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How many trophies did Manchester United win in 1950?

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Elvis Presley first went into a recording studio in which city in 1954?


General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla headed up a coup in which south American country in 1953?


Hosts Brazil lost to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup final in which city?

Rio de Janeiro

Between 1950 and 1953 the US was involved in a war in which Asian country?


Doctors in Boston, USA, first successfully transplanted which human organ in March 1954?


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Between 1936 and 1975, Francisco Franco was the leader of which country?

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César's only hat-trick during the 1950-51 season made up 3 of the how many goals he scored against Real Sociedad in the first game of the season?


How many entries were there for the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?


Barcelona won which trophy in 1950-51?

Copa del Rey

Greece and Turkey were fighting over which Mediterranean island throughout the 1950s?


A textile brand called 'Marimekko' was set up in which country in 1951?


A pact between Communist Bloc countries was signed in which city in 1955?


83 people were killed at the Le Mans 24 Hour race in which country in 1955?


Hattori Takushiro planned a coup in which country in October 1952?


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Dubbed 'the crime of the century'' the 1950 Brinks Bank Robbery took place in which city?

Boston Click to see the answer

How many games did Liverpool go unbeaten at Anfield at the start of the 1950-51 league season?


How many games did Liverpool win at Anfield against Manchester City in the 1950s?


Grace Kelly married the Prince of which country in 1956?


Former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron, died at which age in 1952?


Based on a popular novel, what was the first live-action Disney movie in 1950?

Treasure Island

how many hat-tricks did Basora score for Barca during La Liga 1950-51?


Alan Turing was a famous name in which field in the 1950s?


How many games did Liverpool win at Anfield against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1950s?


Canadian scientists in 1950 developed a pacemaker to regulate which major organ?


Edmund Hillary, first person to climb Mount Everest, was from which country?

New Zealand

Gigi' was a 1959 Oscar winning movie set in which city?


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Einar Gerhardsen was elected Prime Minister of which country in 1955?

Norway Click to see the answer

Garuda was founded in which country in 1950 as the national airline?


At the start of the 1950-51 how many Barcelona were aged 30?


After a lengthy career, Joe DiMaggio retired from which sport in 1951?


How many trophies did Barcelona win in 1950-51?


Ava Gardner married which famous actor and singer in 1951?

Frank Sinatra

A 1951 amendment to the US constitution limited Presidents to serving how many terms?


17 year old Pele made his debut for which country in the 1958 World Cup?


French forces were involved in conflict in 1951 near Hanoi in which country?


A 1956 Elvis hit was about which color of suede shoes?


Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted of spying for which country in 1951?


Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean became infamous for doing what in 1951?


Formed in the 1950s, against what does CND campaign?

Nuclear weapons

How many teams competed in Formula 1's debut season in 1950?


1952 saw which drink come off ration in the UK?


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Elizabeth Taylor's 1951 marriage to Conrad Hilton lasted for how many months?

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A 1955 coup in which country overthrew its leader, General Peron?


Before 1950 forecasters were discouraged, sometime banned from using which word?


Eritrea joined a federation with which Neighboring company in 1950?


Civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King organised bus boycotts in which US state in 1956?


Elizabeth II became queen in the UK in 1952 after the death of which relation?


During the Korean War, an estimated how many US troops were killed?


General Douglas Macarthur led the forces of which country in the Korean War?

United States

During the 1950s, what type of golden animal was a prize at the Berlin Film Festival?


How many Samurai were there in the title of the 1954 movie by Akira Kurosawa?


Anti-apartheid demonstrations drew crowds in 1952 in which country?

South Africa

A canal linking the Rhine river to which city opened in 1952?


Christopher Cockerell came up with which method of transport in 1956?


Gary Sobers was a famous name in which sport in the 1950s?


How many goals did César score in all competitions during 1950-51?


How many FA Cup Finals did the Reds appear in during the 1950's?


Elvis was drafted into the US Army in 1958 and sent to which country?

West Germany

How many games did Liverpool win away at Manchester City in the 1950s?


how many hat-tricks did César score during 1950-51?


