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Who became leader of the Labour Party in April 2020?

Keir Starmer Click to see the answer

What is the first name of prominent UK politician Mr Rees-Mogg?


The remains of Francisco Franco, former leader of which country, were moved and reburied in October 2019?


What type of weather caused serious issues in South Wales and Yorkshire in February 2020?


Which part of Australia was seriously affected by bush fires in early November 2019?

New South Wales

India and which other country both claim the territory of Kashmir?


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Ramadan, a holy month in which religion, started on 23rd April 2020?

Islam Click to see the answer

Which band announced in December 2019 that former member John Frusciante was rejoining?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Leo Varadkar, leader of which country, was involved in Brexit negotiations in October 2019?


Virgin's airline in which country collapsed in April 2020?


Which Italian singer livestreamed a concert from Milan cathedral on Easter Sunday?

Andrea Bocelli

What was the name of Bernie Ecclestone's daughter whose London mansion was burgled in December 2019?


What was the first name of Spanish artist Dali?


Which member of the Royal Family came under pressure over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein?

Prince Andrew

What comes before Ashley in the name of a British brand which went into liquidation in March 2020?


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What was the selling price of the Apple iPhone SE when launched in April 2020?

£419 Click to see the answer

What did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call their first child?


After unrest in Chile, the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference was moved to which European capital?


Which company announced the release of the Stadia gaming system for winter 2019?


At the end of October 2019, the EU agreed to extend Brexit to which month in 2020?


Tata, a company in which sector, approached the government for financial help in April 2020?


What was the name of the UK Labour leader who suffered losses in the 2019 General Election?

Jeremy Corbyn

The Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, arrival point for many immigrants, belongs to which country?


In which year was Presidential hopeful Joe Biden born?


The new 2018 Star Wars movie was announced as the 'Rise of' what?


Where in Asia have there been protests with people gathering with umbrellas?

Hong Kong

Julian Assange was arrested in 2019 after 7 years in an embassy in which city?


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How many astronauts made the first all-woman spacewalk in October 2019?

2 Click to see the answer

In December 2019, scientists announced that they had extracted DNA from which part of a 6000 year old woman?


The government announced plans to deliver supplies to which part of the UK using drones?

Isle of Wight

Which European country's football team had to play behind closed doors after racism?


Singer ASAP Rocky went on trial in whih country in July 2019?


500 year old Shuri Castle in which country caught fire at the end of October 2019?


Protests continued in November 2019 in which part of Asia?

Hong Kong

China celebrated which anniversary of communism in October 2019?


What is the name of Boris Johnson's fiance, who is expecting a baby in early summer?


In December 2019, which country passed a law banning Muslims from a new citizenship process?


The 2019 G20 summit was held in which Asian country?


The final territory of the Islamic State was liberated in which country in 2019?


Which religion celebrated Diwali at the end of October 2019?


Simone Biles broke the world record for number of medals in which sport?


Which rapper said she was retiring to have a family in September 2019?

Nicki Minaj

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Sports bodies enacted legislation in 2020 to stop children doing what when playing football?

Heading Click to see the answer

Which activist wrote novel 'No One Is Too Small To Make a Difference'?

Greta Thunberg

What is the name for the UK government's regular emergency briefing meetings?


The UK announced a general election on which date in December 2019?


What comes after 'Extinction' in the name of the active environmental group?


What is the first name of Mr Sanders, a prospective candidate for the US Presidency?


A bookseller from Hong Kong who was put out of business by China reopened in which state?


2019 champions Liverpool were put out of the 2020 Champion's League by which side?

Atletico Madrid

Which Eastenders character annouced she was leaving for good after 35 years?

Dot Cotton

Which US comedian was injured in a car crash in Los Angeles in September 2019?

Kevin Hart

In 2019, the chairman of which South Korean company was jailed over sabotaging unions?


In December 2019, Boris Johnson assured UK residents that Brexit would happen by the end of which month in 2020?


25 people were killed when a dive boat caught fire in which US state?


What was the name of the US senator from Vermont who won the Nevada caucuses in early 2020 in an attempt to challenge Trump?

Bernie Sanders

US President Donald Trump made his first official visit to which country in February 2020?


In December 2019, Fiat Chrysler announced a merger with which other company?


The 2019 G7 summit was held in which French town?


