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Difficulty: Hard
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In which month of the year is the annual Edinburgh International Festival?

August Click to see the answer

In which English city is the National Football Museum?


Music festival Bestival takes place in which English county?


CWL is the international airport code for which city?


Which island hosts a flower festival each May?


Which English city hosts the annual Jorvik Viking Festival?


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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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The BBC broadcast the first TV pictures in which year?

1929 Click to see the answer

The oldest seaside pier is on which island?

Isle of Wight

Street Parties took place in the UK in 2016 to mark which birthday of the Queen?


What kind of music would you expect to hear at the Glyndebourne Festival?


What would you see at the Goodwood Festival of Speed?


People who take part in the New Year's Day 'Loony Dook' are doing what?


Questions: 9
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Osborne Houe is a former royal residence in which part of the UK?

Isle of Wight Click to see the answer

In which UK city could you visit the Pitt Rivers museum?


Who was appointed UK Culture Secretary in February 2020?

Oliver Dowden

Which town hosts the UK's biggest literary festival every May?


Monty Python's Flying Circus first appeared on TV in which year?


The Bank Holidays Act was introduced in which century?


The Pendle Witches went on trial in which city in the 17th century?


The Bank of England was established in which London street in 1734?

Threadneedle Street

The TRNSMT music festival is held in a park in which city?


Questions: 12
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Which instrument has parts called a chanter, drone and bag?

Bagpipes Click to see the answer

Dydd Santes Dwynwen is a love festival celebrated in which part of the UK?


London Fashion Week takes place twice a week, in September and which other month?


What comes before 'Goodfellow' for an alternative name for Puck, a traditional mischievous sprite?


Which Scottish city hosts a Science Festival each April?


Which of D. H. Lawrence's heroines had a famous lover?

Lady Chatterley

Which book is known to have sold over 1 billion copies?

The Holy Bible

Which dramatist wrote 'Caesar and Cleopatra'?

Christopher Marlowe

The Logical Syntax of Language' is a work by which philosopher?

Rudolf Carnap

Which Italian painter drew early ideas for a helicopter?

Leonardo Da Vinci

With which country do you associate William Shakespeare?


Which troubled fellow poet was the wife of Ted Hughes?

Sylvia Plath

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
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The 'Mona Lisa' is perhaps the world's most famous what?

Painting Click to see the answer

Which renowned scientist wrote A Brief History of Time?

Stephen Hawkings

Talbot Rothwell was a writer on which series of films?

Carry On

Who won the Nobel prize for Literature in the year 1993?

Toni Morrison

How would you best categorize Agatha Christie's books?

Crime thrillers

Who was the subject of Michelangelo's only known bust?


Whose 3rd symphony is known by the nickname 'Eroica'?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Which famous English artist painted Rain Steam and Speed?


Which of D. H. Lawrence's books sold the most copies?

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Who did 'a far, far better thing than I have ever done?

Sydney Carton

Which composer wrote the music for 'West Side Story'?

Leonard Bernstein

Robbie Williams is a former member of which UK boy band?

Take That

From which novel did the character of Big Brother emerge?


As of 2009, how many books make up the 'Twilight' series?


Which artist only used five basic colors in his works?

Piet Mondrian

Questions: 38
Difficulty: Hard
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How many books are there in the 'Harry Potter' series?

Seven Click to see the answer

The book Tom Browns School Days is set in which school?


What nationality by birth was the painter Rene Magritte?


Who wrote the lyrics to the musical 'Starlight Express'?

Richard Stilgoe

In which century did Mary Shelley write 'Frankenstein'?


What is the name of the Black Eyed Pea's female vocalist?


What nationality was the 'Dracula' writer Bram Stoker?


Which of these characters do not appear in The Hobbit?

Frodo Baggins

Which of these is the most-published author of all time?

William Shakespeare

The Logical Foundations of Probability' is a work by which philosopher?

Rudolf Carnap

What is the title of Rudyard Kipling's popular 1896 poem?


In which century was writer J. M. Barrie born?


Which of these characters was created by RD Blackmore?

Lorna Doone

Which of these artists made 'action painting' popular?

Jackson Pollock

Which of these was not one of the famous Three Tenors?

Jose Mourinho

In which country was the artist Ford Madox Brown born?


The Authoritarian Personality' is a work by which philosopher?

Theodor Adorno

Diamonds' was released by which female singer in 2013?


Which of these is not the title of a Tom Sharpe novel?

Decline and Fall

Singer Beyoncé Knowles was born in which year?


