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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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Who said: 'Books are a uniquely portable magic'?

Stephen King Click to see the answer

The Newbery Medal is named after who?

John Newbery

In which street does Harry Potter live when we first meet him?

Privet Drive

The Summer Book' was written by which Finnish author?

Tove Jansson

In which century was Dutch writer, scholar and humanist Erasmus born?

15th Century

Genesis and Revelation are the first and last books of which religious text?

The Bible

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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In the novels by Colin Dexter, what is Inspector Morse's first name?

Endeavour Click to see the answer

Which of these 19th century writers was actually a woman ?

George Eliot

Holding, A Keeper and Home Stretch are novels by which TV and radio presenter?

Graham Norton

In the book 'Herzog', what pushes Sandor over the edge?

Dirty dishes

Which of these is the famous novel by Lillian Hellman?

Little Foxes

The Eagle Has Landed' came from the pen of which author?

Jack Higgins

Mills & Boon is a British publishing imprint specialising in which genre?


In the book 'The Stone Diaries', what is the name of the writer who takes over Daisy's column?

Pinky Fulham

In the book 'Coming of Age in Mississippi', who is Mr. Chinn walking with in this chapter?

A chain gang

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Easy
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Schindler's List' was based on a book called what?

Schindler's Ark Click to see the answer

In the book by James Hilton, what was the profession of Mr Chips?


In the book 'Carver: A Life in Poems', what did Carver keep on his bedside table?

All of these

In literature, what device is used in the tongue twister 'She sells sea shell by the sea shore'?


What was the first memoir by Dave Pelzer?

A Child Called It

Red Alert' by Peter George is a thriller set during what?

The Cold War

Who was the original author of the James Bond novels?

Ian Fleming

Who was Ted Hughes' famous wife?

Sylvia Plath

Far From The Madding Crowd' is a novel by which author?

Thomas Hardy

The book series A Song Of Ice And Fire was adapted into what TV series?

Game Of Thrones

In the children's books by Jeff Kinney, how is Greg Heffley described?

Wimpy Kid

In the book 'How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale', where does Jenna move after her grandmother's house, according to her diary?

Boulder City

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Easy
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In the book industry, what does 'Y.A.' stand for?

Young Adult Click to see the answer

Who wrote the best-selling classic Of Mice and Men?

John Steinbeck

In the book 'The Great War and Modern Memory', what is the second part of the trilogy concerned with?

Irony of war

Who writes thrillers about the Brighton detective Roy Grace?

Peter James

In which novel by Luke Rhinehart does the central character make all decisions according to chance?

The Dice Man

Who is the author of The Da Vinci Code?

Dan Brown

Who is the author of '50 Shades' erotic trilogy?

E.L. James

In the book 'Antony and Cleopatra', in the concluding lines of Act 4, Scene 8, Antony says heaven and earth will do what to Antony and his companions?

Applaud them

Chester Gould created which detective?

Jim Rockford

Which book was Roald Dalh's first children's book?

The Gremlins

In the novel by Michael Connelly, how is attorney Mickey Haller described?

The Lincoln Lawyer

In the book 'Elbow Room', who reminded Rogers of a disturbance caused by Charles previously?


Life is the title of the 2011 autobiography of which member of the Rolling Stones?

Keith Richards

Catching Fire and Mockingjay are books in what fiction series?

The Hunger Games

Authors Andy McNab and Chris Ryan served together in which armed forces unit?


Questions: 18
Difficulty: Easy
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Heroes, Mythos and Troy are books about Greek legends by which national treasure?

Stephen Fry Click to see the answer

Which TV political thriller is based on a trilogy of novels by Michael Dobbs?

House Of Cards

In the book 'Love in the Time of Cholera', who assists Dr. Urbino in the courting process?

Lorenzo Daza

Sebastian Faulks, Jeffrey Deaver and Anthony Horovitz have written novels about which spy?

James Bond

Becoming is the best-selling 2018 book by which former First Lady of the USA?