Forest fires swept through which US state in October 2019?


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Actress Gal Gadot posted a video to Instagram showing her and other celebrities singing which song?

Imagine Click to see the answer

Justin Trudeau was re-elected as Prime Minister of which country in October 2019?


Who became Prime Minister of the UK in July 2019?

Boris Johnson

What is the first name body coach Mr Wicks, who announced free online PE lessons for kids?


Which country experienced its hottest ever day on record in December 2019?


What disaster struck the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in 2019?


Justin Trudeau was re-elected as leader of which country in October 2019?


Creators of Downton Abbey premiered a new show named after which part of London?


Which member of the Royal Family postponed their scheduled May 2020 wedding?

Princess Beatrice

The final of the Rugby World Cup was played in which city?


What model of iPhone did Apple announce in September 2019?


The April 2020 'Big Night In' TV event was broadcast on which channel?


In April 2020, software package Office 365 changed its name to what?

Microsoft 365

In August 2019, Giuseppe Conte resigned as Prime Minister of which country?


A volcano erupted on White Island in which country in December 2019?

New Zealand

A 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit which US city on 22 April 2020?

Los Angeles

Which successful game released an edition called 'New Horizons' in March 2020?

Animal Crossing

Which saint's day was celebrated on 23rd April 2020?


Rumours circulated in April 2020 about the health of which world leader, after surgery complications?

Kim Jong-Un

What is the first name of writer Atwood, who released a new novel in September 2019?


Forbes magazine reported that which rapper was worth $1.3 billion in April 2020?

Kanye West

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What is the surname for Matt, the British Health Secretary?

Hancock Click to see the answer

Who voices Morticia in the 2019 version of 'The Addams Family'?

Charlize Theron

Which islands had flights affected by a sand storm in February 2020?

Canary Islands

The 2019 football World Club Championship was held in which Middle Eastern country?


Nicola Sturgeon is first Minister of which part of the UK?


Which comedian signed a £2 million deal with Netflix for his show 'After Life'?

Ricky Gervais

A court in which country made a ruling over the disputed holy site of Ayodhya?


Which company announced the re-launch of a phone called the SE for the end of April 2020?


The 23rd April 'Big Night In' TV event was a link between Children in Need and which other charity?

Comic Relief

UEFA announced in March 2020 that it was postponing the Euro 2020 competition by how many months?


In which year was climate change protestor Greta Thunberg born?


Robert Mugabe, who died in September 2019, was the former leader of which country?


The Knesset is the parliament in which country?


What is the first name of Wikileaks founder Assange, who fought extradition to the US in 2020?


Justin Trudeau announced that which country was planning to ban single use plastics?


In October 2019, which country's football club Flamengo reached the finals of the Club World Cup?


Which tech company announced plans for the Stadia gaming system in 2019?


Which large travel agent collapsed at the end of September 2019?

Thomas Cook

Leaders of the independence movement in which part of Spain were jailed in October 2019?


Which show came to an end in May 2019 after 73 episodes?

Game of Thrones

Which US First Lady started reading weekly stories to kids online in April 2020?

Michelle Obama

What is the first name of climate change protestor Miss Thunberg?


How many people have fled Venezuela due to the political crisis?

4 million

Which actress was sent to prison over exam grade fraud?

Felicity Huffman

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Which competition show, previously shown on BBC2, made the switch to BBC1 in April 2020?

Great British Sewing Bee Click to see the answer

Which position was Priti Patel given in Boris Johnson's cabinet?

Home Secretary

In October 2019, the EU agreed to push Brexit back to which month of 2020?


Starmer, Nandy and Long-Bailey ran for the leadership of which UK political party?


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, of which country, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for ending a war with Eritrea?


President Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort is in which US state?


Who is the UK's First Secretary of State as well as being Foreign Secretary?

Dominic Raab

What is the name of the much-advertised BBC platform for online learning?


November 2019 saw how many years since the fall of the Berlin Wall?

30 years

What is the name of Meghan Markle's estranged father, who she is involved in a court case with?


The Change 4 space probe was launched by which country to explore the moon?


Which island group was hit by Hurrican Dorian at the start of September 2019?


Which games console announced the release of a new model called the Series X?


In which US city did Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder in February 2020?

Las Vegas

Which tech company launched a video conferencing tool called Messenger Rooms?


