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What is a group of kittens is called what?

A Kindle Click to see the answer

Which breed of dog is the smallest to be used in hunting?

Miniature Dachshund

In the original of the Cinderella film, which character was represented by a cat?

Fairy Godmother

In which region of Mexico was there a strange case of dog poisoning in 2014?

Northern Mexico

How many dogs survived when the Titanic sank?


The first sense that a dog develops is what?


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A cluster of cats is called what name?

A clowder Click to see the answer

Cats are pregnant for how long?

9 weeks

A cat has how many toes on it's front paw?


The first ever cat show was organised in which year?


Which of these people invented the cat flap?

Isaac Newton

Dogs have three eyelids?


Dogs excrete sweat through which part of their body?

Their feet

The little tufts of hair called inside a cat's ear is called what?

Ear furnishings

The heaviest dog ever recorded weighed how much?

343 pounds

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In the sitcom Friends, Ross's pet Marcel is what sort of animal?

Monkey Click to see the answer

The Berger Blanc Suisse is native to which country?


What is the world's smallest breed of dog by weight?


The Kintamani is the only recognised breed on which island?


Sunshine Boy's alter ego was which canine superhero?


The large black dogs who serve Satan are known as what?


What breed was Nana, the family pet in Peter Pan?


The South American rodent Cavia porcellus is better known by what name?

Guinea Pig

The dog from Oscar winning film The Artist whose paw print is on the walk of fame is called who?


Which of these cross-breeds does not involve a poodle?


Charlie B Barkin was the star of which animated film?

All Dogs go to Heaven

Who is the hapless owner of the silent dog Gromit?


Spaniels are presumed to have originated in which country?


The dingo is a wild dog from which country?


Which human sweet treat can be fatal to dogs?


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The first ever cat was sent into space in which year?

1963 Click to see the answer

Cats can make how many different sounds?


Dog's footprints are known by what name?


Dogs can sleep for anything up to how many hours per day?


Cats spend how long cleaning themselves?

Third of their waking hours

A cat can rotate it's ears how far?

180 degrees

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The smallest dog ever recorded was just 2.5' tall. What breed was it?

Yorkshire Terrier Click to see the answer

A cat should not be given which of these?

Cows Milk

Which of these is the most popular pet in the world?


A cat's tongue has which of these features?

It is rough

Which of these is applicable to domestic dogs?


Corgis originate from which country?


Basenji dogs do not do which of these?

It doesn't bark

Hebrew legend states which creature's nose did a cat come from?


What is the meaning of the term Gaegogi?

Dog Meat

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Cats purr at the same frequency as …

A diesel Engine Click to see the answer

The United States has how many feral cats?

60 million

Which dog has a black tongue as it's unique trait?

Chow Chow

In the film, 'The Wizard of Oz', what is the name of the dog that played Toto?


Fido means what in Latin?


What gender are the majority of Calico cats?


What breed of dog is best known for pulling sleds?


Crufts was named after Charles Cruft who manufactured what?

Dog Biscuits

In the title of the novel by Dodie Smith, and the subsequent films, how many Dalmatians are there?


Which James Bond villain has a Persian cat?

Ernst Blofeld

Which cartoon beagle was created by Charles Schulz in 1950?


The Havanese breed hails from which Caribbean island?


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Which of these Popes condemned all cats as evil?

Gregory IX Click to see the answer

The average body temperature of a cat is what?

39 c

There is a famous dog shaped building in which country?

New Zealand

The average speed of a dog?

19 mph

What's unusual about the Turkish Van cat breed?

They Can Swim

The dunking dog in the film Airbud was what breed?

Golden Retriever

The Kangaroo Dog can be found where?


What is the first sense that dogs develop?


Which breed has won the Crufts Best in Show award the most times?

English Cocker Spaniel

What breed of dog was Toto in the Wizard of Oz?

Cairn Terrier

A Jack Russell Terrier called Eddie appeared in which US sitcom?


In which month of the year is Crufts held?


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Martin Crane's dog is Frasier was called what?

Eddie Click to see the answer

Who is probably the most famous beagle in the world?


In the book by James Bowen and the subsequent film, what was the Street Cat called?


What is unusual about the Sphynx cat breed?

Little Or No Hair

How many people is it estimated add their dogs names to greeting cards?


Which TV chef had a naughty Jack Russell called Chalky?

Rick Stein

Which of the following is one of the competitions at Crufts?


What is the name of Garfield's somewhat dopey best friend?


What breed won the best in show award at Crufts in 2014?

Toy Poodle

The Cavalier Spaniel is named after which monarch?

King Charles

What was the name of the Russian 'space' dog?


What is the little dog called in the classic film the Fox and the Hound?


Which 3 headed dog guarded the Philosopher's Stone?


What breed of dog is Scooby-Doo?

Great Dane

Which Will Smith film has a tear jerking scene when his German Shepherd gets shot?

I Am Legend

Questions: 18
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Which president of the USA had dogs called Bo and Sunny?