How many notes are there in a chromatic scale?


Who began his 1820 poem 'Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!'?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Who replaced Simon Cowell as the 'nasty' X Factor judge?

Gary Barlow

Which of these is the title of a novel by Albert Camus?

The Outsider

Who wrote the children's book 'The Wind in the Willows?

Kenneth Grahame

Whose 9th symphony is known by the nickname 'New World'?

Antonín Dvořák

Mustapha the tailor was the father of which character?


Which composer celebrated his birthday on February 29th?


How many operas make up Wagner's 'Ring Cycle'?


Which of these books was not written by Jeremy Clarkson?

Or Is That Just Me?

Of whom did Charles Dickens have 'Great Expectations'?


How many books did the English author Ian Fleming write?


Philosophy of Modern Music' is a work by which famous philosopher?

Theodor Adorno

Which fictional character visits the land of Lilliput?


How many basic genres are there in literature?


Whose 7th symphony is known by the nickname 'Unfinished?

Franz Schubert

Umbrella was a breakthrough hit for which female singer?


Which Flemish artist painted 'Adoration of the Kings'?


Questions: 6
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What is the name of the small leather pouch or bag worn with a kilt?

Sporran Click to see the answer

UK superstition says it is unlucky to see just one of which bird?


Last Night of the Proms is held in which London venue?

Royal Albert Hall

Which Scottish title is used for someone who owns an estate?


Which English county hosts its own cycling 'Tour de' race in May each year?


Which building hosts the annual 'Last Night of thr Proms' concert?

Royal Albert Hall

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Bog snorkelling is a strange sport invented in which part of the UK?

Wales Click to see the answer

Which group is made up of Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant?

Pet Shop Boys

Which city is known as the 'City of Dreaming Spires'?


Tweed is traditionally produced on which of the Scottish islands?


At which London station could you catch a direct train to Edinburgh?

Kings Cross

Which UK city hosts the biggest Chinese New Year festinal outside Asia?


Who won the 2019 final of 'Strictly Come Dancing'?

Kelvin Fletcher

Port Sunlight was built to house workers in which industry?


Which 70s comedian had the real name John Eric Bartholomew?

Eric Morecambe

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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What would you expect to see at the Royal Highland Show each June?

Agricultural Competition Click to see the answer

What would you expect to see at the annual Chelsea Show each May?


What is the name for the traditional Northern Irish potato pancake?


Guy Fawkes was born in which English city in 1570?


Street Parties were organised in 1977 for which occasion?

Silver Jubilee

It was announced in March 2020 that which comedian was replacing Sandi Toksvig on 'Bake Off'?

Matt Lucas

Plaid Cymru is a political party from which part of the UK?


Castle Howard is a stately home near which city?


Bute House is the official residence of the leader of which part of the UK?


What was the first name of racing driver Campbell, holder of both land and water speed records in the 1960s?


The Met Office has had its HQ in which English city since 2003?


Poitin or potcheen is the name for a spirit distilled illegally in which part of the UK?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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The London tube map in its current design was created in which decade?

1930s Click to see the answer

Street Parties started as 'peace teas' in 1919 to celebrate the end of which conflict?


Roundhay Park in which English city regularly hosts large concerts?


Which football team plays at the Vitality Stadium?


The Royal Regatta on the Thames is held in which town?


What type of 'Connections' are celebrated in an annual February Scottish music festival?


Which monarch announced the royal family was changing its surname from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor?

George V

In which county would you find Leeds Castle?


Which UK city hosts concerts in the Usher Hall?


What is the name of the company which markets itself as the authority on British etiquette?


What is the surname of Lorraine, who appears on morning ITV shows?


In which month of the year could you go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo?


Which UK city has buildings nicknamed the Shard and the Gherkin?


What comes before 'Gardens of Heligan' for a popular Cornish heritage site?


Sylvia Plath was married to which poet?

Ted Hughes

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Medium
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Which of these is a book written by Stieg Larsson?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Click to see the answer

How was Sir Percy Blakeney better known?

Scarlet Pimpernel

Stephen King's first breakthrough book was called?


Who raised the idea of 'stream of consciousness' in his 'Principles of Psychology'?

William James

Where was Shakespeare's 'Merchant' from?


Clark Gable had which job before acting?

Telephone Repairman

Name the artist who painted 'The Scream'?


Which of these singing styles is prevented by law?


Bob Geldof was awarded his knighthood in what year?


Arthur Jefferson is better known as who?

Stan Laurel

Where does Willa Cather set her early pioneer novels?


