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Which Who album was released in May 1969?

Tommy Click to see the answer

Complete the 1970 T.Rex hit : 'Ride a White ...'


Bruce Springsteen had which hit single in 1984?

Dancing In The Dark

Who had a 1989 'Batdance'?


What was the new dance craze of 1961?


Who joined The Rolling Stones in June 1969?

Mick Taylor

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Name the 1977 live album released by the Rolling Stones?

Love You Live Click to see the answer

What bird did Fleetwood Mac take to No.1 in 1968?


Who got his 'Up Town Girl' in the charts of 1983?

Billy Joel

What was the title of 'The Mamas and Papas' autobiographical hit from 1967?

Creeque Alley

Which album did Madonna produce in 2000 after the success of her 1998 'Ray of Light' album?


Who sang songs 'I Will Always Love You', 'I Have Nothing', etc for the 1992 movie 'The Bodyguard'?

Whitney Houston

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Which 1960s rock star is buried in the same Paris cemetery as Chopin?

Jim Morrison Click to see the answer

Which of these 1992 chart-toppers spent most weeks at No.1?

I Will Always Love You

Who had a 1960's hit with 'Sweet Talkin' Guy'?

The Chiffons

What color did Chris De Burgh's Lady wear in his hit of 1986?


Who were on 'The Trail of the Lonesome Pine' in 1975?

Laurel and Hardy

Which actor took 'Captain Beaky' into the 1980 charts?

Keith Michell

Who sang a soundtrack 'Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?' for the 1995 movie 'Don Juan DeMarco'?

Bryan Adams

What was No.1 in the UK when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989?

All Around The World

Who had a number one hit in 1974 called Billy Dont Be A Hero?

Paper Lace

What boy's name forms the title of Toni Basil's 1982 one-hit wonder?


1986 saw the reunion of what famous sixties group?

The Monkees

The Cars enjoyed multi-platinum success in 1984 with what album?

Heartbeat City

They played their first live show in 1975, at St Martin's School of Art ...?

Sex Pistols

Paul McCartney made his first public appearance with Wings in 1972 - where?


Which song was Blur's biggest hit in the USA in 1997?

Song 2

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Which group found success in the 1970s with 'Night Fever'?

The Bee Gees Click to see the answer

What's missing from 'Concrete and ...', a hit for Unit Four Plus Two in 1965?


Which group had a 1983 number one hit with True?

Spandau Ballet

Which band did Captain Sensible leave in 1982 to pursue a solo career?

The Damned

Which of these No.1s of 1983 was sung 'a capella'?

Only You

Snap! had a worldwide hit with The Power in 1990. What country are Snap! from?


Whose 1975 album was entitled 'Wish You Were Here'?

Pink Floyd

Who were on the 'Nightshift' in the 1985 charts?


Which creature did a young Michael Jackson sing about in his 1972 hit, 'Ben'?


Which musical opened on Broadway in 1972?


Which ex-Beatle had a US No.1 hit in 1973 with 'Photograph'?

Ringo Starr

Cat Stevens released his first album in 1967 - what was it called?

Cats And Dogs

Which group had a hit album in 1994 called Monster?


Which Rolling Stones track was at No.1 in June 1968?

Jumpin' Jack Flash

What 'H' links a classic Elvis Presley hit and a big selling album of 1976 by The Eagles?


Which film featured the 1978 hit 'Sandy'?


What number gave Paul Hardcastle a No.1 in 1985?


What kind of love did Phil Collins have at the top of the singles chart in 1988?


Which chart-topping act of 1982 was originally called In Praise of Lemmings?

Culture Club

Questions: 9
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Who had a 'Lovely Day' in 1978?

Bill Withers Click to see the answer

Who formed a duet with Gene Pitney on the 1989 UK number 1 single Somethings Gotten Hold of My Heart?

Marc Almond

The Steve Miller Bands The Joker went to Number 1 in 1990 after being used in a commercial for what brand?

Levi Jeans

What were Strawbs 'Part Of'in 1973?

The Union

The fourth biggest selling album of all time is also a soundtrack to a 1992 film. Name the album (which is also the film title).

The Bodyguard

The Righteous Brothers had a hit with Unchained Melody in 1990. What year did they first release the song?


Who was 'Moonlighting' in 1975?

Leo Sayer

Whose debut hit single was If You Let Me Stay in 1987?

Terence Trent DArbys

Who had the first UK Number 1 hit of the 1990s?

New Kids On The Block

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1990 single released by Ram Jam ...?

Black Betty Click to see the answer

Who topped the 1999 charts with 'Mi Chico Latino'?

Geri Halliwell

Which of these 1982 No.1s was the theme song to a film?


Which of these 1987 No.1s was the biggest seller of the year?

Never Gonna Give You Up

Which AC-DC album was NOT released in the United States until April 1981?

Dirty Deeds

The Lollapalooza Tour was started in 1991 by Perry Farrell of which band?

Jane's Addiction

What was Roger Miller 'King of' in the 1964 song?

The Road

Which band was sued by its ex-drummer in 1999?


Whose 1986 album was entitled 'Give Me The Reason'?

Luther Vandross

Questions: 11
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Which Pink Floyd LP became the best selling album of 1980 in the United States?

The Wall Click to see the answer

What sort of '... Day' was a 1997 No.1 for Lou Reed and various other artists?


Which country singer married his third wife, Tammy Wynette, in 1969?

George Jones

Which group topped the charts in the 1960s with 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'?


The Hollies 1967 hit, 'Carrie Anne' was originally written for whom?

Marianne Faithfull

Which Greek sang for Luxembourg at the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest?

Nana Mouskouri

Too Late for Goodbyes was a hit in 1984 for John Lennon's son. What was his name?

Julian Lennon

Which organization benefited from the 1985 song 'We Are The World'?

USA for Africa

In 1988 the band Queensryche released a narrative concept album by what title?

Operation: Mindcrime

The 1982 movie Rocky III featured what hit song by the band Survivor?

Eye of the Tiger

Who was the original lead singer in the band AC - DC until his tragic death in 1980?

Bon Scott

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