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Which celebrity said: 'I love the smell of diapers'?

Sarah Jessica Parker Click to see the answer

Which American said: 'I get to go to a lot of overseas places, like Canada'?

Britney Spears

What was the 'couple name' of Bill and Hillary Clinton?


Which celebrity said: 'Life is not worth living without pie and a beer'?

Amanda Holden

Where is actor Natalie Portman from?


Who won the TV competition show Dancing on Ice in 2020?

Joe Swash

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Which celebrity said: 'I don't read books. I only read minds'?

Liam Gallagher Click to see the answer

Which country has Martha Stewart been banned from entering?


After which planet did Erykah Badu name her daughter?


What is the name of Lady Gaga's documentary film that came out in 2017?

Five Foot Two

What did model Christy Turlington study at NYU?

Religion and Philosophy

What is the correct spelling of musicians Cardi B and Offset's child?


Who said: 'I don't believe in reincarnation, and I didn't believe in it when I was a hamster'?

Shane Richie

What nickname was given to One Direction member Liam Payne, following the birth of his son?

Daddy Directioner

Which politician said: 'You teach a child to read and they will be able to pass a literacy test'?

George W. Bush

Where did Lily Allen and David Harbour get married in September 2020?

Las Vegas

Star of 'Home Alone' Macaulay Culkin started his own band, but what did he exclusively sing about?


What did actor Charlie Sheen try and find on a trip to Britain?

The Loch Ness Monster

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Which actor said: 'I've done some movies that went right in the toilet, right?'?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Click to see the answer

What is the name of Elton John's husband?

David Furnish

Holland Taylor is in a relationship with which other actor?

Sarah Paulson

Which country was actor Keanu Reeves born in?


Which singer-songwriter once said: 'I thought Europe was a country'?

Kellie Pickler

Before her acting career, Meghan Markle was involved in the wedding business. What did she do?

Invitation Calligraphy

Who said: 'I definitely want [his child] to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet'?

David Beckham

Which celebrity said: 'You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow'?

Jack Black

Which celebrity said: 'After I die, I'll probably come back as a paintbrush'?

Sylvester Stallone

Sri Lanka banned which music artist from the country?


Which country has Miley Cyrus been banned from entering?


Katy Perry used to carry around a lock of hair from which other celebrity?

Taylor Swift

Leighton Marissa is best known for starring in which TV show?

Gossip Girl

Which Shakespeare character Hailee Steinfeld play in the 2013 film?


What was King Edward VII called by his family?


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George and Amal Clooney have twin children. What are their names?

Alexander and Ella Click to see the answer

Whereabouts in the UK was 'Sex and the City' actor Kim Cattrall born?


Which chick-flick film did Whitney Houston produce?

The Princess Diaries

What instrument can singer Grace Jones play?

The Accordion

Where is 'Doctor Who' actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw from?


What type of profession did Jason Lee name his child?


Google images was created after people searched for pictures of which celebrity in a green dress?

Jennifer Lopez

Which celebrity said: 'Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable'?


Robin Williams named his child after which famous game character?


Who said: 'If you are buying a Valentine's present there's no reason it can't be for yourself'?

Liz Hurley

What did singer Celine Dion spend $2 million on in order to protect her singing voice?

A Humidifier

Which UK university did comedian Matt Lucas study at?

University of Bristol

Which celebrity said: 'Apart from stacking it on stage, I'm having the best night of my life'?

Gemma Collins

Which actor did Johnny Depp go out with in the 1990s?

Winona Ryder

Whereabouts in the UK is actor Rupert Grint from?


Paul O'Grady became famous for his drag appearance as which character?

Lily Savage

Which Spice Girl named their daughter Bluebell?

Geri Halliwell

Where was actor Amy Adams born?


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Where was Rose McGowan born?

Italy Click to see the answer

What was legend Charlie Chaplin's nickname?

The Little Tramp

Which country has Paris Hilton been banned from entering?


Who famously said: 'If you don't show your underwear, you're just not cool'?

Tommy Hilfiger

Which famous Jennifer did Ben Affleck have a relationship with in the early-noughties?

Jennifer Lopez

Argentina banned which celebrity from entering the country?

Justin Bieber

Whereabouts in London is singer Adele from?


Which clothes shop did Kanye West used to work in before becoming famous?


Which country has Selena Gomez been banned from entering?


Where was actor Emma Watson born?