Michelle Obama

The title of a best-selling novel by Delia Owens refers to what shellfish?


In the book 'Robert Kennedy and His Times', who assisted in secret negotiations with Castro?

John Donovan

The Dark Tower' is a novel from which writer?

Stephen King

In the book 'Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A', how long does Luis spend in jail in the incident with the beating of the woman?

A few months

Who wrote a 2008 best-seller called My Booky Wook?

Russell Brand

Killing Floor by Lee Child is the first novel to feature which protagonist?

Jack Reacher

In 2009, who won the Nobel Prize Winner for literature?

Herta Muller

Anita and Me is a novel by which British actress?

Meera Syal

In the book 'The Ants', what type of weather facilitates the introduction of parasitic queens?

Cool weather

In the book 'Sula', who is building big houses on the hills?

White people

Which author wrote 'Tess of the D'Urbevilles'?

Thomas Hardy

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith are set in which country?


Who is the lead male character in 'Gone With the Wind'?

Rhett Butler

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Easy
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What is the title of the best-selling self-help book by Rhonda Byrne?

The Secret Click to see the answer

Who wrote the classic novel 'Wuthering Heights'?

Emily Bront├ź

In 'Dido and Aeneas', Dido is the queen of which civilization?


In the book 'Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe', what does Beth say they should challenge the Tiger Hunter's Club to?

A relay race

How long did Rip Van Winkle sleep for?

Twenty years

Which American President wrote the book 'The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming the American Dream'?

Barack Obama

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day is the 2020 autobiography of which lockdown celebrity?

Sir Tom Moore

John Steinbeck's story title 'Of Mice and Men' is from a poem by whom?

Robert Burns

Rosencrantz and who are dead' according to Tom Stoppard?


Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly is a study of Donald Trump's exploits in which sport?


In the book 'American Pastoral', what is the name of Dawn's doctor who gave her the facelift?

Dr. LaPlante

In the book 'The Beak of the Finch', what is the setting of the first part of the epilogue?

Daphne Major

Who is the author of ┬┤The Alchemist┬┤?

Paulo Coelho

Who wrote the castaway novel 'Robinson Crusoe'?

Daniel Defoe

In the book 'The Great Fire', how is Aldred wounded in war?

Grenade bomb

In the book 'Song of Solomon', what does Milkman leave behind?

His suitcase

Amateur detective Miss Marple lives where?

St Mary Mead

In the book 'The Shipping News', what is seemingly the identity of the corpse Quoyle found?

Mr. Melville

Far From The Madding Crowd' is a novel by which author?

Thomas Hardy

Who wrote the iconic novel 'On The Road'?

Jack Kerouac

Rosencrantz and who are dead according to Tom Stoppard?


Questions: 24
Difficulty: Easy
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Who writes the Max Wolfe novels, beginning with The Murder Bag?

Tony Parsons Click to see the answer

In the book by J.M. Barrie, who is the boy who never grew up?

Peter Pan

The title of Richard Osman's best-selling crime novel refers to what day of the week?


Whom did Alice follow into Wonderland?

White Rabbit

Who wrote the bestseller 'Heart of the Dreaming'?

Di Morrissey

Which of these writers tragically killed themselves?

Sylvia Plath

In the book 'Atonement: A Novel', to what age does Robbie's imagination take him as he is thinking about his and Cecilia's future?


Who wrote 'The Mill on the Floss'?

George Eliot

This Boy and Please, Mr Postman are memoirs by which Labour politician?

Alan Johnson

Who is the title character in the book by Craig Silvey?

Jasper Jones

In the book 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', how were the patients being tested for TB?

Chest x-rays

American Gods, The Sandman and Coraline are works by which author?

Neil Gaiman

Tom Brown's 'School Days' is set at which school?

Rugby School

Who wrote the legal thrillers The Runaway Jury, The Firm and The Pelican Brief?

John Grisham

Who wrote music and lyrics to the musical '9 to 5'?

Dolly Parton

A Passage to India' is a novel written by which author?

E.M. Forster

According to John Gray's 1992 book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From...