What comes after 'Sussex' in the branding that Harry and Meghan agreed to stop using?


Which singer appears in the 2019 movie 'Cats' as Rum Tum Tugger?

Jason Derulo

Which singer recorded 'No Time to Die' the theme song to the latest Bond movie?

Billie Eilish

French citizens protested against reforms to what in December 2019?


An April 2020 Instagram craze featured which former US President holding album covers?

Bill Clinton

Which country won the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

South Africa

Which TV series hit cinema screens in September 2019?

Downton Abbey

Who is Rita Wilson's film star husband, who she was hospitalised with in March 2020?

Tom Hanks

Which country hosts the rugby world cup in 2019?


The price of which commodity slipped into the negative in the US in April 2020?


England beat which country to reach the final of the Rugby World Cup in October 2019?

New Zealand

What item of clothing was banned by authorities in Hong Kong to curb protests?

Face Masks

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Hurricane Dorian wreaked devastation on which country in September 2019?

Bahamas Click to see the answer

Which European city hosted the December 2019 climate talks?


What comes before 'immunity' in a much-discussed strategy to beat virus and disease?


Which tennis player made a come-back after hip surgery in October 2019?

Andy Murray

KSI fought which other YouTube star in a professional boxing match?

Logan Paul

Russian hoaxers allegedly tricked Prince Harry into thinking he was talking to which public figure?

Greta Thunberg

Sony celebrated how many years of the Walkman in September 2019?


Which country started commercial whaling again after a 33 year ban?


Troops from which country invaded north east Syria in October 2019?


The Coachella festival in which country was postponed to October 2020?

United States

Which country was banned from the 2020 Olympics by the world anti-doping agency?


Which country hosts the Rugby World Cup in October and November 2019?


Which actor announced the birth of his third baby in December 2019 with his wife Blake Lively?

Ryan Reynolds

Peter Handke, winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature, is from which country?


Protesters in Hong Kong were banned from wearing which items in October 2019?

Face Masks

A 2020 WhatsApp phishing scam promised free beer from which brand?


Which company revealed its new 'Defender' model in September 2019?

Land Rover

Students in which location boycotted the first day of school as part of wider protests?

Hong Kong

Wildfires in which part of the world caused huge concern in August 2019?


The last VW Beetle rolled off the production line in which country in summer 2019?


Who had a US No 1 hit with 'All I Want for Christmas' in 2019, 25 years after the original release?

Mariah Carey

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved from Vancouver Island to which US city?

Los Angeles

Raymond van Barneveld announced his retirement from which sport in December 2019?


The US celebrates Labor Day on the first of which day in September?


In March 2020 a video emerged showing a phone call between Kanye West and which female singer?

Taylor Swift

What is the name of the Jewish festival which coincided with Easter in 2020?


Who is the first woman to hold the position of US speaker of the house?

Nancy Pelosi

Which TV series announced a new reunion event after 15 years?


Ric Ocasek, lead singer of which band died in September 2019?

The Cars

Which country held its fourth general election in four years in November 2019?


What is the middle name of US President Donald J Trump?


Duncan Laurence, representing which country, won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?


Which US comedian was involved in a serious car crash in September 2019?

Kevin Hart

At the end of 2019, the US Congress started what type of proceedings against President Trump?


The last ever VW Beetle rolled off the production line in which country in July 2019?


It was announced that which actress would be playing Margaret Thatcher in 'The Crown'?

Gillian Anderson

Stadia is the new games console from which tech brand?


Autumn Phillips, who announced her divorce in February 2020, is married to which of the Queen's grandchildren?


Which country hosted the women's World Cup football in 2019?


Lunar probe Chandrayaan-2, launched by which country, crashed in September 2019?


Telecoms company Huawei is based in which country?


Muhammadu Buhari was elected leader of which country in 2019?


Serious bushfires affected which country in November 2019?


Typhoon Hagibis hit which country in 2019, disrupting rugby World Cup matches?


Which British comedian appeared on TV in April 2020 for the first time in 2 years?

Peter Kay

Which company's aircraft were grounded in 2019 over safety concerns?


Bernie Ecclestone announced he was to be a father again at what age?


The Krakatoa volcano in which country erupted in April 2020?


2020 TV show 'Quiz' was about alleged cheating on which gameshow?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Emperor Akihito of which country abdicated in 2019?


