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Who did Leon Czolgosz assassinate in the first half of the 20th century?

President McKinley Click to see the answer

Who killed John Lennon?

Mark Chapman

In what year was Gunpowder Plotter Guy Fawkes executed?


Which artist did Valerie Solanas attempt to kill in 1968?

Andy Warhol

For what crime were the Tolpuddle Martyrs convicted?

Taking an illegal oath

In which century was the English jury system founded?


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Who did John Hinckley try to kill in the '80s?

Ronald Reagan Click to see the answer

How old was Lee Harvey Oswald when he allegedly shot JFK?


Which murderer was the first to be caught by the use of ship-to-shore telegraph?

Dr Crippen

In what year was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?


Which TV presenter was Barry George wrongly convicted of murdering?

Jill Dando

Where is the present HQ of Interpol?


In what year was homosexuality decriminalized in the UK?


Where in the US was Vinnie Jones on trial for assault in 2009?

South Dakota

In 1973, which Royal escaped a kidnap attempt in the Mall?

Princess Anne

Which US President was assassinated in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth?

Abraham Lincoln

In which of these countries is the death penalty still used?


In which city did Al Capone establish his criminal organization?


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Who is the most sued man in English legal history?

Ian Hislop Click to see the answer

Which American philosopher wrote The Structure of Scientific Revelations?

Thomas S Kuhn

In 1943, which Hollywood actor was charged with and acquitted of three counts of rape?

Errol Flynn

Who was arrested in Miami in 1969 for allegedly exposing himself on stage?

Jim Morrison

In which century were borstals introduced for punishing young criminals?


Who was the most famous inmate of Reading Gaol in the 19th century?

Oscar Wilde

On what charges was Lord Haw Haw tried at the end of WWII?


In August 2009, what charges was Emmerdale star Lewis Linford cleared of?

Sexual assault

In the UK, what percentage of crimes are committed by men?


Which serial killer led a commune which called itself 'The Family'?

Charles Manson

Thomism is associated with which philosopher?

Thomas Aquinas

Which of these murders hit the newspaper headlines before the others?

John Lennon

How were the notorious Andreas and Ulrike better known in the 1970s?


In which scandal of the 20th century were Bob Haldman and John Ehrlichman involved?


Which country saw its Prime Minister kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in 1978?


In the '70s, whose downfall did the Watergate scandal ultimately bring about?

Richard Nixon

Who was Vice President of the US when the Watergate Scandal was uncovered?

Gerald Ford

Which former Olympic gymnastics champion was convicted of shoplifting in 2002?

Olga Korbut

Which film director's wife was murdered by Charles Manson?

Roman Polanski

Which outlaw's trademark was a homemade metal helmet?

Ned Kelly

Which of these crime headlines of yesteryear appeared in newspapers before the others?

Ruth Ellis Hanged

Which name fits in the gap Jesse ... Hanratty to make two notorious criminals?


Which real-life criminal is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2009 movie 'Public Enemies'?

John Dillinger

Approximately how many Mexicans were arrested in 2006 trying to cross the US border?


At what number house in Rillington Place did murderer John Christie live?


How old was Phil Spector when he was found guilty of murder in 2009?


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In 2008, Ingrid Betancourt was released after being held captive by FARC guerillas for 6 years. Where do FARC operate?

Colombia Click to see the answer

In what year did convicted murderess Ruth Ellis infamously become the last woman to be hanged in Britain?


Who was arrested in public toilets on Hampstead Heath in September 2008 for possession of Classes A and C drugs?

George Michael

Whose unjust hanging eventually caused the British parliament to abolish capital punishment?

Timothy Evans

What name was given to the serial murderer who terrorised the Whitechapel area of London in the late 1880s ?

Jack the Ripper

When O.J.Simpson was convicted of armed robbery in 2008, it was 13 years to the day that he'd been acquitted for what?


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How many people in total died when Karst Tates attempted an attack, in his car, on the Dutch Royal Family in 2009?

6 Click to see the answer

The body of which alleged assassin was exhumed in October 1981, for confirmation of identity?

Lee Harvey Oswald

The last person to be burned at the stake in Britain was Christian Murphy in 1789. What was her crime?

Forging coins

Which country's Prime Minister was shot dead in 1986 whilst walking home from the theater?


Which elder statesman of pop wrote the book 'Inside Information' telling of his time spent in Pentonville?

