Christmas Trivia

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A salted variety of which fish is hugely popular in Italy at Christmas?

Cod Click to see the answer

The tradition of decorating with a Christmas crib was introduced by St Francis from which Italian city?


Which Roman location sees three Wise Men arrive on horseback on 6th January each year?

Piazza Navona

Traditionally, Italians light a yule log on Christmas Eve and it burns until when?

1st January

A cannon is fired from which landmark in Rome on the 8th December to mark the start of Christmas?

Castel Sant'Angelo

Italy's largest shopping mall, Westfield, is close to which major city?


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The biggest Christmas tree in the world appears on the slopes above which Italian town?

Gubbio Click to see the answer

In 274 AD, Emperor Aurelian declared that Christmas should be celebrated on which date in December?


What is the witch said to do before leaving the house and your presents?

Sweep the floor

What red item of clothing do people wear on New Year's Eve to bring luck?


At what time does the Pope give the Christmas Day blessing in St Peter's Square?


What does the Befana use to travel around giving children gifts?


What food is said to represent coins, so is eaten on New Year's Eve in Piedmont for luck?


How many times is the dough allowed to rise in the recipe for a traditional panettone?


What was the name of the ancient Roman festival celebrated in December which predates Christmas?


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In which item of clothing does a friendly witch leave gifts for good children?

Stocking Click to see the answer

The witch who leaves presents for good children was too busy doing what to go with the Wise Men to Bethlehem?


Italian children get presents on which date in January, to mark the Wise Men arriving in Bethlehem?


Italian children write letters to who, telling them how much they love and appreciate them?


Who stopped at La Befana's house to ask directions to Bethlehem?

Wise Men

Pandoro is in the shape of a star with how many points?


People dress as which Christmas character and play bagpipes in southern Italy?


Panettone originated in which Italian city?


The 'Calendario Romano' is an Italian tradition featuring people in which profession?


On which date in December do Italians celebrate the feast of Santo Stefano?


What do naughty Italian children get in stockings at Epiphany?


Manarola, famous for its huge annual nativity scene, is in which Italian province?


Italian Christmas celebrations start on Immaculate Conception Day which is what date in December?


Some Italian Catholics still fast from which date in December to the 24th December?


The period of the Novena marks how many days in the run up to Christmas?


Which nuts are used to make traditional Italian nougat?


Which Italian city has a history of making Christmas cribs which dates to the 11th century?


People dressed as shepherds and playing bagpipes usually wear clothes of white and which other color?


Many Italian families have a 'Feast of Seven' what on Christmas Eve?


What time is the traditional mass to mark the start of Christmas?


What instrument is usually played by people dressed as shepherds in the period just before Christmas?


What type of food is traditionally missing from an Italian dinner on Christmas Eve?


Christmas hazelnut cookies called 'Baci di Dama' are from which Italian city?


Pandoro is traditionally shaped like what?


What type of character delivers gifts to Italian children on the night of 5th January?


In parts of Northern Italy, who brings presents instead of the Befana or Santa Claus?

Three Kings

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Difficulty: Medium
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The custom of having a Christmas crib in your home caught on in Italy in which century?

16th Click to see the answer

Which animal accompanies Santa Lucia when she gives out presents in Sicily?


On which date in January do Italians traditionally dismantle their Christmas trees?


Naples is home to the largest Christmas crib scene in the world, with how many different objects?


Italian Christmas song 'Tu scendi dalle stelle' was written in which century?


The Cavalcade of the Magi procession takes place in which Italian city?


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On which date In December is St Nicholas day?

6th Click to see the answer

Saturnalia was the Roman festival for the God of what?


At New Year, people from Naples exchange which fruit?


How many lights are used to create the world's largest Christmas tree in Gubbio?


The classic Italian Christmas movie 'Vacanze di Natale' is set in which resort?

Cortina d'Ampezzo

The Gubbio Christmas tree was first constructed on the hillside in which year?


How many meters high is the world's largest Christmas tree in Gubbio, Umbria?


St Francis of Assisi introduced the crib as a way of telling the Christmas story in which century?


The popular festive dish of il capitone is made from which type of fish?


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Difficulty: Medium
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What drink to children in Sicily leave out for Santa Lucia, along with carrots for the donkey?

Coffee Click to see the answer

How many numbers are there in the traditional Christmas tombola game?


What sound traditionally marks midnight, and the start of Christmas Day?

Church Bells

Which date in the festive season is also known as Saint Sylvester's Day?

31st December

Francis of Assisi was inspired to create a nativity scene after a visit to which town?


Panettone is said to have been invented by a nobleman who fell in love with the daughter of a what?


Panettone originated in Milan in which century?


What type of structure houses the Sassi di Matera nativity scene?


What would you find in a traditional panettone?

Dried fruit

What food do Southern Italian children leave for Santa Lucia's donkey?


What musical instrument is played by the zampognari?


What Christmas related objects are sold on Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples?


In which year was classic Christmas movie 'Vacanze di Natale' released?


What type of nuts are in the Christmas biscuits called 'Baci di Dama'?


Bonfires are often lit in Italy to mark the start of the Christmas season on which date in December?


Which figure is the last traditionally added to the Christmas crib scene on Christmas Eve?


When does the period of Novena end?

Christmas Eve

For children who don't believe in La Befana, on which night does Babbo Natale bring presents?

Christmas Eve

What is the traditional day to put up your Christmas tree in Italy?

8th December

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Which Italian leader started the custom of giving workers an extra month's salary in December?

Mussolini Click to see the answer

The traditional New Year food of cotechino, a pork sausage, comes from which city?


Via San Gregorio Armeno, a street with many makers of traditional wooden nativity scenes, is in which city?


Who sometimes leaves children small presents on the morning of the 8th December?

Virgin Mary

Which Saint do Italian children write letters to on December 6th?


Fried dough balls called struffoli are a Christmas favorite in which city?


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What is the name of the saint who brings children living in Venice and Mantova their presents at Epiphany?

Lucia Click to see the answer

Saturnalia was originally a festival to mark which event?

Winter Solstice

In which Italian city could you see the world's largest crib, with over 600 separate objects?


Which Italian city features an elaborate tree decorated with Swarovski crystals?


The story of the Befana is similar to that of the Babushka from which country?


Which Italian city invented the sweet bread called pandoro?


Children in Sicily leave which items out for Santa Lucia to fill with presents?


What sort of meat is used to make the festive dish of zampone?


The tradition of eating seven fish dishes on Christmas Eve took hold in which other country after extensive Italian immigration?

United States

What color do the leaves turn on the popular Christmas poinsettia plant?


What color of underwear is traditionally worn at New Year?


What Christmas related activity are Bolzano and Trento famous for?


Traditional Italian crib scenes are made from which material?


What traditional game is often played after Christmas dinner?


Where would you go in Rome to see the city's most famous life-sized nativity scene?

St Peter's Square

What pulse is said to represent wealth, and often eaten at New Year?


Some people in Southern Italy get rid of old things before New Year by doing what?

Throwing them from the window

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