The Ebola infection primarily affects which continent?


Leo Varadkar, leader of which country, announced in April 2020 that he was going to work one day a week as a doctor?


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What nationality is Malala Yousafzai, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Pakistani Click to see the answer

Which newspaper was bought by a former KGB spy for £1 in 2009?

London Evening Standard

Which position does Rishi Sunak hold in Boris Johnson's cabinet?


Donald Trump was caught up in controversy over a phone call to the leader of which country?


As at August 2015, how many registered users did Twitter have?

500 million

What year was the U.S. Embassy in Beirut bombed?


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President Carter signed legislation creating the US Department of what in 1977?

Energy Click to see the answer

Which country won the 2019 FIFA women's world cup?

United States

Who was the star of March 2020 Netflix hit 'Spenser Confidential'?

Mark Wahlberg

Taoiseach is the name given to the head of the government of which country?

Republic of Ireland

Who won Time Person of the Year for 2013?

Pope Francis

Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to run a marathon in less than 2 hours in which city in October 2019?


Alphabet Inc was created as a holding company by which brand in 2015?


Filming began on movie 'The Batman' in which UK city in February 2020?


Sanna Martin became the world's youngest leader as Prime Minister of which country?


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Who won the 93rd Miss America contest in September 2013?

Nina Davuluri Click to see the answer

In which month of 2015 was the first large earthquake in Nepal?


What was the name of the paper the UK government published about Brexit?


What was the name of the UK regional airline which collapsed at the beginning of March 2020?


What is the name of the British online national school, announced in April 2020

Oak National Academy

Which celebrity chef faced claims of racial discrimination in 2013?

Paula Deen

A-Shabab carried out a terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in which country?


President Jair Bolsonaro of which country was accused of political interference?


Which newspaper most infamously and controversially blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough Disaster?

The Sun

Whose term as Iranian President ended in 2013?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Who was elected Chairman of the Republican Governors Association in November 2013?

Chris Christie

What is the name of the March Indian festival of color?


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The first all-female spacewalk was undertaken by astronauts from which country?

United States Click to see the answer

Referring to a 2008 divorce case, who ran the headline 'Mucca Chucksa Cuppa Water Over Macca's Lawyer Shacka'?

The Sun

Which retailer, famous for its florals, went into administration in April 2002?

Cath Kidston

In July 2015, which was the first western country to miss an International Monetary Fund payment?


The 2020 Crufts Dog Show was held in which British city?


As of December 2013, how many U.S. states have legalized same-sex marriage?


Which Real Housewives of New Jersey star was charged with fraud in 2013?

Teresa Giudice

Season 2 of 'After Life', written by which comedian, premiered on Netflix in April 2020?

Ricky Gervais

The Queen of which country abdicated in favor of her son Willem-Alexander, in 2013?


Who became the United States Secretary of the Treasury in February 2013?

Jack Lew

British farmers flew over workers from which country to help pick fruit in April 2020?


Before standing for the US presidency in 2012 for which US state was Mitt Romney a governor?


Which of these is the name of the weekly current affairs magazine?

New Statesman

What is the surname of Patrick, judge on the 'Great British Sewing Bee' which started in April 2020?


Facebook floated on the stock market in which year?


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In June 2013, the north of which country suffered terrible floods?

India Click to see the answer

Which singer was sentenced to prison for tax evasion in May 2013?

Lauryn Hill

Michelle Mone, who said she was in talks to join Dragons Den, made her money in which industry?


Norh Korean leader Kim Jong-Un went to school in which country?


In which country is the Rana Plaza which collapsed in 2013?


Which of these people did NOT feature prominently in the sports pages of the newspapers in 2008?

Simon Cowell

Instagram announced in December 2019 that it was banning adverts for which product on its platform?

Vaping Products

In which state was there a prisoner hunger strike in July 2013?


What did Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley decide to tax in April 2013?


Which rocker headed up the 'Jersey 4 Jersey' benefit concert in April 2020?

Bruce Springsteen

Debris from the missing Malaysian flight was found in August 2015 on which island?


Which Islamic group responsibility for the attacks on the Westgate shopping center in Kenya in 2013?


Until 2013 Beatrix was Queen of which country?


Michael O'Leary is the public face of which airline?


What is the name of the type of Islamic law implemented by the Taliban?


