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Difficulty: Medium
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What is the name of the prison that River Song is serving in?

Stormgate Click to see the answer

Which of these is the name of an enemy of The Doctor?

Mr. Saxon

What were the citizens of London asking for when a plague was released?


In which US state was The Doctor killed in a lake?


Near what monument is the 'Pandorica' stored?


Who has conditioned River Song to kill The Doctor?

The Silence

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Which 'Doctor Who' actor has, uniquely, also appeared in 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars'?

Deep Roy Click to see the answer

What kind of desert does Oswin Oswald make?


What is the name of the artificial life form with Rory's memories?


Which comedian stars in two episodes as Craig Owens?

James Corden

Which actor refused to film the death of his incarnation?

Colin Baker

How does The Doctor save Rose from being killed by harboring the time vortex?

Kisses her

The first foreign location shoot for the show was in which European city?


What is the name given in to the infinite nothingness between dimensions, where even time does not exist?

The Void

How many consecutive life sentences is River Song serving?


Questions: 20
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Who portrayed the War Doctor incarnation?

John Hurt Click to see the answer

What is the name of the alien life form that concealed itself in television signals?

The Wire

Where The Doctor encounter the last surviving member of the Slitheen family?


What is the name of Winston Churchill's Dalek?


Complete this quote from 'Doctor Who', 'I'm a Time Lord. I walk in...'.


What condiment can be used to dispose of the Slitheen?


Which fellow companion did Martha marry?

Mickey Smith

The hospital where Martha Jones worked was teleported where?

The Moon

Where did The Doctor store his Time Lord essence when he was living in human form?

In a watch

How are the 'Sontarians' sometimes referred?

Potato Heads

What is The Doctor's name when he is in human form?

John Smith

Where did the human form of the Abzorbaloff carry his limitation field?


What is Amy Pond's middle name?


Which companion makes her first appearance wearing a wedding dress?

Donna Noble

Who created the original theme music for the TV show 'Doctor Who'?

Ron Grainer

Which companion does The Doctor take to see her father's death?


Which companion has met the most incarnations of The Doctor on screen, as of 2012?

Sarah Jane

How did The Doctor acquire his TARDIS?

He stole it

Which of these did River Song marry?

The Doctor

What animal head do the 'Judoon' have?


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At what age must Gallifreyans look into the time vortex as initiation to the academy?

8 Click to see the answer

Which singer appeared in one episode of the TV show 'Doctor Who' as a companion?

Kylie Minogue

Who portrayed the tenth incarnation of The Doctor?

David Tennant

How many episodes of the show has Time Agent Captain Jack Harkness appeared in?


What planet does The Doctor come from?


Scary scenes are 'Doctor Who' is associated with hiding behind what?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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Who portrayed the sixth incarnation of The Doctor?

Colin Baker Click to see the answer

How many times will Wilfred Mott knock according to the prophecy?


Which of these is the name of a gadget used by The Doctor?

Sonic Screwdriver

Who portrayed the twelfth incarnation of The Doctor?

Peter Capaldi

What species is The Doctor?

Time Lord

What genre best describes the TV show 'Doctor Who'?


How many floors does Satellite 5 have?


What is the name of The Doctor's space ship?


What color is Dalek Caan?


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Who portrayed the fifth incarnation of The Doctor?

Peter Davison Click to see the answer

Prior to becoming The Doctor in 'Doctor Who', on which TV show did Peter Capaldi become well known?

The Thick of It

Which of these is the name of a slave race?


Which city does The Doctor take Martha on her first trip?


Which 'Blue Peter' presenter has played the role of The Doctor's companion?

Peter Purves

In what year did Peter Capaldi appear in an episode of 'Doctor Who', before being announced as the new Doctor?


Who portrayed the second incarnation of The Doctor?

Patrick Troughton

The 'Sisters of Plenitude' resemble what animal?


Which actress appeared in the show as Gwyneth, then later in 'Torchwood' as Gwen?

Eve Myles

Who portrayed the fourth incarnation of The Doctor?

Tom Baker

What is the name of The Doctor's oldest villains?


At the beginning of 'The Lazarus Experiment', what did professor Lazarus say he was going to do?

Change what it means to be human

Who portrayed the first incarnation of The Doctor?

William Hartnell

How many actors have portrayed the character Davros in the show?


Who portrayed the seventh incarnation of The Doctor?

Sylvester McCoy

Who portrayed the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor?

Matt Smith

What is the name of the only remaining 'pure' human being?


Who portrayed the ninth incarnation of The Doctor?

Christopher Eccleston

In the episode 'Blink', in what year were The Doctor and Martha trapped?


What is the name of the iconic dog from the show?


Who portrayed the eighth incarnation of The Doctor?

Paul McGann

Who portrayed the third incarnation of The Doctor?

Jon Pertwee

Which of these words is said often by the Daleks?


Which companion has her own spin-off series?

Sarah Jane Smith

What temperature does Martha freeze The Doctor at to rid him of the sun?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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Which companion sent secrets of the future back to Earth?

Adam Mitchell Click to see the answer

The Doctor believed that his home planet was destroyed in which war?

The Time War

Which of the following bad guys has appeared on an episode of the show?

The Chumblies

What's the name of the underground organization that Mickey joins?

The Preachers

What war did The Doctor survive between Time Lords and The Daleks?

The Time War

What is the name of the space station that The Doctor takes Rose to?

Platform One

Questions: 19
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Who knitted the Tom Baker's scarf?

Madame Nostradamus Click to see the answer

What is the name of Amy Pond's imaginary friend?

Raggedy Doctor

Who did Vastra track down and eat?

Jack the Ripper

Which famous author do The Doctor and Rose team up with?

Charles Dickens

In the TV show 'Doctor Who', which was the first other Time Lord to be introduced to the show?

The Meddling Monk

Which artist does The Doctor have a brief encounter with?

Vincent van Gogh

What is the great secret the Face of Boe reveals to the Doctor?

You are not alone

Which of these authors appears in an episode of the TV show 'Doctor Who'?

Agatha Christie

Whose version of The Doctor liked to play a recorder?

Patrick Troughton

Which TV presenter has inadvertently interrupted two episodes of 'Doctor Who'?

Graham Norton

What is the name of the company that created the 'Cybermen'?

Cybus Industries

During the 'Dalek Civil War', what was the name of Davros' followers?

Imperial Daleks

How did professor Richard Lazarus die?

Fell from bell tower

Who accidently released a plague into 1942 London?

Jack Harkness

What's the name of the human form of the Abzorbaloff?

Victor Kennedy

Who is the Prime Minister who The Doctor brings down with six words?

Harriet Jones

Who created the Torchwood Institute?

Queen Victoria

Who was the leader of the monks that gave refuge to a werewolf?

Father Angelo

What is the name of the Prime Minister that is revealed to be an alien?

Joseph Green

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