Which philosopher also studied music under Albert Berg?

Theodor Adorno

Which actor wrote the novel 'The Moon's A Balloon'?

David Niven

What type of thriller does Patricia Cornwell write?


Dumbledore is a character from which series of books?

Harry Potter

Which Jean Rhys novel was inspired by 'Jane Eyre'?

Wide Sargasso Sea

Which poet wrote 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'?

Alfred Tennyson

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of which US Country star?

Billy-Ray Cyrus

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Which of these was a key figure in the Frankfurt School?

Theodor Adorno Click to see the answer

Which of these was a student of Parmenides and defended him religiously?

Zeno of Elea

For which art form is Donatello famous?


Paradise Lost' was penned by which poet?

John Milton

Minima Moralia' is a famous work by which philosopher?

Theodor Adorno

Which philosopher is known for his famous paradoxes?

Zeno of Elea

Which poet's middle name was Wadsworth?


The Brothers Grimm were from which modern country?


In what year was The Da Vinci Code first published?


Justin Bieber dated who from 2010-2013?

Selena Gomez

George Hoy-Booth became famous as whom?

George Formby

In Treasure Island, Ben Gun dreamed about which food?


Who wrote the campus novel 'Lucky Jim'?

Kingsley Amis

What sort of books did Enid Blyton write?


What was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson?

Lewis Carroll

Which portrait is famed for its 'enigmatic smile'?

The Mona Lisa

What is the real name of John le Carre?

David Cornwell

Who wrote the epic poem 'Aurora Leigh'?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What nationality was the composer Bartok?


Who did Graham Greene describe in 'Travels with '?

My Aunt

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle appears in what series of books?

The Tales Of Beatrix Potter

Questions: 46
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Which of these books was not written by Dan Brown?

Labyrinth Click to see the answer

Rihanna is originally from which Caribbean island?


Whose face 'launched a thousand ships'?

Helen of Troy

Which of these is a novel by Anne Brontë?

Agnes Grey

Who wrote the musical 'Blood Brothers'?

Willy Russell

Which great singer died tragically young at just 41?

Kathleen Ferrier

Which 1928 musical features the song 'Tea For Two'?

No, No Nanette

Which Scottish poet wrote of 'Hamnavoe'?

George Mackay Brown

Which philosopher from Holland was executed in a Nazi Concentration Camp?

Titus Brandsma

Which philosopher was born in England in 1588 and died in 1679?

Thomas Hobbes

What instrument did Captain Corelli play?


In Animal Farm, Benjamin was what type of creature?


Adele sang the theme tune to which 'James Bond' film?


Which school of art was founded by Georges Seurat?


Which Irish writer wrote 'Borstal Boy'?

Brendan Behan

Whose 25 Picassos sold at Sotheby's in December 1999?

Gianni Versace

Who is perhaps best remembered for his tragic love affair with his pupil Heloise?

Pierre Abelard

What was the first name of the composer Beethoven?


History of My Misfortunes' is an autobiography by which controversial philosopher?

Pierre Abelard

Who wrote the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea'?

Hans Christian Andersen

Who released the song Poker Face in 2009?

Lady Gaga

Who designed the Glasgow school of Art?

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

How many paintings did Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?


Which philosopher and opponent of Nazism was imprisoned in Dachau in 1942 where he was executed?

Titus Brandsma

Which of these was a book written by James Thurber?

The 13 Clocks

Which philosopher wrote the seminal work Summa Theologiae?

Thomas Aquinas

In what subjects did artist George Stubbs specialize?


Who made a change from riches to rags at midnight?


Who announced, 'Reader, I married him'?

Jane Eyre

Which writer created the character of 'James Bond'?

Ian Fleming

Which politician won the Nobel Prize for literature?

Winston Churchill

Who is the American artist best known for 'Whaam'?

Roy Lichtenstein

Which philosopher is considered the 'father of the dialectic'?

Zeno of Elea

Playwright Tom Stoppard was born in which country?


In literature, what is the opposite of a protagonist?


Who was the Nobel Prizewinner for Literature in 1983?

William Golding

Which great writer died on Valentine's Day in 1975?

P. G. Wodehouse

Amy Winehouse passed away in which year?


Where was the writer Alan Sillitoe from?


Who wrote the novel 'The Color Purple'?

Alice Walker

The song 'Ol' Man River' comes from which musical?

Show Boat

In which film did Lee Marvin sing 'Wand'rin' Star'?

Paint Your Wagon

Who was appointed King Henry VIII's painter in 1536?