Where did the writer and poet Ezra Pound go to university?


Who wrote the original book The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

Douglas Adams

In the book 'The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love', where is Cesar found dead?

In the hotel

Mary Ann Evans was the real name of which writer?

George Eliot

In the book 'Sula', what does Sula get over her grandmother?


Who wrote 'Leaves of Grass'?

Walt Whitman

Who is the author of ┬┤The Eagle Has Landed┬┤?

Jack Higgins

Questions: 56
Difficulty: Easy
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The Stud, The Bitch, Lucky and Hollywood Wives are novels by which writer?

Jackie Collins Click to see the answer

The Alchemist' is a novel published in 1988 by which author?

Paulo Coelho

In the book 'The Bean Trees: A Novel', mattie informs Taylor that Esteban and Esperanza will move away. Where will they go?

A safe house

Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' inspired which work?

Blade Runner

What word or phrase was first used in 1995 for an anthology of post-feminist stories?


Crystal, Angel and Winner Takes All are novels credited to which celebrity?

Katie Price

Man and Boy, and the Max Wolfe series are books by which journalist turned novelist?

Tony Parsons

Who wrote the Twilight Saga of vampire novels?

Stephenie Meyer

Which writer, who died in 2010, didn't publish after 1965 nor give an interview after 1980?


Who won the 1996 Booker Prize for 'Last Orders'?

Graham Swift

Who is the author of the bestselling 'Tomorrow' series?

John Marsden

The novels of Dick Francis are mostly about which sport?

Horse Racing

The English Roses is a 2003 novel by which pop legend?


Which author created the action heroes Jack Ryan and John Clark?

Tom Clancy

A Little Pretty Pocket-Book' widely considered as the first modern children's book was written by which author?

John Newbery

Who is the author of 'The Color Purple'?

Alice Walker

Who created the detectives Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot?

Agatha Christie

In the book 'Topdog/underdog', how many years has it been since Lincoln worked as a hustler?

6 or 7 years

Ronald Searle wrote a series of books about which crazy school?

St Trinian's

In the book 'A Moveable Feast', how did Pascin die?

He hung himself

Who created the character Hannibal Lecter?

Thomas Harris

In the book 'The Book of Ruth', ruth soon learns that Ruby did what to one of May's chickens?

Strangled it

In the book 'I Know This Much Is True', because Papa was able to stop ____________, he is promoted to a nighttime supervisor at Plant 2.


Seven Little Australians' was written by which author?

Ethel Turner

Which 'Alice in Wonderland' character can disappear?

Cheshire Cat

What is the title of Frank McCourt's memoir of his poverty-stricken childhood?

Angela's Ashes

Siddartha' is a novel by which author?

Herman Hesse

What is the title of Alan Moore's 1987 graphic novel about Rorschach and Dr Manhattan?


Who is the author of ┬┤Jonathan Livingston Seagull┬┤?

Richard Bach

In the book 'White Noise', who is Tweedy's husband?

Malcolm Hunt

Paul Wilson's 1999 best-seller is The Little Book Of... What?


Frankenstein' is a classic horror story, but who wrote it?

Mary Shelley

Who wrote the landmark work 'Syntactic Structures'?

Noam Chomsky

In the title of the story by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston is what sort of bird?


In the book 'King of the Wind', where is Sham buried?

At Gog Magog

Which novel by Robert Harris presents an alternative history where the Nazis won the War?


In the book 'Invisible Man', according to the vet, who controls 'things'?

White people

In the books by P.D. James, what is the unusual pastime of detective Adam Dalgleish?

Writing Poetry

Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone write cookbooks under the overall title Pinch Of... what?


In the book 'White Oleander', what are the names of the parents that Astrid turns away?

Bill and Ann

The Shining' was made in to a film starring Jack Nicholson, but who wrote the original book?

Stephen King

Which duo started a successful Book Club on morning TV in 2004?

Richard And Judy

In the book 'The Year of Magical Thinking', how old was Joan's mother when she was near death?

