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Who kills Tuco in Season 2?

Hank Click to see the answer

What is Agent Steve Gomez's nickname?


Who replaced Jesse in Gus' lab in Season 3?


Walter's brother-in-law Hank Schrader works for what law enforcement agency?


Who let Jesse's conniving girlfriend Jane Margolis die while she slept?

Walter White

Who is credited with creating the series 'Breaking Bad'?

Vince Gilligan

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What age does Walt make out of bacon in a flash-forward at the start of Season 5?

52 Click to see the answer

Drug dealer Brandon Mayhew is better known by what nickname?


Who played Jessie Pinkman?

Aaron Paul

What color is Walter White's signature methamphetamine?


Who does Gus offer $50 million to to stop their drug operation in Season 4?


Who tells Hank, 'I investigate everyone with whom I do business'?


What part did actor RJ Mitte play on 'Breaking Bad'?

Walter White Jr.

What comedian played Saul's henchman Patrick Kuby?

Bill Burr

What kind of gun does Walter rig up to kill Jack's gang at the end of Season 5?


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What's the name of the fast food franchise run by drug kingpin Gus Fring as a front?

Los Pollos Hermanos Click to see the answer

Who played Marie Schrader?

Betsy Brandt

Who shoots and kills the boy during the train heist in the final season?


Who does Skyler start an affair with to get Walter out of the house in Season 3?


What part did Bob Odenkirk play on 'Breaking Bad'?

Saul Goodman

How old is Walter White at the end of the series?


Who played Walter White?

Bryan Cranston

What kind of high school teacher is Walter White?


The show 'Breaking Bad' takes place mostly in what American city?


What part did actress Anna Gunn play on 'Breaking Bad'?

Skylar White

What car wash does Walter White work at and eventually buy as a front?


What famous scientist's last name becomes Walter White's drug dealer name?


What is the name of Walter White's infant daughter?


What character had a problem with kleptomania?


Who told Walt, 'A man provides even when he's no appreciated or respected or even loved'?


Who does Jesse rent a duplex from in Season 2?


What 'Breaking Bad' character is getting their own spinoff series?

Saul Goodman

How old is Walter White in the very first episode of the series?


Who creates to raise money for Walter's cancer treatments?

Walter White Jr.

What vehicle do Walter and Jesse make meth during the show's first season?


What network aired 'Breaking Bad'?


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What country is Gustavo Fring from?

Chile Click to see the answer

When Skyler offers to help with Hank's medical bills, where does she claim Walt got the money?


Who resorts to stealing things from open house tours in Season 4?


Who kills Gale in his apartment at the end of Season 3?


What poison do Walt and Jesse plan to use to kill Gus in Season 4?


What kind of poison does Walter White put in Lydia Rodarte-Quayle's tea in the final episode?


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Who starts having an affair with Skyler White in the second season?

Ted Beneke Click to see the answer

What chemical does Lydia use as leverage to keep Mike and Walt from killing her in Season 5?


In what season does Walter finally admit to Skyler that he makes and sells meth?

Season 3

How do Jesse and Walt determine who will dissolve Emilio's body ?

Flip A Coin

What message does the Cartel leave on a hijacked Los Pollos truck in Season 4?

Ready To Talk?

What trinket of Tuco's does Hank get made as a paperweight?

Tuco's Grill

Who does Hank brutally assault in Season 3 leading to a suspension?


What office does Hank transfer to in Season 2?

El Paso

What causes Walt to shut down meth production to prevent contamination in Season 3?


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What are the Cousins' last name?

Salamanca Click to see the answer

What drug dealer does Jesse take a sample of Walt's first batch to in Season 1?


What pest company serves as a front for Walt and Jesse's drug operations in Season 5?

Vamos Pest

What does Saul insist Walt put his money in before Skyler convinces him mto buy the car wash?

Laser Tag

Where does Jesse hide the poison vial in that Walter gives him and loses in Sesaon 5?

A Cigarette

Who are the Cousins' cartel boss?

Juan Bolsa

What nickname does Walter White Jr. prefer to be called?


Which one of the Cousins does Hank kill in a store parking lot?


How did Marie get the baby tiara for Skyler's baby shower?

She Stole It

What henchmen does Tuco kill for speaking out of turn at the start of Season 2?


Who is Jane's father?


Who replaces the drug dealer Krazy-8 after he died in Season 1?


Whose severed head did the Juarez Cartel place on a tortoise shell in Season 2?


Who do Gus and Mike take to Mexico to cook a batch for the cartel's chemist in Season 4?


Whose death causes Skinny Pete to quit dealing drugs and makes Jesse start using heroin?


What character did actor Danny Trejo play in Season 2?


What German company owns Los Pollos Hermanos?


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What commercial flight crashes over Walt's house in the second season?

Wayfarer Flight 515 Click to see the answer

What does Skyler do for work after Walter White flees the state in the final season?

Taxi Dispatcher

What does Walter find in his swimming pool filter after the airplane collision over his house?

A Plastic Eyeball

What do Walter and Jesse use to destroy Gus' laptop held as evidence in Season 5?

An Electromagnet

What's the name of Jesse Pinkman's younger brother?


What talk show host made a cameo appearance in the final season?

Charlie Rose

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What is the name of the series' final episode?

Felina Click to see the answer

Who was the original owner of the car wash that Walter works at and buys later in the series?

Bogdan Wolynetz

What ice cream flavor does Todd bring to Jesse as a treat in Season 5?

Americone Dream

What does Walter White buy to help him remember where he buried his money in the final season?

A Lottery Ticket

What does Jane's dad do for a living?

Air Traffic Controller

What character never met Jesse Pinkman through the show's entire run?

Walter White Jr.

What book does Hank find that makes him realize Walter White is a meth dealer?

Leaves Of Grass

Bryan Cranston was cast in 'Breaking Bad' after the show's creator saw him on an episode he wrote?

The X-Files

What character did the show runners originally plan to kill off in the ninth episode of the series?

Jesse Pinkman

What California city was the show originally set in before it was moved to New Mexico?


Which 'Breaking Bad' actor actually speaks with a Scottish accent in real life?

Laura Fraser

Which of Jesse's drug dealers gets robber by a couple of meth tweakers in Season 2?

Skinny Pete

Who two periodic elements' symbols appear in the show's opening title sequence?

Bromine & Barium

What Walter White prop sold for $9,900 in an online auction at the site Screenbid?


Who once came up with a killer idea for a 'Star Trek' episode?


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