Hans Holbein the Younger

Eeyore and Kanga were friends of which famous bear?

Winnie the Pooh

Which of these books was written by William Golding?

Lord of the Flies

Who wrote the novel 'The Witching Hour'?

Anne Rice

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

God Save The Queen' was written as a national anthem in which century?

18th Click to see the answer

Tartan was first mentioned in Scotland in which century?


St Piran, and his black flag with white cross, is associated with which English county?


What is the first name of the title character in 'The Great Gatsby'?


The Eisteddfod is a celebration of which language?


The Bolshoi theatre is an Arts venue in which city?


Which monarch chose the Three Lions motif to symbolise England?

Richard the Lionheart

What is the 'Mary Rose'?

Tudor Warship

Who wrote the play 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?

Oscar Wilde

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

Where is it unlucky to put new shoes, according to British superstition?

Table Click to see the answer

A tall black hat called a 'Het Gymreig' is part of the national dress of which part of the UK?


Which English county is strongly associate with shoemaking?


What was the first name of UK tech and computing pioneer Sinclair?


Which city has been named UK Capital of Culture for 2021?


Summer solstice celebrations take place in June at Stonehenge in which English county?


One of the 2020 European Cities of Culture is Rijeka in which country?


Piers were first built at seaside resorts in which century?


What was the first name of famous film director Kubrick?


Land of my Fathers' is the national song of which part of the UK?


What is the name of the famous 'living history' museum in County Durham?


The annual Eisteddfod is a celebration of the culture of which part of the UK?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

Which part of London hosts a carnival over each August Bank Holiday weekend?

Notting Hill Click to see the answer

St Swithin's Day, said to mark the weather for the next 40 days, is in which month?


Tennessee Williams wrote about a streetcar named what?


In which field of the Arts is the Glyndebourne festival?


In which Spanish city would you find a Guggenheim art museum?


The Glastonbury Festival celebrates which birthday in 2020?


2019 Nobel Literature winner Peter Handke was born in which country?


Etiquette says that it is rude for men to wear which item of clothing indoors?


The British coat of arms features a lion and which other creature?


Brunel's famous SS Great Britain ship is now a museum in which city?


Writer Gabriel García Márquez was from which South American country?


The annual RHS Flower Show takes place in which part of London?


The Nazi's revoked the teaching licence of which philosopher in 1933 causing him to move to England?

Theodor Adorno

In which English county could you visit Alton Towers?


In which year did the BBC launch 'Breakfast Time', the first breakfast TV programme?


Questions: 18
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

What would you expect to see at IWM Duxford?

Aircraft Click to see the answer

In which city could you visit Henry VIII's warship Mary Rose?


Which author wrote the memoir 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'?

Maya Angelou

Chekhov wrote a famous play about what type of orchard?


In which English city is the Museum of Science and Industry?


The Live Aid concerts took place in which month of 1985?


Which mythical creatures does Tam O'Shanter meet in the poem by Robert Burns?


TV channel S4C broadcasts in which language?


What is the national flower of Northern Ireland?


Which UK city hosts an annual Celtic Connections festival each January?


What is the UK's most visited museum?

British Museum

Which sculptor produced 'The Thinker'?


The iconic red London red Routemaster bus entered service in which year?


Which Scottish city got a branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2018?


The Proms classical music festival starts in which month of the year?


Which soap is set in the fictional suburb of Letherbridge?


What is the first name of Mr Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury?


Who wrote A Kind of Loving?

Stan Barstow

Questions: 21
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

Whose third album is called Artpop?

Lady Gaga Click to see the answer

Which Dutch philosopher was beatified by Pop John Paul II in 1985?

Titus Brandsma

Where was Graham Greene's 1938 'Rock'?


You Only Live Once is a book by whom?

Katie Price

Who wrote 'Frankenstein'?

Mary Shelley

Which author created Sherlock Holmes?

Arthur Conan Doyle

Who wrote 'Emma'?

Jane Austen

Which of the following is a Dutch Philosopher?

Titus Brandsma

What is Jay-Z's real name?

Shawn Carter

Jay-Z married which RnB singer in 2008?


Who released the album Born This Way?

Lady Gaga

Who wrote 'The Wasteland'?

T. S. Eliot

Which of the following was made a saint in 1323?

Thomas Aquinas

Which artist painted The Night Watch?


How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?


Where is 'Anna Karenina' set?


Which of the following philosophers was a defender of 'Logical Positivism'?

Rudolf Carnap

Whose latest album is called Bangerz?