How is Ellen DeGeneres connected to Kate Middleton?

They are 15th Cousins

Where was Gisele Bündchen scouted to be a model?

At McDonalds

Which celebrity said: 'Whoever established the high road and how high it should be should be fired'?

Sandra Bullock

Who did Tom Cruise marry in 2006?

Katie Holmes

Which 'Grease' star is pictured here?

Olivia Newton-John

Which celebrity said: 'Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of life'?

Brooke Shields

Where was actor Marilyn Monroe from?

Los Angeles

What profession did Angelina Jolie want to be before becoming an actor?

A Funeral Director

Which famous musician's house did Kesha break into, leaving a demo tape in the hope of being signed?


What became Caitlyn Jenner's catchphrase on 2019's 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!'?

Rise and shine

What job did Christopher Walken have before becoming an actor?

A Lion-tamer

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Who presents the TV show 'Take Me Out', who also shares a name with this drink?

Paddy McGuinness Click to see the answer

Which country were The Beatles banned from entering?

The Philippines

Which 'Harry Potter' star is from Oxford?

Miriam Margolyes

What is the name of Hugh Jackman's wife, pictured here?

Deborra-Lee Furness

Which actor was actor Kim Basinger married to in the 1990s?

Alec Baldwin

Which actor is older than sliced bread?

Betty White

Which celebrity has insured their legs $1 million each?


Who presents the TV show 'Grand Designs', who also shares a name with this image?

Kevin McCloud

Which historical figure said: 'Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will'?

Nelson Mandela

Whereabouts in the UK is singer Harry Styles from?


When did Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes get married?


Where was Nicole Kidman born?


Who said: 'For those of you who want your president to look good in his jeans... I'm not the guy'?

Barack Obama

Where is actor Mila Kunis from?


Which film did both Matt Damon and Robert Deniro star in?

The Good Shepherd

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in the same year as which other famous figure?

Anne Frank

Who said: 'You are the CEO of your life. Some people need to be hired and some need to be hired'?

Robert Downey Jr.

What is actor Nicole Kidman's self-proclaimed irrational fear?


What is Ashton Kutcher's real first name?


Where was Queen member Freddie Mercury born?


Which celebrity made the blunder saying: 'Where is the Cannes Film Festival being held this year'?

Christina Aguilera

Which celebrity famously said: 'Walmart… do they make walls there'?

Paris Hilton

Which 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional left the show to pursue a career in musical theatre?

Kevin Clifton

South Africa has banned which celebrity from entering the country?

Russell Brand

Gwen Stefani named her child after which Greek god?


Which talk-show host used to be the Mayor of Cincinnati, in Ohio?

Jerry Springer

Who said: 'I just want one day off when I can go swimming, eat ice cream and look at rainbows'?

Mariah Carey

When Taylor Launter was dating Taylor Swift, what was their 'couple name'?


Which country has Sacha Baron Cohen been banned from entering?


Where is actor Joaquin Phoenix from?

Puerto Rico

Internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian is married to which famous tennis player?

Serena Williams

What was Keanu Reeves childhood nickname, inspired by his football abilities?

The Wall

What unusual pet did actor Nicolas Cage spend $150,000 on?

An Octopus

What item did Bono fly to London with a first-class ticket, after realising he forgot it for a tour?

His Hat

Which country has Brad Pitt been banned from entering?


Actor Channing Tatum has appeared in which famous singer's music video?

Ricky Martin

Which country has banned Beyoncé for performing in?


What circus skill is actor Margot Robbie professionally trained in?


Which celebrity said: 'I'm obsessively opposed to the typical'?

Lady Gaga

Questions: 6
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Where is musician Rod Stewart from?

London Click to see the answer

What is the name of the writer and star of 'Fleabag', who shares their name with this image?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Who does Gary Oldman play in 'Darkest Hour'?

Winston Churchill

What is the name of this Mexican YouTube beauty vlogger?


What is the name of this American Youtuber and film-maker?

Zach King

Which 'Top Gear' presenter is from Birmingham?

Richard Hammond

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Indonesia banned which celebrity from entering the country?

Lady Gaga Click to see the answer

What is the middle name of David and Victoria Beckham's daughter, Harper?


What was Prince Charles Edward Stuart known as?

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Before her marriage to Keith Urban, who was Nicole Kidman married to?

Tom Cruise

Norway banned which music artist from the country?