How many games did Liverpool win at Anfield against Sunderland in the 1950s?


How many points did Liverpool earn against Everton in the 1950-51 league season?


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In which country did Achiel van Acker form a government in 1954?

Belgium Click to see the answer

How many years had fuel been rationed when the system came to the end in 1950?

11 years

Jonas Salk made a breakthrough with a vaccine for which disease in 1953?


In 1950, which of these became the first independent credit card company in the world?

Diners Club

Joanne Woodward married which famous Hollywood actor in 1958?

Paul Newman

Invented by Frank McNamara way back in 1950, what was the first ever credit card?

Diner's Club

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In the 1950s, you could store money for a bus ride or phone call in what item you wore?

Penny Loafers Click to see the answer

In which round were Liverpool knocked out of the FA Cup in 1950-51?


Juan Manuel Fangio was a superstar in which sport in the 1950s?

Formula One

In 1957, the first link was made between smoking and which type of cancer?


In which city were Manchester United players involved in an air crash in 1958?


In which decade did sci-fi writer L.Ron Hubbard first formulate the religion of Scientology?


In 1950-1951, Real Madrid narrowly avoided relegation to Segunda División by how many points?


In 1950 an 'american fighting-man' won the Time's Man of the Year for fighting which war?

Korean War

In 1950s America, the phrase 'better dead than red' referred to which group of people?


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In 1950 James Dean featured in a commercial for which soft drinks brand?

Pepsi Click to see the answer

Josef Stalin, former leader of which country, died in 1953?


In 1950 President Truman approved the construction of what type of bomb?

Hydrogen Bomb

In what year was Lady and the Tramp released?


John Diefenbaker became the Prime Minister of which country in 1957?


How old was Jerry Lee Lewis' first cousin once removed Myra when he married her in the 1950s?


In 1951, the US signed a Bank Secrecy treaty with which European country?


In which movement of the 1950s and 1960s did artists like Andy Warhol challenge tradition by using popular culture images?

Pop Art

In 1950, Rajendra Prasad became the first President of which country?


In 1958, the Aswan Dam was built by Egypt on which river with a loan from the USSR?


How old was Elizabeth II when she became Queen in 1952?


In which country was flat-pack furniture invented in the 1950s?


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In 1952, the Canadian TV service was set up in which city?

Montreal Click to see the answer

Kim Il-Sung led which country from 1948 to 1994?

North Korea

In 1950, the Springbok Radio station launched in which country?

South Africa

Indonesia, led by President Sukarno, declared independence from which country in 1950?


In which popular 1950s film is a character played by Audrey Hepburn given 24 hours to do as she pleases in the eternal city?

Roman Holiday

In the 1950s, the Lionel Corporation sold $25 million worth of what product?

Electric trains

Ken Rosewall was a famous 1950s tennis player from which country?


In which decade was Madonna born?


In 1950 who scored England's first ever goal at a World Cup?

Stan Mortensen

In which decade did Hawaii and Alaska become states of the American Union?


In which US state was the 1955 car crash which killed James Dean?


In what country was the car company SEAT founded in 1950?


In the 1950s, Real Madrid competed in the Small World Cup. Where was the tournament held?


In which field did Richard Doll come to the fore in the 1950s?

Dangers of smoking

King Baudouin took the throne of which country in 1951?


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In which 1950s war did the USSR and the USA fight each other indirectly?

Korea Click to see the answer

In which Spanish city did the Camp Nou stadium open its doors in 1957?


In which decade was the skateboard invented?


In the 1950s, Maureen Connolly was famous in which field?


Joe Lewis was beaten by which boxer in his failed 1950 comeback attempt?

Ezzard Charles

In which decade was Gloria Estefan born?


In 1956, Golda Meir was appointed Foreign Secretary of which country?


How many unpublished novels by Philip K. Dick written in the 1950s no longer exist?


In the 1950s there was a huge rise in the production of what after World War II?


In 1957, serious BBC news show Panorama broadcast a piece saying which Italian crop had failed?


In which decade was color TV first transmitted in the USA?


In 1950, the Royal Hohenzollern Palace in which European city was demolished?


