Questions: 3
Difficulty: Hard
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Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker fell out when both were starring in which TV show?

Sex and the City Click to see the answer

Dwayne Johnson fell out with which fellow actor while filming 'The Fast and the Furious'?

Vin Diesel

Taylor Swift's song 'Bad Blood' is about her falling out with which singer?

Katy Perry

Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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Nicki Minaj fell out with which fellow American Idol judge?

Mariah Carey Click to see the answer

Singer Brandy duetted with which singer on 'The Boy is Mine' then fell out with her?


Cardi B got into a fight with which other artist at New York Fashion Week in 2018?

Nicki Minaj

Justin Bieber fell out with which actor over texts sent to Miranda Kerr?

Orlando Bloom

Questions: 5
Difficulty: Easy
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Bette Davis was involved in a long-running feud with which other actress?

Joan Crawford Click to see the answer

Lea Michele fell out with Naya Rivera, her co-star on which show?


Paris Hilton fell out with which actress over a former boyfriend?

Lindsay Lohan

Lady Gaga has a long-running feud with which of the Osbourne family member?


Which rapper did Taylor Swift call 'two-faced' after a long running dispute?

Kanye West

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