Avatar Trivia

50 Trivia Questions & Answers

"Avatar" introduced the world to one of the most stunning film features of all time. Set in a fictional world inhabited by fascinating creatures and a humanoid species known as the "Na'Vi," the film ushers in a tale of a man on a mission to save a race and tribe that he has come to love. Take this trivia test to see how much of the film you remember!

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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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Who was the director for AVATAR?

James Cameron Click to see the answer

What was the name of the language created for AVATAR?


What is the name of the Na’vi’s deity?


How many fingers do Na'vi have?


What does Avatar mean?


What was the name of Jake Sully's brother?


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Questions: 9
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Which Academy Award did "Avatar" fail to win?

Best Director Click to see the answer

What was the name of the resource that the humans were mining on Pandora?


What is the name of Avatar’s main protagonist?

Jake Sully

How do the Na'vi communicate with their ancestors?

Tree of Souls

Which one of these characters died after being wounded by Quaritch?


What was the name of the Omaticaya clan's shaman?


How long did the movie take to make?

4 years

Where is Sam Worthington from?


In feet, about how tall are the Na'vi?

10 Feet

Questions: 8
Difficulty: Hard
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What measurement of unobtainium sells for $20 million?

A Kilo Click to see the answer

What other story features the concept of a "network of trees".

The Ender Series

About how many words did a linguist create just for the movie?

1000 Words

What are banshee bones made from?

Carbon Fiber

In Hebrew, the word "na'vi" means what?


"Avatar" is set in the middle of which century?

22nd Century

What's the approximate top speed of the human-built spacecraft in "Avatar?"

670 MPH

Who rescues Jake from a thanator?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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Who composed the music for the film?

James Horner Click to see the answer

Except for Na'vi and humans, how many limbs do all animals in Pandora have?

6 limbs

What year was the original release of AVATAR supposed to be?


Where did James Cameron take the crew to prepare for the film?


Who rescues Jake from the pack of Viper Wolves?


What is Jake Sully's disability when not in his avatar?

He is paraplegic.

Which Na'vi dies when Hometree is attacked?


After being exposed as a spy, how does Jake regain the Na'vi's trust?

Riding a Toruk

Why were the Na'vi people blue?

It represents traditional depictions of the Hindu God.

What ship does Trudy Chacon pilot?

Samson 16

How many Academy Awards was Avatar nominated for?

9 Academy Awards

Who is Jake's rival for Neytiri's affections?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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In total, how many Avatar movies will there be?

5 Click to see the answer

What moon are humans colonizing in Avatar?


Which person specifically asks Jake to feed information about the Na'vi to them?

Miles Quatrich

What human feature did James Cameron insist the Na'vi people have?


What was the name of the flying beast that Jake successfully tamed to get respect from the Omaticaya?


What other film has Sigourney Weaver been in by James Cameron?


What were the original names for Neytiri & Jake?

Zuleika & Josh

Which film did Avatar surpass to become the highest-grossing film of all time?


What animals made the predator sounds in the film?


What is the primary source of food for the Na'vi?


What was the film James Cameron directed before "Avatar?"


In which country was much of the movie filmed?

New Zealand

In the movie, how much is unobtanium worth, per kilogram?

10 Million

What "A" film is about a humanoid species called Na'vi?


Where was actor Sam Worthington living when he was cast as Jake Sully?

In his car

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