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Einstein landed a job as an inspector in what sort of office in 1903?

Patent Office Click to see the answer

Einstein was still working on which theory up to his death?

Unified Field

Who is often wrongly given credit for helping develop the theory of relativity?

Mileva Einstein

in 1914, Einstein moved to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in which German city?


Einstein started work in 1903 at the Swiss Patent Office in which city?


In Einstein's most famous equation E=mc2, what does M stand for?


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Einstein was visiting his family in which country when he wrote his first paper on ether and magnetic fields?

Italy Click to see the answer

In which year were Einstein's books publically burned by the German Nazis?


In Einstein's most famous equation E=mc2, what does E stand for?


In which year did Albert Einstein pass the Zurich Polytechnic teaching diploma?


Einstein visited New York for the first time in which decade?


A teenage girl once wrote to Einstein to ask for help with what?

Maths Homework

Who got the money awarded to Einstein as part of his Nobel Prize?

His Ex-Wife

Einstein is known for his white hair, but what color was it when he was younger?


Einstein acquired Swiss citizenship in which year?


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Einstein founded the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists in which decade?

1940s Click to see the answer

The design for which famous chocolate was approved during Einstein's time at the Swiss Patent Office?


In which year was Einstein's essay called 'Why Socialism?' published?


How many years did Einstein spend at Princeton after fleeing Nazi Germany until his death?


In which year did Einstein get together with other scientists to form the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists?


Einstein requested that his house in New Jersey not be turned into what?


The Albert Einstein Award was inaugurated to celebrate which of Einstein's birthdays?


The experimental branch of the Albert Einstein Institute is in which German city?


Which British newspaper had the headline 'Revolution in Science' about Einstein's theories in 1919?


The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is in which New York Borough?


What was Einstein's first language?


For how many years did Einstein work in the Swiss Patent Office?


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Einstein issued a warning about nuclear weapons along with Bertrand Russell, a philosopher from which country?

Uk Click to see the answer

Who pushed Albert to learn violin as a child?

His Mother

In 1880, the Einstein family moved to which German city?


In 1894 the Einstein family moved to which country after the failure of the family business?


Einstein and his first wife divorced in which year?


Einstein first had surgery on what in 1948?

Aortic Aneurysm

For how many months did Einstein work as a University professor in Prague?


Which category of Nobel Prize did Einstein win in 1921?


Einstein's theory or relativity suggested that at the end of their lives, stars become what?

Black Holes

What event in Germany in the 1930s did Einstein describe as 'spontaneous emotional outburst'

Book Burnings By The Nazis

Einstein received an honorary degree from Oxford University in which decade?


Einstein's interest in science was sparked age 5 when playing with what?


After separating from his wife, Einstein moved to which city?


In which country was Albert Einstein born?


What member of Princeton staff was fired for removing Einstein's brain without permission?


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Which nation's people did Einstein describe as 'modest, intelligent, considerate, and having a true feel for art'

Japan Click to see the answer

Which Prime Minister of Israel offered Einstein the Presidency?

David Ben-Gurion

Which famous movie star did Einstein befriend during his US visit in 1930?

Charlie Chaplin

Einstein's theory of general relativity was published in which decade?


How old was Einstein when he received his Nobel Prize?


In which year was Einstein awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics?


With which language did Einstein struggle after his move to Switzerland?


A church in which US city made a full scale model of Einstein to celebrate his visit in 1930?

New York

What fascinated the 5 year old Einstein about his father's compass?

Why It Always Pointed North

What was Einstein appointed associate professor of in Bern in 1909?

Theoretical Physics

Einstein was named as 'person of the century' by which publication?

Time Magazine

In his divorce agreement, Einstein promised his wife the money from what, if he ever won it?

Nobel Prize

To which academic institution did Einstein bequeath his estate?

Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

Einstein's E=mc2 equation is known as the theory of what?


The Albert Einstein Institution in Boston, USA studies what?

Non-Violent Resistance

Hermann Einstein was what relative to Albert?


In which country did Einstein praise the 'right of individuals to say and think what they pleased'?

United States

How old was Einstein's grandson Klaus when he died of diphtheria in 1938?


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Which famous British scientist won the Albert Einstein Award in 1978?

Stephen Hawking Click to see the answer

A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions' was Einstein's work for what?

His Phd

Complete the Einstein quote: 'Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and …'

Expecting Different Results

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is in which American city?

New York

What was Einstein's role while working at the Swiss Patent Office?

Assistant Examiner

Einstein met senior officials from which country to ask for their help in getting German Jewish academics out of Germany in 1933?


Questions: 9
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Einstein's grandson Klaus died in 1938 of which disease?

Diphtheria Click to see the answer

At the time of his death, Einstein was working on unified field theory and was trying to explain all the forces of nature in one what?


Which movie star invited Einstein and his wofe to dinner in 1930?

Charlie Chaplin

Einstein acquired citizenship of which country in 1901?


What type of feature on the moon was named after Einstein in 1964?


Einstein said that if he hadn't been a physicist, he would have followed which other career?


Einstein realised that Maxwell's Theory of Light and which other theory were contradictory?

Newton's Laws Of Motion

At the start of which conflict did Einstein warn the US President about atomic weapons?


Which famous building did Einstein visit during his first US visit in 1921?

White House

Questions: 12
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In 1955 Einstein put his name to the Russellâ€'Einstein Manifesto, highlighting the danger of what?