Snoop Dogg

What part of actor Julia Roberts body is insured for $30 million?

Her Smile

Where is actor Charlize Theron from?

South Africa

Which nickname did Prince George call his Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II?


Which 'Glee' actor is pictured here with Diane Sawyer?

Jane Lynch

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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What type of Latin American dance has a basic pattern of three steps and a shuffle?

Cha-Cha Click to see the answer

Which UK telecommunications advert has Ryan Reynolds appeared in?


Where is comedian Dawn French from?


Which famous musical is based off Shakespeare's play 'The Taming of the Shrew'?

Kiss Me, Kate

Which actor is pictured to the right of 'Skins' actor Kaya Scodelario?

Dylan O'Brien

In which Australian state is 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here' filmed in?

New South Wales

What is the name of this climate change activist?

Isra Hirsi

In which series did Nicolas Hoult play the character Tony Stonem in?


What is the name of this Irish radio DJ?

Annie Mac

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the name of this Puerto Rican model and actor?

Joan Smalls Click to see the answer

Where is cricketer Freddie Flintoff from?


Where is singer Ed Sheeran from in the UK?


What is Anne Boleyn's solo called in the new musical 'Six', a story about Henry VIII's wives?

Don't Lose Ur Head

Where is actor Colin Firth from?


What is the name of the writer and star of 'Peep Show', who shares a name with this image?

Robert Webb

What is the name of this famous YouTube star?


What is the name of this American Youtuber and comedian?

Anthony Padilla

Where Maisie Williams from?


Where is Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie from?


Where was 'Grease' actor Olivia Newton-John born in the UK?


As of 2020, how many followers does model Kendall Jenner have on Instagram?

140 Million

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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Marlon Brando starred as Stanley Kowalski in the original film of which play?

A Streetcar Named Desire Click to see the answer

What is the name of this actor and activist, known for her role on the sitcom 'Black-ish'?

Yara Shahidi

In which series did Mandip Gill play the character Phoebe McQueen?


As of 2020, how many followers does actor Tom Holland have on Instagram?

39 Million

Which Australian comedian, who shares a name with this image, starred in 'Summer Heights High'?

Chris Lilley

What song did Harry Styles audition for 'X Factor' with?

Isn't She Lovely

Where was comedian Eddie Izzard born?


What was the first live-action comic book adaptation to earn an Oscar for Best Picture?

Black Panther

What is the name of this German supermodel?

Claudia Schiffer

What is the name of the British Youtuber sat in the middle of the picture?

Dan Howell

Someone who has won an Emmy, Tony, Oscar and Grammy is known as a what?


In what year was the new Shakespeare's Globe opened?


Where is actor Sean Connery from in Scotland?


Where was Mick Fleetwood, the drummer for band Fleetwood Mac, from in the UK?


Name the actor and comedian who shares a name with this image, who appeared in 'Arthur'?

Dudley Moore

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the name of this model, whose father is Mick Jagger?

Georgia May Jagger Click to see the answer

As of 2020, how many followers does footballer Cristiano Ronaldo have on Instagram?

240 Million

This type of dance is also referred to as 'clowning', what is it?


What was Andrew Lloyd Webber's theatre company called, where Prince Edward worked in the 1980s?

Really Useful Group Ltd

Name the composer of the music in the film score of 'Jurassic Park'?

John Williams

What is the name of this director, who made '12 Years a Slave'?

Steve McQueen

Which celebrity was not born in London?

Florence Pugh

Where is 'Doctor Who' actor Matt Smith from?


The Maxim Gorki Theatre is in which European city?


Who wrote the lyrics and music for the musical 'Into the Woods'?

Steven Sondheim

What is the name of the 20th century show that inspired the modern TV hit 'Strictly Come Dancing'?

Come Dancing

Which film has one the Big Five Oscars: Best Actor, actor, Picture, Director and Screenplay?

Silence of the Lambs

Who won both an Oscar and a Razzie award in 2010?

Sandra Bullock

Anna Kendrick received a Tony nomination for her performance in which 1998 Broadway musical?

High Society

In which year did Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice – leave the Spice Girls?


Which 'X Factor' contestant was discussed in Parliament due to their controversial elimination?

Laura White

Whereabouts in the UK might you find The Dylan Thomas Theatre?


What is the name of this director, who made 'Moonrise Kingdom'?

Wes Anderson

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Medium
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Which famous Sheffield theatre hosts the Snooker World Championship each year?