90 years old

By what pseudonym was the writer Mary Ann Evans known?

George Eliot

Ann Cleeves created which Northern detective, played on TV by Brenda Blethyn?

Vera Stanhope

Which author wrote 'Brideshead Revisited'?

Evelyn Waugh

How do you spell the measure of how clever someone is?


In the book 'Scorpions', where is Mack waiting for Jamal?

On the stoop

Who penned the tragic tale 'Frankenstein'?

Mary Shelley

In the book 'In America: A Novel', what is the name of the new eau de cologne in New York?

Polish Water

In music, which of these intervals is equivalent to a tone?

Major second

In the book 'A Fine Balance: A Novel', for whose funeral does Maneck return to the mountains?

His father's

What is the title of Frank Herbert's 1965 novel set on a desert planet?


Who did Caroline Lamb describe as 'mad, bad and dangerous to know'?

George Byron

Who created the Scottish detective John Rebus?

Ian Rankin

Arthur Conan Doyle created which fictional detective?

Sherlock Holmes

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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The scroll wheel, invented in 1995, was used in what?

Computer Mice Click to see the answer

Which writer of the past was known as Plum?


In the book 'Atlas Shrugged', because of the Equity of Distribution Law, there is now a Deputy Director of Distribution handling all of Rearden Metal's orders.What is his nickname?

The Wet Nurse

In the book 'Banner in the Sky', what made Rudi happy?

All of these

Robert Galbraith, the author of the Cormoran Strike books, is a pseudonym for which writer?

J.K. Rowling

In the book 'The Call of the Wild', how cold is it when the team breaks through ice in the river?

50 below zero

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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What type of book is Jack Canfield's 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'?

Inspirational Click to see the answer

Who is the wicked pirate in 'Peter Pan'?

Captain Hook

Who is the main protagonist in Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road'?

Dean Moriarty

In the book 'A Girl Named Disaster', why does Nhamo procrastinate checking her animal traps?

She is dizzy

Who wrote the novel 'The Catcher in the Rye'?

J D Salinger

Who illustrated the first publication of 'Matilda'?

Quentin Blake

In the book 'Artemis Fowl', after meeting Artemis, what kind of experts does Root employ?


Why did Cruella de Vil in '101 Dalmatians' kidnap the dogs?

Fur for coats

Who is the protagonist in 'The Thorn Birds'?

Meggie Cleary

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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Who is the author of 'The Adventures of Pinocchio'?

Carlo Collodi Click to see the answer

On the Road' is a novel by which writer?

Jack Kerouac

Which influencer published her memoir, This Is Me, in 2020?

Mrs Hinch

Where would you find 'Long John Silver'?

Treasure Island

Which western (cowboy) novel was the first to win a Pulitzer Prize?

Lonesome Dove

Writer Michael Crichton died in 2008. Which of these books, more famous as a film, did he write?

Jurassic Park

Stieg Larsson's Millennium, or The Girl Who... series of \thrillers is set in what country?


Eric Blair was the real name of which of these writers?

George Orwell

Who went to court over a paperback in 1960?

Penguin Books

Which of these is not a novel by H.G. Wells?

Cat's Cradle

In the book 'Elbow Room', who caused the woman's scar?

Her boyfriend

The novel 'Gone with the Wind' was the best-selling US book two years in a row. Which two?

1936 and 1937

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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In the book 'The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter', how does Mr. Singer communicate with Antonapoulos?

Sign language Click to see the answer

In the book 'Fog Magic', what is the name of the strange ship?

The Emmeretta

Who wrote 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'?

Douglas Adams

Which of these is not one of the tricks in 'The Twits'?

The Fake Shoe

In the book 'King of the Wind', who destroys Sham's pedigree?

The constable

Who did 'a far, far better thing than I have ever done'?

Sydney Carton

In the book 'The Corrections', what does Gary cut his thumb with?

A hedge trimmer

In the book 'Washington's Crossing', intelligence has what to do with the Americans' success in 'The Surprise' battle and the Hessian's failure?