George Washington left America's shores only once. Where did he go?


What is the name of the man who helped victims of the Boston Marathon bombing?

Carlos Arredondo

Which newspaper gleefully published the leaked expenses of 13 cabinet ministers in 2009?


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Why was London Mayor Boris Johnson sacked from the Times newspaper in 1988?

Falsifying a quote Click to see the answer

Russia and Ukraine are involved in a dispute over which region?


What is the name of the Japanese Emperor?


The annual 'Earth Day' celebrated which anniversary in April 2020?


As of August 2015, how many Facebook accounts were there?

1.8 billion

Which marathon was interrupted by a bombing in 2013?


In which region of the world does Hamas operate?

Middle East

In what country are terrorist group Al-Shabab based?


Tourists were last allowed to climb which Australian landmark in October 2019?


The offices of which French satirical magazine were attacked in January 2015?

Charlie Hebdo

The Bank of England issued a new note of which denomination in February 2020?


Which US state was hit by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in April 2020?


In which state is there a wildfire in June 2013?


The King of which country gave a rare TV interview on his 75th birthday?


Tourists were banned from climbing which landmark at the end of October 2019?


What's the name of the somewhat right-of-center journalist who has written for The Sun and the Daily Mail?

Richard Littlejohn

During which month of 2014 did the World Cup start in Brazil?


Al-Qaeda was founded in which decade?


The Rim Fire occurred in August 2013 near which national park?


The BP oil rig 'Deepwater Horizon' caused an oil spill in which body of water?

Gulf Of Mexico

Five year old leukemia sufferer Miles Scott dressed up as which superhero for the day in 2013?


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Which social media channel banned political advertising at the end of October 2019?

Twitter Click to see the answer

Which newspaper comic strip celebrated its 30th birthday in 2008?


What is the first name of US judge Bader Ginsberg, who spoke out about abortion legislation?


How many tons of jelly beans did the White House buy during Ronald Reagan's Presidency?

12 tons

Which rapper announced he would be releasing a new track through the Fortnite game in April 2020?

Travis Scott

What was the most popular game on Facebook in 2013?

Candy Crush

What was the name of the typhoon which devastated the Philippines in November 2013?


In December 2019, footballer Mesut Ozil spoke out about treatment of Muslims in which country?


Which celebrity, who died too young in 2009, was once the subject of the headline 'Vote out the Pig'?

Jade Goody

Juan Guaido's supporters declared Nicolas Maduro the illegitimate leader of which country in 2019?


Before standing for the US presidency in 2008 for which US state was Hillary Clinton a senator?

New York

What's the name of the satirical news magazine edited by Ian Hislop?

Private Eye

Which newspaper runs the celebrity news and gossip column 'Bizarre'?

The Sun

Which newspaper journalist was described by The Guardian as 'the stupid person's Jeremy Clarkson'?

Richard Littlejohn

At which airport did a Boeing 777 crash land in July 2013?

San Francisco International

What was first published in The Times on February 1st 1930?


In May 2020, the first bank holiday has been moved to which day of the week?


Which former Mayor of New Orleans was indicted of fraud in January 2013?

Ray Nagin

Which of these daily papers is part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation?


Which prince was photographed with rainbow hands to celebrate his birthday in April 2020?


Sarah Palin ran for which position in 2008?


Which large American company had its emails hacked in November 2014?


What did the Daily Universal register become in 1788?

The Times

At the end of 2019, how many seats were up for grabs in the UK General Election?


Questions: 27
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The United States released a new bill to the value of how much?

$100 Click to see the answer

What is the first name of the wife of UK Prime Minister David Cameron?


What U.S. Vice President and President was not elected to either office?

Gerald Ford

Which politician held an eleven hour filibuster to block the bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Wendy Davis

Performing a 'wheelie' on a motorcycle became illegal in 2013 in which state?


American Airlines flight 77, headed for Washington on 9/11 was crashed into a field in which state?


Which newspaper was behind the memorable headlines 'Gotcha!' and 'Up yours, Delors!'?

The Sun

The El Popo volcano in which country erupted in February 2020?


Which rocker is charged with trying to hire a hit man in May 2013?

Tim Lambesis

In 2019, Ryan's World was the highest earning account on which social media channel?


Which newspaper did Conrad Black, convicted on charges of fraud in 2007, used to own?