Crucible Theatre Click to see the answer

What are the names of these British twin Youtubers?

Jack and Finn

Other than her performance in 'Skins', which famous series do you see Hannah Murray in?

Game of Thrones

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks starred as Jenna in which hit musical in 2019?


What is the name of this British Youtuber who makes daily vlogs and challenge videos?

Alfie Deyes

Where is singer Niall Horan from in Ireland?


Where was actor John Barrowman born in Scotland?


Which famous broadcaster is from Isleworth in Hounslow?

David Attenborough

Where is Olympic medallist Louis Smith from?


Who wrote the play 'Death of a Salesman'?

Arthur Miller

What was the Criterion Theatre used for during the Second World War?

A BBC Radio Studio

Which 'Peep Show' actor was born in Norwich?

Olivia Colman

The song 'Big Spender' appears in which musical?

Sweet Charity

Scarlett Johansson starred as Beatrice Carbone in which Arthur Miller play on Broadway?

A View from the Bridge

Which UK television presenter is from Brighton?

Holly Willoughby

In which series does Thomas Brodie-Sangster play the character Benny Watts in?

The Queen's Gambit

Where is actor Daisy Ridley from?


Who was the first black person to win an Oscar for acting?

Hattie McDaniel

Where was Queen Elizabeth II born?


Before playing Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones', which West End play did Kit Harington appear in?

War Horse

What is the name of the writer and star of 'This Country', who shares her name with this flower?

Daisy May Cooper

Questions: 28
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Where is singer Louis Tomlinson from in the UK?

Doncaster Click to see the answer

Before being cast in 'Glee', Lea Michele played Young Cosette in which musical?

Les Misérables

What is the name of this British Youtuber who makes challenge and lifestyle videos?

Marcus Butler

Which nationality is Danny Boyle?


How many Oscar nominations did the film 'La La Land' receive?


Henrik Ibsen's play 'Enemy of the People' inspired which Steven Spielberg directed classic film?


Where is model and actor Cara Delevingne from in the UK?


This drone picture shows the adapted set and studio for which famous TV show's 2020 series?

I'm A Celebrity

What is the name of this actor who appeared in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Love & Friendship'?

Kate Beckinsale

Where is actor Kate Winslet from?


What did activist Malala Yousafzai study at Oxford University?


Name this actor who starred in 'The Princess Bride' and 'Saw'?

Cary Elwes

The musical film 'My Fair Lady' starring Audrey Hepburn is an adaptation of which famous play?


How many times has Alfred Hitchcock won Best Director at the Oscars?


Where is actor Ian McKellen from?


Which actor hasn't had dual Oscar nominations for acting in the same year?

Meryl Streep

Which nationality is Cate Blanchett?


Which former Monty Python star wrote the lyrics to the parody musical 'Spamalot'?

Eric Idle

Name this actor who starred in 'Home and Away' and 'The Impossible'?

Naomi Watts

Name the actor and comedian who shares a name with this image, and appeared in 'Fawlty Towers'?

Prunella Scales

What is the name of this YouTube and 'Strictly Come Dancing' star?

Joe Sugg

What is the name of this YouTube sensation from South Africa?

Caspar Lee

Where is actor Christian Bale from in Wales?


Hollyoaks actor Danny Mac starred as Edward Lewis in which West End musical premiere?

Pretty Woman

What is the name of this British Youtuber who makes beauty and lifestyle videos?

Tanya Burr

What is the name of this British Youtuber who makes videos about motherhood, fashion and beauty?

Louise Pentland

In which year was the first Edinburgh Fringe Festival held?


Which name was Cliff Richards born with?

Harry Webb

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

How many Tony Awards has the musical 'Dear Evan Hansen' won?

6 Click to see the answer

Whereabouts in London is singer Florence Welch from?


Which UK company does actor Owen Wilson do the adverts for?


What was the original name of Gielgud Theatre before it was renamed in 1994?

The Globe

What word is used to describe a theatre that is closed?


What is Oprah Winfrey's real first name?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Which is the first film to feature a toilet flushing?

Psycho Click to see the answer

Where is actor Will Smith from?


The Joan Sutherland Theatre can be found in which multi-venue performing arts center?

Sydney Opera House

Which Shakespeare character did Mel Gibson play in the 1990 film?


Johnny Depp is the face of which luxury fragrance house?