A great deal

Dreams From My Father was the first book by which US politician?

Barack Obama

Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung is known by what other title?

The Little Red Book

Albert Camus wrote about who in his 1942 novel?

The Stranger

The Treachery of Images' was painted by which famous artist?

Rene Magritte

Who is the author of 'Think and Grow Rich'?

Napoleon Hill

In the book 'The Whipping Boy', what does Jemmy hide from the outlaw in?

A hollow tree

In which village do Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn live?

St Petersburg

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Medium
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The detective Dick Tracy was created by which writer?

Chester Gould Click to see the answer

Fagin appears in which Dickens novel?

Oliver Twist

Which best-selling novel by Paolo Coelho concerns a shepherd travelling to Egypt?

The Alchemist

In the book 'James Joyce', which surgery did Nora have in 1929?


Hapworth 16, 1924' was the last published work of which author?


Wilbur Smith is best known for his novels set on which continent?


In the book 'Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes', in Act 4, Scene 4, Prior tells Hannah it would be her lucky day if he was what?

A hairdresser

Which comedian's books for children include Birthday Boy and The Person Controller?

David Baddiel

In Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series, who is Roland of Gilead?

A gunslinger

Which football manager's 2020 autobiography is called My Life In Red And White?

Arsene Wenger

Song of Solomon' and 'Beloved' are books by who?

Toni Morrison

In the book 'The Kentucky Cycle.', what does J.T. claim the letters in his name stand for?

Just Terrific

Henrique Ibsen penned which classic novel?

A Dolls House

Who painted 'Still Life with Plaster Cast' in 1894?

Paul C├ęzanne

The Naked Chef is an early book by which TV cook?

Jamie Oliver

In the book 'White Oleander', what puts Astrid in the emergency room for the second time?

A dog attack

Who created the paraplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme, in books such as The Bone Collector?

Jeffery Deaver

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner coined what words as the title of a 2005 popular economics book?


Questions: 21
Difficulty: Medium
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In the book 'Mating', where is the narrator at the beginning of Chapter Eight?

Palo Alto, CA Click to see the answer

Who gave us the words 'mimsy' and 'slithy'?

Lewis Carroll

Who kept a diary of the Great Plague and Great Fire of London?

Samuel Pepys

Books featuring Maura Ryan and DI Kate Burrows are the work of which Essex-born crime writer?

Martina Cole

In the book 'Watership Down', what does Hazel order to be built?

A new warren

In the story 'Hansel and Gretel' the children are lead to a house made of what?


In the book 'Cat's Cradle', who is the ruler of San Lorenzo?

Papa Monzano

Who wrote 'The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy'?

Douglas Adams

Who wrote the Sharpe war novels, set in the early 19th century?

Bernard Cornwell

What was the name of the doctor that talked to the animals?

Dr. Doolittle

Which of these is not a John Grisham novel?

The Briefcase

Who is the main protagonist in 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo Baggins

Voldemort is the antagonist of which popular book series?

Harry Potter

Who wrote the 2010 NY Times Bestseller 'This Time Together'?

Carol Burnett

The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn, and its sequels were adapted as what Netflix series?


In the book 'A Virtuous Woman', in Chapter 16, who does Jack forget is coming to his house?

Burr and June

Where does Paddington Bear come from?

Darkest Peru

Which English author wrote 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'?

Douglas Adams

In the book 'What Jamie Saw', what does Earl say Patty and her children will be if they stay in the trailer?

Sitting ducks

In the book 'Personal History', kay hesitates, but eventually accepts an invitation to cruise the Greek islands with ____________.

Truman Capote

What was Eric Blair's pen name?

George Orwell

Questions: 41
Difficulty: Medium
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In the book 'Catherine, Called Birdy', who is Geoffrey?

A foster boy Click to see the answer

Addicted was a 1999 book about which footballer's battle with alcoholism?

Tony Adams

Who wrote 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'?

John le Carre

Who wrote the classic novel 'Lorna Doone'?