Daily Telegraph

In which year was the Amazon Alexa first released?


Portia Simpson-Miller became Prime Minister of which country in 2012?


Which soccer player led a walk-off in a game for AC Milan due to being subject to racist chanting?

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Whose book Inside NO 10 described Harold Wilson's Downing Street years?

Marcia Falkender

In which country is Kiss Nightclub, which suffered a fire in January 2013?


These men were all in the news in 2009 but which one of them made the headlines by winning the London Marathon?

Samuel Wanjiru

The White House is on which Washington DC street?

Pennsylvania Ave.

Which newspaper appeared in Britain in October 1996?


What is the name of Boris Johnson's partner, with whom he is expecting a baby in the summer?


Which politician in 2013 said 'they were asking for their voices to be heard. The results speak for themselves'?

Wendy Davis

Microsoft bought which company's mobile device division in September 2013?


Which group's name translates as 'The Base'?


Which acting Tom announced that he would be taking the lead role in a 2020 movie about Al Capone?


At the end of 2019, what item of clothing from Kyrgyzstan was added to the UNESCO heritage list?


Which actress was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2013?

Valerie Harper

What well-known American woman's maiden name was Elizabeth Anne Bloomer?

Betty Ford

Questions: 35
Difficulty: Medium
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Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Forces in which year?

2011 Click to see the answer

Who wrote The Times obituary for Valentine Fleming, father of James Bond creator Ian?

Winston Churchill

In which year did Bashar Al-Assad become President of Syria?


On which date of 2009 did the headline 'Alan Shearer to be Newcastle Utd boss' appear in newspapers?

1 Apr 2013

Boris Johnson appointed Rishi Sunak to which Cabinet position in February 2020?


An aircraft belonging to which airline was deliberately crashed in the Alps in January 2015?


Which of these noteworthy people are you most likely to read about in the film section of the newspaper?

Danny Glicker

A study in 2013 by Harvard University showed that fluoride in water supply affected what?


The Biebrza National Park in which European country suffered wildfires in April 2020?


Who was the first DJ to be heard on Radio 1?

Tony Blackburn

Hassan Rouhani became President of which country in 2013?


In April 2015, the WHO stated that which illness had been eradicated from the Americas?


A scandal in 2013 involved which kind of meat?


The 2014 Winter Olympics were held in which country?


In April 2020, Katy Perry announced she was having a baby girl with which famous actor?

Orlando Bloom

Livia Giuggioli announced her split from which British actor in December 2019?

Colin Firth

Condoleeza Rice was Secretary of State under which US President?

George W Bush

Dan Quayle was Senator for which state when he was chosen as George Bush's Vice President?


Meghan Markle sued newspapers over letters sent to which relative?


When he died in 2007, Bill Deedes was the only man to have edited a daily newspaper and also to have been what?

Cabinet member

Francois Hollande, victor in the 2012 French Presidential elections, represents which party?


Which large electricals retailer issued a recall over machines going on fire?


What is the name of Spencer Matthew's model wife, with whom he announced he is expecting his second child?


What U.S. vice President was once wanted for murder in New Jersey?

Aaron Burr

In December 2019, Former President Pervez Musharraf, of which country, was sentenced for treason?


Who was the British Prime Minister when John F Kennedy first became President of the USA?

Harold McMillian

Which member of Gordon Brown's Cabinet was formerly a journalist with The Independent newspaper?

Yvette Cooper

What year was the Pan Am Flight 103 bombed?


What was the name of the 'Speedo' walker who raised £300,000 walking from Land's End to John O'Groats?


Which country marked Anzac Day on 25th April 2020?


How many 'points for peace' did President Wilson announce in 1918?


Which British comedian changed his name by deed poll to Hugo Boss?

Joe Lycett

Which Hollywood actor went viral by offering cocktail making classes online?

Stanley Tucci

Where did Rene Levesque come to power in the 1970s?


When was Bill Clinton first inaugurated as US President?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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Who was the defeated Presidential candidate in the 1900 US election?

William Jennings Bryan Click to see the answer

Approximately what percentage of all the water on Earth is fresh water?


The USS Cole was moored in which country when attacked by Al-Qaeda in 2000?


Arthur Flegenheimer became notorious under which name?

Dutch Schulz

Can we talk?' is a catchphrase associated with which of these?

