Bar Trivia

Bar Trivia Trivia

50 Trivia Questions & Answers

Ready to challenge friends to a bar trivia challenge? Try out these trivia questions challenges and more. These quizzes are great for pub quizzes and nights out with the gang when you're ready to have fun the whole night!

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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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The Munich beer festival is held in which month?

October Click to see the answer

Who painted the popular portrait of Mona Lisa?

Leonardo Da Vinci

In a game of bingo, which number is represented by the phrase “two little ducks”?


What is a baby kangaroo called?

A Joey

What shape is in the center of the Japanese flag?

A Circle

Other than water, what is the most consumed beverage?


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Questions: 8
Difficulty: Easy
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In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine?

Bacchus Click to see the answer

How high above sea level is Mt. Everest?

29,029 feet

Who is the youngest person in history to be named TIME’s Person of the Year?

Greta Thunberg

What does the average American do 22 times a day?

Opens the fridge

Which US state is nearest to the old Soviet Union?


Which brand of gin is named after the guards at the Tower of London?


Which Japanese spirit is served warm?


Name the only state in the US that cultivates coffee beans?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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According to legend, what was the name of King Arthur’s magician advisor?

Merlin Click to see the answer

Who were known as the “Fab Four”?

The Beatles

How many eggs make two dozen?


Who is the longest-reigning English queen?

Queen Elizabeth II

Which is the most populated country in the world?


The beaver is the national emblem of which country?


How many bones are present in the human body?


What whiskey brand was advertised with two terrier dogs?

Black & White

What edible food never expires or goes bad?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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Which sense has the closest link to memory?

Smell Click to see the answer

All Chick-fil-a restaurants are closed for business on which day of the week?


Who was the first singer to ever appear on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

John Lennon

What is the national fruit of America?


What cocktail is made with white creme de menthe and brandy?


What term is used to describe food that has been prepared according to Jewish dietary laws?


What do you call a group of crows?

A Murder

How is the groundnut better known?


What is a traditional type of meat cooked on Thanksgiving in western cultures?

Roast Turkey

What does an oncologist study?


What was the father of genetics Gregor Mendel’s occupation?


How many letters are there in the German alphabet?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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What was the youngest age to summit Mt. Everest?

13 Click to see the answer

What is the Latin word for “seasickness”, now commonly used to describe any feeling of sickness?


The Statue of Liberty was given to the US by which country?


In 1960, which country became the first in the world to have a female Prime Minister?

Sri Lanka

Who was US president during World War I?

Woodrow Wilson

What letter represents potassium in chemistry and a strikeout in baseball?


Per capita, what country eats the most chocolate?


What is the national dish of England?

Chicken Tikka

What is the most commonly transplanted organ from living donors?


“Alcohol” is a word derived from which language?


In snooker, how many points are awarded for potting the blue ball?


What did Aerial give in return of becoming a human from mermaid?

Her voice

What was the very first soda to be consumed in space?

Coca Cola

How long is a netball game?

60 minutes

Which fish is actually not a type of fish?

King Fish

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