Which delivery service has rapper Snoop Dogg become the face of as of 2020?

Just Eat

Which musical was infamously delayed in its opening, due to the prop car breaking down?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Who was Hollywood's 'Girl with Curls'?

Mary Pickford

Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, appeared in which food-related advert?

Country Life Butter

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

In which year was 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' first performed in the West End?

2016 Click to see the answer

Sienna Miller starred alongside 'Skins' actor Jack O'Connell in which West End production?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Where was actor Sienna Miller born?

New York

Where was playwright Oscar Wilde from?


Which media company does Usain Bolt advertise for?


What is the name of Alan Bennett's play set in a grammar school in the 1980s?

The History Boys

What is the name of Tom Stoppard's play set in both the 1800s and 2000s?


What was the name of the first ever permanent playhouse in London?

The Theatre

In which country was theatre outlawed for 18 years during the 17th century?


What year did 'The Phantom of the Opera' first hit the stage?


Where is actor Tom Hanks from?


Which of these theatres was the first to be lit entirely by electricity?

Savoy Theatre

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
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Which advert featured Phil Collins' song 'In the Air Tonight' and a drum-playing gorilla?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Click to see the answer

Actor Samuel L. Jackson appeared in which telecommunications company's adverts?


In 2018, whose ashes were laid to rest under the London Palladium's stage?

Bruce Forsyth

After the success of which film did sales of a particular pet animal increase?


Audrey Hepburn's recording of 'Moon River' has been used for which chocolate advert?


What is the room called in a theatre that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers?

Green Room

Which bread company did Sylvester Stallone advertise for?


Where was 'Game of Thrones' actor Sophie Turner born?


The Comedy Theatre in the West End was renamed in 2011 after which playwright?

Harold Pinter

What type of dance sees the woman typically held in the crook of the man's arm?


Olympian Mo Farah is the face of which food brand?


Which TV presenter was born in Oldham?

Phillip Schofield

Which TV personalities did the adverts for Morrisons supermarket?

Ant and Dec

Which 1950 Billy Wilder film became an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?

Sunset Boulevard

Where is singer Robbie Williams from?


Questions: 29
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Which Pixar film was nearly deleted due to its backup system failing?

Toy Story 2 Click to see the answer

In which film was the fake snow used actually asbestos-based?

Wizard of Oz

What is the name of the medic on the TV show 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!'?

Medic Bob

Which Latin dance is unusual in that the feet only move on the 2nd and 4th beats?


Which mobile telephone network does Kevin Bacon advertise?


How many theatres would you find on Shaftesbury Avenue?


Which of Shakespeare's comedies is the only one to be set in England?

Merry Wives of Windsor

Who wrote the original book 'War Horse', which inspired the theatrical adaptation by Nick Stafford?

Michael Morpurgo

Which Billy Joel song did Princess Diana dance to at the Royal Opera House in 1986?

Uptown Girl

Which of the following is not the title of an international theatre award?

Bard Award

Instead of clapping their hands, how did Ancient Greek audiences applaud theatre performances?

Stamp their feet

What was Jeremy Renner before becoming an actor?

A Makeup Artist

Which show ran for the longest time on Broadway before the March 2020 lockdown?

The Phantom of the Opera

What is the name of the radio DJ who shares his name with this famous actor pictured?

Chris Evans

The musical 'Miss Saigon' was inspired by which musical by Giacomo Puccini?

Madame Butterfly

Which UK university did actor Thandie Newton attend?


Which actor did Christian Bale take inspiration from for his character in 'American Psycho'?

Tom Cruise

Who broke two toes whilst filming 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' by kicking a helmet?

Viggo Mortensen

Where was actor Daniel Radcliffe born?


What name is given to part of a stage which projects into auditorium?

Thrust Stage

Which makeup brand does Kate Moss say the line 'Get the London Look' in the adverts?


Which sports personality said the catchphrase 'Get some nuts!' on the Snickers adverts?

Mr. T

Where is actor Kenneth Branagh from?


Which Spice Girl is from Leeds?

Mel B

What is the name of this actor, known for his roles in 'Atlanta' and 'Get Out'?

Lakeith Stanfield

Which famous actor is from York?

Judi Dench

Where is actor and comedian Russell Brand from?


Elizabeth Taylor became the first highest paid actor for which movie?


Which line in 'Some Like It Hot' did Marilyn Monroe have to redo 50 times?

It's Me, Sugar

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