was leader of which party?


Which aristocrat was found guilty of murdering his nanny in his absence in 1975?

Lord Lucan

Which other country switched to decimal currency on the same day as the UK in 1971?


In 1970, who became the first actor to be made a Lord?

Laurence Olivier

What was the first name of heiress Ms Whittle, who was kidnapped for ransom in 1975?


Which Beatle announced that he had left the group in April 1970?

Paul McCartney

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In which year did the Queen celebrate her Silver Jubilee?

1977 Click to see the answer

A 1970 England cricket tour to which country was called off?

South Africa

What was the name of the 10 route motorway junction which opened in May 1972?

Spaghetti Junction

In which year was the first election that 18 year olds could vote in?


In which year did Thatcher become the UK's first female Prime Minister?


Internment, to detain terrorist suspects without trial, was enacted in which part of the UK in 1971?

Northern Ireland

The first 'test tube baby' was born in which city in 1978?


There was a bomb attack at which famous London building in July 1974?

Tower of London

John Curry won the UK's first Olympic gold in which sport in 1976?

Ice skating

Which British Prime Minister resigned in 1976?


Proposals to end the provision of what to children caused controversy in 1971?


Red Rum completed his hat trick of Grand National victories in which year?


The Queen visited which part of the UK for the first time in 11 years in 1977?

Northern Ireland

In which month of 1971 did the UK's currency go decimal?


In which UK city were the Commonwealth Games held in 1970?


Which country knocked England out of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico?

West Germany

How long did the 1972 miners' strike last?

7 weeks

Bombs went off at the home of a UK Minister of which department in 1971?


There was a kidnap attempt on which Royal in 1974?

Princess Anne

How many bombs exploded in London's West End in January 1976?


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