In which decade was DNA discovered?


In which sport did Ben Hogan win the Masters competition in 1951?


Hungary's all-conquering team of the 1950s were known as what?

Mighty Magyars

In 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser became President of which country?


In 1950, the Tigers merged with the Wildcats to form a brand-new football team in what city?


In 1950, which city's The Estádio do Maracanã opened for the first time?

Rio De Janeiro

In 1950, who won the first Formula 1 World Championship?

Giuseppe Farina

In which city did the great ballet dancer Nijinsky die in 1950?


In the 1950s the United States began the Space Race with which other country?

Soviet Union

In 1952, the European Parliament was established in which French city?


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Singer Placido Domingo made his stage debut in which form of music in 1959?

Opera Click to see the answer

Mozambique became independent from which European nation in 1951?


Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in less than how many minutes in 1954?


The airline Lufthansa started flights in which country in 1954?

West Germany

The Big Bang Theory, first described in 1952, is part of which field of science?


The 1950s advertising campaign 'Fire and Ice' came from which company?


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King Haakon VII was King of which country until he died in 1957?

Norway Click to see the answer

Mau Mau rebels were active in which African country during the 1950s?


Olympic Airlines started flying from which coutnry in 1957?


Swedish actress Greta Garbo was granted nationality of which country in 1950?

United States

The 1950s philosopher and writer Simone de Beauvoir was from which country?


Princess Anne was born in 1950. In which year did the Queen next give birth?


Macmillan and Eden were leaders of which country in the 1950s?

United Kingdom

Peter Townsend called off his wedding to which member of the British royal family in 1955?

Princess Margaret

Six European countries got togethet to form the EEC in which city in 1957?


Questions: 12
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Stirling Moss was a famous name in which sport during the 1950s?

Motor Racing Click to see the answer

The Birdseye company first sold which variety of frozen vegetable in 1952?


King Bhumibol Adulyadej was crowned king of Thailand in which city in 1950?


Maureen Connolly, nicknamed 'Little Mo', was a famous 1950s star in which sport?


King Farouk I of which country was forced to abdicate after a coup in 1952?


Konrad Adenauer, leader of which country, survived an assassination attempt in 1952?

West Germany

President Marcos of which country got married to Imelda in 1954?


The 1950s singer Shirley Bassey was from which country?


Morocco and Tunisia both became independent from which country in 1956?


The 1952 Olympics were held in which European city?


Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on which method of transport in 1955?


Sweden's Tetra-Pak company was set up in 1951 to produce which items?

Milk Cartons

Questions: 22
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King Gustav V of which country died in 1950?

Sweden Click to see the answer

Michiko Shoda got engaged to the Crown Prince of which country in 1959?


Libya gained its independece from which country in December 1951?


Sir Edmund Hillary became the first person to climb which mountain in 1953?


Madurodam became a major tourist attraction in which country when it opened in 1952?


The 1950 movie Treasure Island was shot in which country?


The 1952 Winter Olympics were held in which country?


Peggy Sue' was a single by which 1950s artist?

Buddy Holly

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in which building in London?

Westminster Abbey

Rock Around the Clock' was a single by which 1950s artist?

Bill Haley

Prior to the 1950s, how were Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia collectively known?

French Indo-China

The 1950s nuclear testing took place on Bikini Atoll in which body of water?

Pacific Ocean

The 1956 Suez crisis was about access to which transport-related object?


The 1950s actress Sophia Loren was from which country?


My famous 1950s movies roles included turns as a New Orleans brute, a biker rebel and a dockyard snitch. Who am I?

Marlon Brando

Of today's F1 teams, which team has been around since the F1 world championship started in 1950?


Princess Elizabeth was visiting which continent when she heard of the death of George VI in 1952?


Maria Montessori, who developed a new method of education, died in which counrtry in 1952?


Liverpool reached the FA Cup Final in 1950, when had they last reached the Final?


The 'Stasi' secret police was formed in 1950 in which country?

East Germany

The Anne Frank Foundation charity was founded in which city in 1957?


Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met as teenagers in which city in 1957?


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