Hugh Cornwell

Following a 2008 Crimewatch appeal, Paul Hutchinson was charged with a murder that took place how many years previously?


Now generally known as 'Jack the Ripper', how was the mass murderer known at the time of his crimes?

Whitechapel Murderer

What was the surname of Alexander, the former spy who was murdered in London in late 2006?


What profession was Harold Shipman, convicted of 15 murders but probably guilty of about 250?


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Who had planted the bomb found in St.Paul's Cathedral, London in 1913?

Suffragettes Click to see the answer

In the UK, at what age is a male most likely to commit a criminal act?


The Present King of France is Bald is a phrase most associated with which English philosopher?

Peter Strawson

Which diet's creator was murdered in 1980 by a jealous lover ?

Scarsdale Diet

The assassin of which figure was captured at London's Heathrow Airport?

Martin Luther King

In what year were blank shots fired in The Mall during the Trooping of the Color?


Who was assassinated in 1968 by Sirhan Sirhan?

Robert F.Kennedy

What was the notorious Dr.Crippen's first name?


Which terrorist organization murdered Lord Mountbatten in 1979?


What is the most common weapon used in violent crime in England and Wales?


Whose assassination was allegedly committed from the Texas School Book Depository?

John F.Kennedy

Which king founded the jury system for convicting criminals?

Henry II

In the UK, at what age is a female most likely to commit a criminal act?


Which popular figure once spent three months in Pucklechurch Prison for fraud?

Stephen Fry

During Prohibition in the US in the 1920s, what did bootleggers do?

SmUGGle alcohol

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In 2009, 11 members of the notorious Gooch Gang were found guilty of various. Where were they based?

Manchester Click to see the answer

In which city did Radovan Karadzic face trial in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 2008?

The Hague

Which serial killer claimed he was commanded to kill by a demon that possessed his Neighbor's dog?

David Berkowitz

Which group claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Danish Embassy in Pakistan citing a cartoon as the reason?


In March 2009, which country saw a 17 year old shoot dead 15 pupils and teachers at his former school?


In recent years, which criminal activity has been prevalent around the African country of Somalia?


In 2008, which former Olympic champion was sentenced to 4 years for fraud and money laundering?

Tim Montgomery

What's the name of the woman who was held captive by her father for 24 years in a concealed basement in Austria?


With which infamous news story of the 20th century are the names Bernard Barker and Frank Sturgis linked?

Watergate scandal

What's the name of the son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett Majors who was arrested in 2008 on drug charges?

Redmond O'Neal

What nationality is Josef Fritzl, who admitted charges of murder, rape, incest and enslavement in spring 2009 ?


In 2009, who was charged with assault and theft following a fracas with a photographer at Los Angeles airport?

Kanye West

In what year did Jenny Pipes become the last person to be punished with the 'ducking stool'?


What's the name given to the type of murder sometimes carried out within Asian communities in the UK?

Honour killing

In 2009, former England cricketer Chris Lewis was jailed for 13 years for smUGGling which drug in the UK?


Who is the only Vice President to have been forced to resign because of criminal charges?

Spiro Agnew

What's the title of the 2009 film that tells the story of one of Britain's most notorious criminals?


Notorious criminal John Dillinger was trapped and shot by police leaving which of these buildings?


Boy George was released from prison in May 2009 having served how long of his 15 month sentence?

4 months

In 2009, Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was freed from prison and returned to where?


In which decade did Bonnie and Clyde go on the rampage carrying out robberies and murders with abandon?


What nationality were the terrorists that killed 25 Israelis at Lod Airport, Tel Aviv in 1972?


In 2009, which country was still trying to bring to trial the murderers of the 'Apo Six' back in 2005?


Where was Martin Luther King's assassin, James Earl Ray, captured two months after the shooting?


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Marvin Gaye was shot by ...?

His father Click to see the answer

In what year did the Great Train Robbery take place?


Who did Robert Ford most famously shoot?

Jesse James

What did Vicenzo PerUGGia famously steal in 1911?

Mona Lisa

Which actor was sentenced to 3 years in prison for tax violations in 2008?

Wesley Snipes

Which notorious criminal was known as 'Public Enemy No 1'?

John Dillinger

Whose murder immediately preceded the disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1973?

His children's nanny

Which of these words is used of a criminal who gives information to the police?


What was the actual first name of the mobster Bugsy Siegel?


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