Joan Rivers

With which branch of science is Georg Ohm associated?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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Famous for 'spin', what's the first name of the Tony Blair's former press secretary Mr.Campbell?

Alastair Click to see the answer

Who was named 2015's most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine?

Angela Merkel

Associated with King Arthur, Tintagel Castle is in which UK county?


What is the King of Spain's wife called?


British World War II hero Guy and film star Mel share which surname?


Fingal O'Flaherty Wills is better known as whom?

Oscar Wilde

With which country does Denmark share a border?


Yves Saint Laurent died in 2008. In which capacity is he best remembered?

Fashion designer

Abyssinia is the former name of which country?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

Emma Forbes is the daughter of which actress?

Nanette Newman Click to see the answer

Alphonso d'Abruzzo changed his name to become famous as...

Alan Alda

With which of the arts do you associate Lesley Garrett and Jose Carreras?

Classical music

William Henry Pratt is the real name of which horror film actor?

Boris Karloff

Abertawe is the Welsh name for which city?


The iPhone 6 was released in which month of 2014?


As what did prisoner Robert Stroud come to be known?

The Birdman of Alcatraz

Britain's most northerly town, Lerwick, is in which island group?

Shetland Islands

Which city is the de facto capital of the European Union?


Boy George and Eddie Murphy were both born in which year?


Al Pacino, David Frost and Francis Ford Coppola were all born in the same year - which one?


Who was the last foreign secretary to serve in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet, an MP who also contested the leadership after her resignation?

Douglas Hurd

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
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Also in the news for other reasons in 2008, who won the Music Radio Personality of the Year title at the Sony Awards?

Jonathan Ross Click to see the answer

With which type of music do you associate Duke Ellington?


A dog breeder, what else did Jack Russell do?


Can you remember what Mnemosyne personified in Greek mythology?


About which politician did spin doctor Alastair Campbell say 'She does turn my stomach'?

Clare Short

The Westgate Mall in Nairobi was hit by a terrorist attack in which year?


According to Revelation 13, what is the number of the beast?


With which of the arts do you associate Beethoven?

Classical Music

Camp David, the country retreat of US Presidents, is in which state?


Apart from fraud, with which of these subjects was Sir Allen Stanford in the news about in 2008-09?


According to Plutarch, who was conceived when Zeus threw a thunderbolt at Olympia's uterus?

Alexander the Great

Which country became the 19th in the Eurozone on 1 January 2015?


Which became the first country to legalise euthanasia in 2014?


Actor Oliver Reed died during the making of which film?


Why did the Queen have to cut short her 1974 tour of Australia?

Snap General Election

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Difficulty: Hard
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President Dwight Eisenhower's middle name was what?

David Click to see the answer

What Las Vegas hotel caught on fire in November of 1980?

MGM Grand

According to the New Testament, how many pieces of silver did Judas earn for betraying Jesus?


Anschluss is the name given to Hitler's annexation of what country?


Wiltshire does NOT share a border with which of these counties?


Before he became emperor of Ethiopia, what was Haile Selassie's name?

Ras Tafari

Antwerp in Belgium is a center for trading what precious gemstones?


Bob Hope, John Huston, Ryan O'Neal and Bo Diddley all once had which job?


Etan Patz was the first missing child featured on what medium?

Milk carton

Who took over as President of Romania after Ceausescu was executed?

Ion Iliescu

At which London address was the Queen born?

17 Bruton Street

During World War Two, soldiers were warned that 'loose lips...' what?

Sink Ships

Built in 1119, Leeds Castle is in which county?


Ellen Church achieved which of these 'firsts'?

Air hostess

According to Alastair Campbell's diaries, which Labour politician once threw a punch at him?

Peter Mandelson

Which company in the world made the most profit in 2014?


A griffin is a monster with the body, tail and hind legs of which animal?


With what type of TV programme would you associate presenters Bear Grylls and Ray Mears?


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Florence Nightingale Graham became famous under which name?

Elizabeth Arden Click to see the answer

Following Watergate, under which alias did FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt live for 30 years?

Deep Throat

Okba Ibn Nafaa Brigade is a branch of Al-Quaeda in which part of the world?

North Africa

By what name was Albert de Salvo known?

Boston Strangler

Bob Fitzsimmons, world boxing champion, had what middle name?


