Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia

50 Trivia Questions & Answers

Buffalo Wild Wings is easily one of the most famous restaurant chains to serve chicken wings. So it only makes sense to see how much you know about the famous sports bar! Answer trivia questions about their boneless wings recipe, flavors, events, games, and more in this massive collection of trivia questions about the best Buffalo wings brand in the country!

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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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What's the number on the server's uniform?

82 Click to see the answer

How many minutes should the customer finish in the blazin wings challenge?

6 minutes

What do the winner received?

A T-shirt

How many hottest wings should be eaten in the restaurant's challenge?

12 wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is known for their famous?

Blazin' Wing Challenge

The website of this restaurant is?


Questions: 8
Difficulty: Hard
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In late 2001, the company signed on which do to plans for branded potato chips to the retail market?

Frito Lay Click to see the answer

Where in UAE did they opened?


In 2015, Buffalo Wild Wings expanded in?


In 2010, the company announced an expansion into which country?


At the end of 2000, the chain, was in how many states?

19 States

There were 23 company-owned restaurants in the year of?


The 100th location opened in October 1999 in?

Apple Valley, California

In its first national ad campaign, what was the name given?

B-W3 and Buffalo Wild Wings

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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As of 2019, the number of Wild Wings restaurants is?

1300 Click to see the answer

Buffalo Wild Wings is now referred to as?


What is the trivia game at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Blazin' Trivia

What's in the lay-out of the new server's uniform?

Company Logo

Its _______ is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.


Who founded the Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck?

Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery

When was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck founded?


The first Buffalo Wild Wings location is in?

Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Buffalo Wild Wings is in how many countries?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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Which day of the week does the Blazin' Trivia is held?

Wednesday Click to see the answer

What state has the most Buffalo Wild Wings?


How many new stores opened in new locations at the end of 1996?


Disbrow died in?

October 2002

What is Buffalo wild wings and weck?

American casual dining restaurant.

Name the co-founders that were huge in the figure skating world?

Jim Disbrow

Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery were business partners living in?


Their first restaurant on campus opened at?

Ohio State University

Which meal is the big moneymaker?

Boneless Wings

What kind of lab does this restaurant have?

Sauce Lab

How many signature sauces are there?

21 Signature Sauces

The original joint was called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck or?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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____ was an original part of the name, as beyond the wings and its dozen sauces.

Weck Click to see the answer

In 2016, what's the new restaurant lay-out is like?

Sports stadium

November 7, 2019, a Buffalo Wild Wings general manager died after becoming exposed to?

The volatile mix of a cleaning agent and another acidic cleanser.

Buffalo Wild Wings is testing tablet-based payment and ordering in the second half of?


Which of these sauces are considered "retired sauces"?

Classic Margarita and Sriracha Sizzle

Buffalo Wild Wings does not show this kind of sport.

Boxing PPV

What is Buffalo Wild Wings slogan?

Wings. Beers. Sports.

As of November 2020, it had _____ locations across all 50 U.S. states and DC.


This chain is the largest pourer of which liquid in the county?

Draft Beer

Brand sponsored the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl in?

2015 and 2016

At the end of the third quarter of 2003, how many locations are there?


After the death of Disbrow, Smith continued as?

Company executive

The restaurant served _____ on weck.


An initial public stock offering was considered in the year?


Who was promoted to president and CEO in August 1996? Sally Smith

Sally Smith

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