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Gene Simmons finally married who in 2011?

Shannon Tweed Click to see the answer

Lauren Parsekian married what TV star in 2013?

Aaron Paul

Megan Mullally is married to what 'Parks and Recreation' star?

Nick Offerman

Patricia Arquette married what 'Punisher' star in 2006?

Thomas Jane

What daughter of musician Bob Geldof married Max Drummey in 2008?


Nicole Appleton married what former Oasis frontman in 2008?

Liam Gallagher

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Carla Bruni married what French president in 2008?

Nicolas Sarkozy Click to see the answer

What ex-wife of Jack White served as the maid of honor for his wedding to Karen Elson in 2005?

Meg White

How many times has director Steven Spielberg been married as of 2014?


What 'Step Up' star married his co-star Jenna Dewan in 2009?

Channing Tatum

How many times has actor Tom Hanks been married as of 2014?


Who did actress Anna Faris marry in 2009?

Chris Pratt

What Miramax co-founder and producer married Georgina Chapman in 2007?

Harvey Weinstein

Who did Kate Middleton marry in 2011?

Prince William

Brooke Allen married what 'Two and a Half Men' star in 2008?

Charlie Sheen

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Late night star Jimmy Kimmel dated what comedian before breaking up in 2008?

Sarah Silverman Click to see the answer

What actress was married to Bradley Cooper for just four months between 2006 and 2007?

Bradley Cooper

Rachel Weisz married what James Bond actor in 2011?

Daniel Craig

Actor Jason Momoa married what 'Cosby Show' star in 2007?

Lisa Bonet

Who did Heidi Montag marry in 2009?

Spencer Pratt

What singer married Nick Cannon in 2008?

Mariah Carey

Kaitlin Olson married what 'It's Always Sunny Philadelphia' co-star in 2008?

Rob McElhenney

What musician publicly tried to win back his ex-wife Paula Patton?

Robin Thicke

Kerry Washington's husband Nnamdi Asomugha plays what professional sport?


What former Mrs. Michael Jackson married musician Michael Lockwood in 2006?

Lisa Marie-Presley

Diane Lane married what actor in 2004?

Josh Brolin

Lisa Marie Presley used to be married to what movie star?

Nicolas Cage

Who did Jessica Simpson marry in 2002?

Nick Lachey

What 'SNL' star married 'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss in 2009?

Fred Armisen

Model Dita Von Teese married what shock rocker in 2005?

Marilyn Manson

Kevin Federline married what singer in 2004?

Britney Spears

Maria Shriver used to be married to what action movie star?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What daughter of President George W. Bush married Henry Hager in 2008?


Who became engaged to her ninth husband in 2011 when she said 'Yes' to talent manager Jason Winters?

Elizabeth Taylor

What singer announced his engagement to Tameka Foster while receiving a Spirit Award in 2007?


Adam Shulman married what actress in 2012?

Anne Hathaway

Avril Lavigne married the lead singer of what band in 2013?


Who married Blake Fielder in 2007 four years before her death?

Amy Winehouse

Dresden Dolls singer married what best selling author in 2011?

Neil Gaiman

Who did Donnie Wahlberg marry in 2014?

Jenny McCarthy

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In what year did Katy Perry and Russell Brand officially call it quits?

2012 Click to see the answer

Actress Eva Amurri married Kyle Martino who used to play what professional sport?


Tattoo artist Scott Campbell married what actress in 2013?

Lake Bell

Hugh Dancy married what co-star from the movie 'Evening' in 2009?

Claire Danes

In what year did director Guy Ritchie marry Madonna?


Amy Grant married what country music star in 2000?

Vince Gill

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Actor Oliver Martinez married what actress in 2013?

Halle Berry Click to see the answer

What star of 'The Mexican' met her husband Danny Moder who worked as a cameraman?

Julia Roberts

Sheri Moon is married to what rock star?

Rob Zombie

Model Chrissy Teigen married what Grammy winning musician in 2013?