Miley Cyrus

Which of these is a seminal 1949 work by Simone de Beauvoir?

The Second Sex

Who wrote 'The Blind Side'?

Michael Lewis

Where in Ireland was James Joyce born?


Questions: 24
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

What was Mark Twain's real name?

Samuel Clemens Click to see the answer

Which comedian famously wore a fez?

Tommy Cooper

Who wrote 'Silence of the Lambs'?

Thomas Harris

Gollum is which type of creature?


Who wrote The Ministry of Fear?

Graham Greene

What is the theme to 8 Mile?

Lose Yourself

Who wrote the stage musical 'Rent'?

Jonathan Larson

Who painted 'Mrs. Chase in Pink'?

William Merritt Chase

What was Britney Spears' first single?

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Which of these was a famous artist?


Who worte 'The Wind in the Willows'?

Kenneth Grahame

What is Miss Marple's first name?


In what year was Mary Poppins written?


How many musketeers were there?


Where was writer Joseph Conrad born?


Who wrote the 'Twilight' series?

Stephenie Meyer

Who told us of 'King Solomon's Mines'?


Who wrote 'The Magus'?

John Fowles

Who wrote 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'?

Beatrix Potter

Which of the following are French?

Pierre Abelard

Who wrote the musical 'Legs Diamond'

Peter Allen

Who wrote the novel 'Mars'?

Ben Bova

What kind of animal is Moby-Dick?


Who wrote 'The Mill on the Floss'?

George Eliot

Questions: 52
Difficulty: Easy
Host Multiplayer Game

Who knew 'Why the Caged Bird Sings'?

Maya Angelou Click to see the answer

Which of these philosophers was a vocal opponent of Nazism?

Titus Brandsma

Who is Tinkerbell in 'Peter Pan'?


Who wrote the novel 'Whisky Galore'?

Compton Mackenzie

Which of the following hail from the kingdom of Naples?

Thomas Aquinas

Who wrote the book 'The Last Song'?

Nicholas Sparks

Who wrote 'Mr Norris Changes Trains'?

Christopher Isherwood

Who won the Booker Prize in 1993?

Roddy Doyle

Where is the Uffizi Gallery?


Who wrote the musical 'Big Deal'?

Bob Fosse

What material was Pinocchio made of?


Who wrote the book Jurassic Park?

Michael Crichton

Who wrote 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

Harper Lee

Who performed the single 'Smile'?

Lily Allen

What is Eminem's real name?

Marshall Mathers

What relation were Hansel and Gretel?


Who wrote 'The House at Pooh Corner'?

A. A. Milne

Who authored 'The Aeneid'?


Which author created Doctor Doolittle?

Hugh Lofting

Who was Sir Galahad's father?

Sir Lancelot

How many books are in the Holy Bible?

Sixty Six

What did The Seven Dwarfs do all day?

Worked in the mines

Which American George was a composer?

George Gershwin

How did artist Vincent Van Gogh die?

Shot himself

Which of the following helped found the 'Phenomenological Movement'?

Edmund Husserl

Where is the Prado Museum?


Who released the album AM in 2013?

Arctic Monkeys

What was Dr. Seuss' real first name?


What subject did Mr Chips teach?


Who wrote 'The Darling Buds Of May'?

H. E. Bates

Which English philosopher became Lord Chancellor in 1618?

Francis Bacon

Who is the author of 'Animal Farm'?

George Orwell

Whitney Houston died in which year?


Who wrote The Hard Life?

Flann O'Brien

Which of the following was born in Japan?

Nishida Kitaro

Who wrote 'Madame Bovary'?

Gustave Flaubert

Which of the following was once a Carmelite Monk?

Titus Brandsma

Which of these did Joseph Heller write?


What color was Moby Dick?


Who composed 'Clair de Lune'?


Who wrote 'Metamorphoses'?


Who wrote Brideshead Revisited?

Evelyn Waugh

What was Nancy Drew's specialty?

Solving mysteries

When did J. R. R. Tolkien die?


Who wrote The Name Of The Rose?

Umberto Eco

Who wrote 'Leaves of Grass'?

Walt Whitman

Which of these is not an Aesop fable?

The Monkey and the Cat

Who painted 'The Rokeby Venus'?


In 'The BFG', what does BFG stand for?

Big Friendly Giant

Which of the following is a term associated with philosopher 'Siddhartha Gautama'?

Eightfold Path

Who were D'Artagnan's friends?

Three Musketeers

Who wrote the 'Just So' stories?

Rudyard Kipling

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