Nuclear Weapons Click to see the answer

What was the family pet name for Albert's younger sister, Maria?


Which of the Einstein family was diagnosed as schizophrenic?


Einstein's Russellâ€'Einstein Manifesto warning of the danger of nuclear weapons was published in which decade?


The father of who pulled strings to get Einstein his job at the Swiss Patent Office?

A University Friend

Einstein spent how many years at senior school before leaving for University?


Einstein's son Hans became an Engineering Professor in which country?


Albert and Mileva had a daughter in which year before they were married?


A University in which country is home to the Albert Einstein Archives?


The Einstein Observatory was an X-ray telescope launched into space by NASA in which decade?


Which festival did Einstein mark in Madison Square Garden during a US visit in 1930?


Einstein's 1925 paper on relativity was how many pages long?


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How much younger than average was Einstein when he first sat the exam to get into Zurich University?

18 Months Click to see the answer

What was the reason given for Einstein's divorce from his first wife, Mileva?


Which country did Einstein move to after his marriage broke down in 1914?


A course called The Einstein Revolution was offered online in February 2015 by which eminent University?


In which month of 1955 did Einstein die?


Einstein formally renounced his German citizenship during which decade?


Why was Einstein not conscripted to do military service in Switzerland?

He Failed The Medical

Einstein and his wife Mileva separated in which year?


Einstein applied for US citizenship in which year?


Einstein spent many years working at Princeton University in which US State?

New Jersey

What is the name for the Swiss High School leaving diploma, which Einstein passed aged 17?


What did the Nazis do with Einstein's boat after he had renounced his German citizenship?

Sold It

To which country did Albert and Elsa Einstein emigrate in 1933?


Einstein is said to have been influenced as a child by a student of what subject who often had dinner with the family?


By 1908, Einstein was a respected profession at a University in which Swiss city?


Marcel Grossman, who collaborated with Einstein on many theories, specialized in which field?


Einstein's second son Eduard was born in which Swiss city?


What religion was Einstein brought up as?


An honorary doctorate in which subject was awarded to Einstein by Glasgow University?


Einstein was born in Ulm, in which German province?


Einstein's sister Maja got her PhD in which subject?


British physicist Arthur Eddington said that only how many people understood relativity?


Einstein called his friend Michele Angelo Besso the best what in Zurich for his scientific ideas?

Sounding Board

Einstein's wife Mileva was one of only how many female students to enroll on the same course as her future husband?


How old was Albert when the family moved from Ulm to Munich?


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Which US President did Einstein write to in 1939 warning of the possibility of an atomic bomb?

Franklin D Roosevelt Click to see the answer

Which astronomer found in 1929 that the universe was constantly expanding, confirming Einstein's theories?


Complete the Einstein quote: 'A person who never made a mistake…'

Never Tried Anything New

How many sisters did Albert Einstein have?


The United Nations named 2005 the World Year of what, to mark the centenary of Einstein's annus mirabilis?


In Einstein's E=mc2 equation, what does the C stand for?

Speed Of Light

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In which US State did Einstein submit his application for US citizenship?

New Jersey Click to see the answer

After leaving the University in Prague, Einstein went to work at a University in which Swiss city?


A book about what branch of Maths is said to have fascinated Einstein aged 12?


Which Star Wars character's eyes were modelled on Einstein's?


What did Einstein give as his weight on his application for US Citizenship?

175 Pounds

In which Belgian city did Einstein renounce his German citizenship in 1933?


Which instrument did Einstein play from an early age?


Which member of the Einstein family gave their permission for the removal and study of Einstein's brain after his death?


A group of physicists from which country attempted to warn the Americans of the dangers of atomic bombs in 1939?


Questions: 23
Difficulty: Hard
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In 1894, Einstein's father's business failed to win the contract to bring electricity to which German city?

Munich Click to see the answer

Complete the Einstein quote: 'The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but …'


Einstein's father wrote to a professor at which German University, begging him to give young Albert a teaching job?


How long did Einstein plan on spending at CalTech in Pasadena as visiting professor in 1933?

2 Months

What illness ultimately caused the death of Einstein's mother?


Einstein was not invited to help the US government develop the atomic bomb because they were suspicious of his what?


In which decade did Einstein apply for US citizenship?


Which US government agency kept a 1400 page file on Einstein?


How many siblings did Albert Einstein have?


In which year was Einstein's theory of general relativity first published?


An anti-Jewish German magazine offered a bounty of how much for Einstein?


Complete the Einstein quote: 'The only source of knowledge is…'?


In which Belgian city did Einstein rent a house for a period in 1933?

De Haan

Complete the Einstein quote: 'The difference between stupidity and genius is that… '

Genius Has Its Limits

On a visit to the USA in 1933, Einstein felt unable to return to Germany because of the rise of which political figure?


Einstein's theory of relativity led to the development of what sort of power generation?


Einstein is said to have paid the tuition fees for a Princeton student from which minority?

Black People

Complete the Einstein quote: '… is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned at school?'


How many years did Einstein spend working at the Swiss Patent Office in Berne?


During 1933, unable to return to Germany, Einstein lived in which European country?


Einstein Observatory was the name given to what, launched into space by NASA in 1978?

X-Ray Telescope

What was Einstein's sister called?


Einstein started to play the violin at what age?


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