RD Blackmore

In the book 'Angle of Repose', when does the Ward family get to move into their new house?

Christmas Eve

In the book 'The Corrections', where does Enid find Alfred when she wakes up in the morning?

In the bathroom

In the book 'To Be a Slave', whose account supports the author's claim that slave traders often used tricks to make the slaves appear well-groomed and healthy for the day of the auction?

Jenny Proctor

The Hellraiser and Candyman films were based on novels by which horror writer?

Clive Barker

In the book 'Proof: A Play', whose idea was it to have the band play at the house after the funeral?

Claire's idea

In the book 'Walk Two Moons', what gift did Gram receive from the egg man?

A love letter

Which American writer, once married to Marilyn Monroe, wrote 'Death of a Salesman'?

Arthur Miller

Who wrote the much quoted 'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others'?

George Orwell

Who described himself in 'Who's Who' as a 'poet and hack'?

John Betjeman

In the book 'The Hours', vanessa resembles a sculpture of which period, according to Virginia?

Late Baroque

In what decade was The Guinness Book Of Records first published?


Who wrote the Alex Cross thriller series?

James Patterson

It's Not About The Bike was a 2000 autobiography by which sports star?

Lance Armstrong

Who wrote the family saga The Clifton Chronicles, beginning with Only Time Will Tell?

Jeffrey Archer

In the book 'White Noise', what is Babette's father's name?

Vernon Dickey

Becky Bloomwood Brandon is the heroine of which series of chick-lit novels by Sophie Kinsella


In the book 'The Hours', where will Laura put her robe?

Over a chair

Great Expectations' is a novel by which famous British author?

Charles Dickens

In the book 'The Slave Dancer', where does Ned look when the slaves are on the deck?

Toward heaven

Who wrote the 1944 play 'The Man who had all the luck'?

Arthur Miller

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' was written by who?

L. Frank Baum

Barbara Vine was a pen-name of which crime writer?

Ruth Rendell

In the book 'The Radicalism of the American Revolution', who drew up the Virginia Declaration of Rights?

George Mason

In the book 'Daughter of the Mountains', what does a boy rip off Momo after the train stops?

Her red scarf

The Art Of The Deal is a best-selling book by which politician?

Donald Trump

Which writer created the Cheshire Cat?

Lewis Carroll

In the book 'Gone with the Wind', who visits around Christmas time?

Frank Kennedy

Driven To Distraction, Motorworld and On Cars are books by which TV presenter?

Jeremy Clarkson

In the book 'Freedom', in what do plebeians have more faith?


Who created the detective duo Dalziel and Pascoe?

Reginald Hill

Which 20th century Anglo-Irish painter is known for his disturbing and often tortured imagery?

Francis Bacon

Cat's Cradle' is a novel by which author?

Kurt Vonnegut

Whose first novel was the political thriller Absolute Power?

David Baldacci

In which Dickens novel would you find Bill Sykes and Nancy?

Oliver Twist

Who wrote the 1992 football memoir Fever Pitch?

Nick Hornby

Which 1983 gothic novel by Susan Hill concerns events at Eel Marsh House?

The Woman In Black

The chief male character in 'Rebecca' was called what?

Max de Winter

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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In the book 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', who is buried in the courtyard of a brothel?

Pilar Ternera Click to see the answer

In the book 'The Year of Magical Thinking', what title had Joan used when she was first writing the book quoted at the beginning of Chapter 22?

Angel Visits

Kerry Greenwood wrote a series of books about who?

Phryne Fisher

In the book 'What Jamie Saw', what does Earl tell Jamie at the end of their skating session?

You did great

In the book 'A Confederacy of Dunces', what does Santa say she does every day for her mother?

Lights candles

John Milton wrote which classic novel?

Paradise Lost

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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In the book 'Antony and Cleopatra', towards where do the ships of the defeated flee?

Peloponnesus Click to see the answer

In the book 'Sula', what happens to Nel's husband?

He leaves her

Who had a diary in the books by Helen Fielding?