John Legend

Ingrif Vandebosch married what NASCAR racer in 2006?

Jeff Gordon

Model Jackie Titone married what comedy movie star in 2003?

Adam Sandler

Ali Landry married what TV show host in 2004?

Mario Lopez

Actor Eddie Cibrian married what country singer in 2011?

LeAnn Rimes

Actress Amber Tamblyn married what comedian and actor in 2012?

David Cross

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Actor Omar Epps married Keisha Spivey who was a member of what R&B group?

Total Click to see the answer

Singer Sara Evans married what NFL football star in 2008?

Jay Barker

Who got divorced from Carmen Llywelyn in 2001 and remarried Ceren Alkac in 2008?

Jason Lee

Actress Christine Taylor is married to what comedy movie star?

Ben Stiller

Who became Mrs. Kelsey Grammer and the fourth legal wife of the 'Frasier' and 'Cheers' star in 2011?

Kayte Walsh

How many times has Tommy Lee Jones been married as of 2014?


What rapper married Antonia Carter in 2004?

Lil' Wayne

Renee Zellweger divorced what country singer in 2005?

Kenny Chesney

Oingo Boingo singer and composer Danny Elfman married what actress in 2003?

Bridget Fonda

Musician Tanya Haden married what musician and comedy star in 2006?

Jack Black

Mary Elizabeth Ellis married what 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' co-star?

Charlie Day

What 'Frozen' star married Ida Darvish in 2008?

Josh Gad

True Blood' and 'Dexter' star Courtney Ford married what superhero actor in 2007?

Brandon Routh

Actress Roma Downey married what reality show producer in 2007?

Mark Burnett

Halle Berry married what singer in 2001?

Eric Benet

Drew Barrymore married what comedy star in 2001?

Tom Green

What aging rocker married Penny Lancaster in 2007?

Rod Stewart

Oksana Grigorieva released angry audio recordings of what actor and soon to be former husband in 2010?

Mel Gibson

In what year did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes officially divorce?


Ace Young married what fellow 'American Idol' contestant in 2013?

Diana DeGarmo

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Alexi Ashe married what late night host in 2013?

Seth Meyers Click to see the answer

Brittany Dudchenko is married to what NFL quarterback?

Drew Brees

Bijou Phillips married what 'That 70's Show' star in 2011?

Danny Masterson

What comedian married the daughter of late comedian Robert Schimmel, Jessica, in 2009?

Joe Rogan

Model Brittany McGraw married what 'Jackass' star in 2008?


Tennis star Andy Roddick married what model in 2009?

Brooklyn Decker

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In what year did Kobe and Vanessa Bryant call it quits?

2011 Click to see the answer

Michael Turchin married what singer in 2014?

Lance Bass

Actor Scott Foley used to be married to what actor?

Jennifer Garner

Who did Paul McCartney marry in 2002?

Heather Mills

Morleigh Steinberg married what member of the band U2 in 2002?

The Edge

Tim Robbins split with what actress after their 23-year partnership in 2010?

Susan Sarandon

Jamie Bergman married what 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' cast member in 2001?

David Boreanaz

Director Paul W.S. Anderson married what movie star in 2009?

Milla Jovovich

Who married actress Clare Grant in 2010?

Seth Green

Blake Shelton married what country singer in 2011?

Miranda Lambert

How many times has boxer Mike Tyson been married as of 2014?


What lead singer married Filipino musician Mariqueen Maandig in 2009?

Trent Reznor

Apprentice' star Omarosa Manigault was engaged to what actor in 2012?

Michael Clarke Duncan

Ring' star Rachael Bella married what actor in 2006?

Edward Furlong

White House gatecrashers and reality show stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi divorced in what year?


Abby McGrew married what NFL quarterback in 2009?

Eli Manning

Patricia Southhall married what NFL star in 2000?

Emmett Smith

Shaunie Nelson married what basketball star in 2002?

Shaquille O'Neal

Sadie Frost divorced what movie star in 2003?

Jude Law

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