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Difficulty: Hard
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Black Friday is the day after which major US holiday?

Thanksgiving Click to see the answer

Black Friday was first used in 1869 to describe what?

Stock Market Crash

The term 'Black Friday' was first used in print by newspapers in which US city in the 1960s?


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What is the term used to describe the first Monday after Black Friday?

Cyber Monday Click to see the answer

What did Amazon launch as a response to Black Friday?

Cyber Monday

What term refers to retailers trying to get ahead on Black Friday sales by opening late on Thursday evening?

Grey Thursday

Parades featuring which seasonal character pre-dated Black Friday?

Santa Claus

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Which retailer took the biggest slice of retail sales in the UK on Black Friday 2018?

Amazon Click to see the answer

In 2018, US shoppers spent how much online on Black Friday?

$5 billion

Which Friday in November 2019 will be Black Friday?


In which year did Black Friday become the biggest shopping day in the US calendar?


The term 'Black Friday' wasn't in common use until which decade?


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