Bridget Jones

In the book 'From Beirut to Jerusalem', what city do both Friedman and Arafat travel to?

Amman, Jordan

Who wrote the play 'The Cherry Orchard'?

Anton Chekhov

In the book 'What Jamie Saw', why can't Patty start her car?

It's too cold

Nineteen Eighty-Four' is a modern classic, but who wrote it?

George Orwell

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is a 2018 memoir by which comedian?

Eric Idle

Bradford is the birthplace of which artist?

David Hockney

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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In the book 'The Good Master', what kind of story does Marton ask his wife to tell?

A funny story Click to see the answer

Who wrote the Harry Potter' series of books?

J. K. Rowling

As Darkness Falls' was which authors d├ębut novel?

Bronwyn Parry

In literature, what is a soliloquy?

Talking alone

In the book 'A Wrinkle in Time', along the way, Meg hears some birds who seem to be telling her something. Who translates their words for her?

Mrs. Whatsit

In the book 'The Witch of Blackbird Pond', how does Kit react to teaching the young children?

She enjoys it

In the book 'Scorpions', where does Jamal hide the gun?

In a dumpster

In the book 'The Beak of the Finch', what is the name of the village on Santa Cruz?

Puerto Ayora

Which Gothic novelist penned 'The Mysteries of Udolpho'?

Ann Radcliffe

Who is the author of ┬┤The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo┬┤?

Stieg Larsson

In the book 'Song of Solomon', who is one of the members of this organization that eventually cannot not take it?

Robert Smith

In the book 'Driving Miss Daisy', whose grave does Daisy diligently tend to in the cemetery?

Her husband's

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
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In the book 'A Moveable Feast', where does Fitzgerald meet Hemingway when they visit again in Paris?

A restaurant Click to see the answer

Who wrote 'The Life of Samuel Johnson'?

James Boswell

In the book 'Tropic of Cancer', what is Henry's derogatory name for the Indian, Nanantatee?

Mr. Nonentity

In the book 'Ship Fever and Other Stories', what do Rose and Bianca study in college?


In Stephen King's 'Sometimes They Come Back', the demon says what to Jim at the end?

I'll be back

In the book 'American Pastoral', what does Swede's brother refer to him as because he cannot take the brutality of the world?

Gentle giant

In the book 'Artemis Fowl', what kind of establishment does the troll wander into?

A restaurant

Who is the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Toni Morrison

Who wrote Homage to Catalonia and The Road to Wigan Pier?

George Orwell

Leo Tolstoy wrote about which woman?

Anna Karenina

In the book 'A Wrinkle in Time', after Mrs. Whatsit metamorphoses, what do the children call her?

Mrs. Whatsit

In the book 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', who cuts his throat with a tool he found in the doctor's office?

Billy Bibbit

In the book 'Where the Heart Is: A Novel', because of the events with Roger Briscoe, who does Lexie take Praline and Brummett to see?


In the book 'A Solitary Blue', the Professor admits that Melody was often ___________ with him - first by his inability to first buy a big engagement ring and then buy a house.


The novel 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' was first published in 2005 and has since then sold over 30 million copies. Who wrote it?

Stieg Larsson

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Difficulty: Hard
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Who wrote 'Ring of Bright Water' about life with an otter in Scotland?

Gavin Maxwell Click to see the answer

In the book 'What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day--: A Novel', what do Ava and Joyce hear while watching Mattie's house?

Imani crying

In the book 'I, Juan de Pareja', what is unique about El Bobo?

He is a dwarf

In the book 'What Jamie Saw', where does Jamie hide?

Under the bed

Who is the author of the picture books Father Christmas and The Snowman?

Raymond Briggs

In the book 'Little Women', amy wants to have a gathering of her friends, which she calls what?

artistic fete

In the book 'Anna in the Tropics', who was Mildred?

Chechy's wife

Which of these works details Lucifer's fall from Heaven?

Paradise Lost

Animal Farm' is a novel by which author?

George Orwell

In the book 'Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes', which of the following is not something Prior keeps in his bed to ward off spirits in Act 3, Scene 6?