Britain fought two 19th century wars with China over trade in what item?


According to conspiracy theorists, what city's 'gnomes'' control the world economy?'


There was a military coup in which Asian country in May 2014?


After a speech by Churchill, Battle of Britain pilots were called what?

The Few

Benjamin Hirsch, who created the chocolate-covered banana, also invented what chelonian product in 1941?

Turtle Wax

As what did Allan Pinkerton become known in the 19th and 20th centuries?

Private detective

Bill Gates became the youngest-ever self-made American billionaire in 1987. How old was he?


As you might guess from the name, who was the insurance company GEICO originally designed to serve?

Government employees

What was the destination of Malaysian Flight 370 when it disappeared in 2014?


A red and white rose was the symbol of which royal house?


With which type of music do you associate Glenn Miller?

Big bands

President Herbert Hoover's middle name was what?


Who was Greece's first socialist Prime Minister?

George Papandreou

During World War II, what was 'ack-ack'?

Anti-aircraft fire

Bakewell and Chesterfield are towns in which county?


Apart from giving his name to a breed of dog, what did Jack Russell do?


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Albert Einstein never wore which item of clothing if he could avoid it?

Socks Click to see the answer

Before David killed Goliath and then became king, what job did he do?


Approximately what % of the Earth's surface is covered by water?


As in the lyrics of the song 'Mrs Robinson', who was 'Joltin' Joe'?

Joe DiMaggio

Ecclesiology is the study of which buildings?


What equipment purchased by sixth President John Quincy Adams sparked accusations that he was installing 'gaming furniture' in the White House?

A chess set and a billiard table

Which Secretary of State under Truman helped formulate the Marshall Plan?

Dean Acheson

With which war are poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon particularly associated?

World War I

At what Manhattan store can you try the piano dancing you saw Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia doing in 'Big''?'

FAO Schwarz

A phrase for an average, ordinary English person is 'The man on...'' what?'

...the Clapham omnibus

Which became the first country to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote in May 2015?


A 7th century Anglo-Saxon ship-burial was found in 1939 at what estate?

Sutton Hoo

Fletcher Christian's mutiny took place on which ship?


According to the popular saying, there's 'no fool like an...'' what?'

Old fool

With which country would you associate Imelda Marcos?


Actor Ben Affleck excels at which game?


Fisherman's Wharf, Dogpatch and The Castro are areas in which city?

San Francisco

Best known for portraying Sherlock Holmes, in which country was actor Basil Rathbone born?

South Africa

Camilla and Charles' wedding was delayed so he could attend whose funeral?

Pope John Paul II

With which style of music was the 20th century singer Waylon Jennings particularly associated?


Camilla Parker-Bowles is the Duchess of where?


Republican nominee for the US presidency in 2012, Mitt Romney, is a devout follower of which religion?


A White House question. What shape are the president's office, the Blue Room and the Diplomatic Reception Room?


Which network was created by Odeo in 2006?


Bill Gates founded which computer corporation?


Under how many US Presidents did FBI director J Edgar Hoover serve?


Who assassinated President McKinley?

Leon Czolgosz

Aneto is the highest mountain in which European range?


Antonia Davies married which celebrity?

Johnny Vaughan

Beatrix became queen of which country in 1980?


Who became President of Israel in 2009?

Benjamin Netanyahu

Born in 1671, who was Robert Macgregor better known as?

Rob Roy

Whose tombstone has the inscription 'I told you I was ill'?

Spike Milligan

What was Ronald Reagan's last movie?

The Killers

A woman called Anna Anderson claimed to be Anastasia, the daughter of who?

Tsar Nicholas II

A dragon features on the flag of which of these countries?


Artist George Stubbs, was famous for painting which animals?


Also the name of an easy listening singer, who was the former head of the TGWU trade union, who died aged 96 in 2009?

Jack Jones

Britain replaced its Polaris nuclear arsenal with what missile system?


At the 2001 election, which party put forward the policy of 'Free university tuition to all students called Grant'?

Monster Raving Loony

The government of which country is known as the Knesset?


At the Battle of Trafalgar, Horatio Nelson died on board what ship?

HMS Victory

With which particular area of medicine is Lord Robert Winston concerned?


By what name is Robert Stroud best remembered?

Birdman Of Alcatraz

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