A wooden stake

In the book 'James Joyce', how much money did Mrs. Harold McCormick deposit into Joyce's account?

12,000 francs

In the book 'Mr. Popper's Penguins', how does Mr. Popper feel when he sees the reporters?

He is excited

Slaughterhouse-Five' is a novel by which writer?

Kurt Vonnegut

In the book 'The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice', who teaches wives to cheat, according to Emilia?

The husbands

In the book 'Pillars of the Earth', when the assassins arrive at Beckett's chamber, who is with him?

Prior Philip

In the book 'Pillars of the Earth', how does William's new wife, Elizabeth, feel about him?

She hates him

In the book 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer', what is the cave opening shaped like?

The letter A

Who wrote the iconic first line 'I am the invisible man'?

Ralph Ellison

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In the book 'Fog Magic', how does Greta feel about Mrs. Trask?

She likes her Click to see the answer

My Sister's Keeper' is a novel by which author?

Jodi Piccoult

Which of these is not a dystopian novel?

Women In Love

Who is the author of ┬┤Watership Down┬┤?

Richard Adams

Who is the author of 'Flowers in the Attic'?

V. C. Andrews

In the book 'Going After Cacciato', what cause of death does Doc Peret give for Billy Boy Watkins?

Heart attack

In the book 'Voyagers to the West', what is the most common form of payment?

Trade in goods

In the book 'The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural', what is the name of the sac in which the fetus develops?

Amniotic sac

In the book 'Walk Two Moons', what do Phoebe and Sal have for dinner at the Finney's house?

Fried chicken

In the book 'Interpreter of Maladies: Stories', what kind of party are Sanjeev and Twinkle having?


By what name was the author Eric Arthur Blair better known?

George Orwell

Who is the author of ┬┤Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows┬┤?

J. K. Rowling

Whose first novel was 'A Parliamentary Affair'?

Edwina Currie

In the book 'The Naked and the Dead', in Part 2, Chapter 9, who delivers the bad news to Gallagher?

The chaplain

In the book 'Catherine, Called Birdy', who does Catherine learn has died when she returns home in September?

Shaggy Beard

Right, Said Fred is a 2020 book by which cricketer?

Andrew Flintoff

Who created the private eye VI Warshawski?

Sara Paretsky

In the book 'The Merchant of Venice', what do the men lack for the upcoming masquerade?


In the book 'The Fixer', why does Yakov refuse to eat?

He is fasting

Which Shakespeare character shouted 'come you spirits unsex me here'?

Lady Macbeth

Who wrote 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'?

John Le Carr├ę

In the book 'Lonesome Dove', clara says July is as useful as ______________.

A fence post

Who is the author of ┬┤Heidi┬┤s Years of Wandering and Learning┬┤?

Johanna Spyri

In the book 'The Slave Dancer', what is the Captain wearing the second time the Spaniard comes on the ship?

A comical hat

In the book 'Charming Billy', which one of the following is not gathered after Billy's funeral?

Father Shannon

The novel 2001: A Space Odyssey is by which science fiction author?

Arthur C. Clarke

In the book 'White Oleander', where does Astrid sleep when Rena's drunk friend tries to kiss her?

Yvonne's bed

Name the main character in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

Atticus Finch

In the book 'The Sign of the Beaver', as Matt and Attean take leave of each other, who does Matt say he would like Attean's grandfather to meet?

Matt's father

In the book 'The Confessions of Nat Turner', who was Nat's owner when Nat was about twelve?

Samuel Turner

Esther Greenwood is the protagonist in which of these novel?

The Bell Jar

In the book 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', who says the men are not brave men like McMurphy is?

Billy Bibbit

In the book 'A Thousand Acres', larry is whining to everyone at the picnic instead of waiting for people to talk to him, mostly about the conditions at the _________.

Nursing home

Who wrote the novel 'Catch 22'?

Joseph Heller

Outback Dreams' is a bestselling romance from which writer?

Rachael Johns

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