Barack Obama Click to see the answer

English Lop, Flemish Giant and Lionhead are breeds of what sort of pet animal?


In The Simpsons, what sort of animal is Santa's Little Helper?


What percentage of the day do puppies spend sleeping during their first few weeks?


Who was the talking alien pug in the Men in Black films?


Who was the dog on the magic roundabout?


The shell parakeet is another name for which small bird, often a pet?


The Chien-gris is an extinct breed from which country?


What was the most popular name for male dogs in 2014?


Which domestic breed is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard cat?


What kind of dog is Scooby Doo?

Great Dane

Which country had the second highest population of dogs?


The most famous film mongrel of them all was who?


In 1957, what was the name of the first dog to be sent into space?


Lassie was what breed of dog?


What do dogs judge objects by first?


In which sitcom did Mrs Slocombe worry about the wellbeing of her pussy?

Are You Being Served

Which of these animals does *not* represent a sign of the Chinese zodiac?


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The golden hamster, popular as a pet, originated win which country?

Syria Click to see the answer

Which of the following applies to a domestic dog?


The Swedish Valhund is similar in shape and size to what breed?

Jack Russell

The Schillerstövare is a breed native to which country?


Chesney in Corrie named his dog after which footballer?


Celtic Hounds originated in which country?


What Breed was Pusuke, the dog who died in 2011 aged 26 years and 9 months?

Shiba Inu

In what country is a there a dog shaped building?

New Zealand

What was the name of the 'dog' in the Nightmare Before Christmas?


Which dog breed has a black tongue?

Chow Chow

Which husky originates in Japan?


Which dog yodels instead of barks?


What is the name of the oldest breed of dog?


Nanook in the Lost Boys was what breed of dog?

Siberian Husky

Which dog befriended a duck called Boris in a Disney film?


Which X Factor judge is known for their love of dogs?

Simon Cowell

The Beatrix Potter dog Kep was what breed?


The doc's trusty canine companion in the Back to the Future films was called what?


Which TV series had a dog named K9 who was also a robot?

Doctor Who

What is the tallest breed of dog?

Irish Wolfhound

The little Scottie dog in Lady and the Tramp was called what?


What is the name of Hello Kitty's canine friend?

Baby Cinnamon

Rumpies are tailless examples of which cat breed?


In The Wizard of Oz, what was the name of the dog that played Toto?


What is the process of removing a dogs tail called?


What was Lady & the Tramp's pup called who looked like his dad?


The Chihuahua dog breed originated in which country?


The goldfish belongs to which family of fish?


The Briard is an ancient breed from where?


Questions: 37
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Which classic film features Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto?

The Wizard Of Oz Click to see the answer

Dachshund dogs originate from which country?


What is the dog equivalent to a thumb print?

Nose print

Queen Elizabeth II is best known for keeping what breed of dog?


Which of the following breeds has webbed feet?


Which TV family had a pet Snorkasaurus called Dino?

The Flintstones

The Mucuchies is a sheepdog from which country?


In which novel by Dickens, and subsequent films, does Bill Sikes have a dog called Bull's-eye?

Oliver Twist

The Mudi is a rare herding breed from which country?


In the novel by Dick King-Smith and the subsequent films, what sort of animal is Babe?


Which dog breed was traditionally used to rescue mountaineers in the Alps?

St Bernard

What was the name of Superman's dog?


The Siamese cat originated in which country?


The TV adventures of which big brown dog are narrated by Alexander Armstrong?


The jaguar is native to which continent?

South America

Airedale, Border and Yorkshire are what sort of dog?


How many times are dogs mentioned in the bible?


What name is often applied to cats with multicolored fur?


Sparky is the dog in which Tim Burton film?


Slink, a dog with a spring for a torso, appears in what series of films?

Toy Story

The adventures of which saggy old cloth cat were first seen on TV in 1974?


How many toes does a Lundehune dog have?


Kate and William's dog Lupo is what breed?

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker and Springer are what types of dog?


Which of the following breeds is classed as pastoral?

Australian Shepherd

Mabel, Barney, Kari, Oke, Jason, Petra and Shep were all pets on which TV show?

Blue Peter

What is the breed of wild dog mainly found in Australia?


Which dog found the World Cup after it was stolen in 1966?


Mickey Mouse's doggie friend with human characteristics is who?


Who is the toy Dachshund in the Toy Story films?


How many taste buds do dogs have?


Which country introduced guide dogs?


Dr Evil's cat Mr Bigglesworth appears in what series of films?

Austin Powers

Which of the following dog is known for its keen sense of smell?


Which European country has the biggest dog population?


Which organ do dogs not have that humans do?


The Hot Dog is a nickname given to which breed?


Questions: 6
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A cat jump can jump how high?

Up to 6 times it's height. Click to see the answer

Pedigree dogs must be registered with which organization?

Kennel Club

There are approxmately how many dogs in the world?

400 million

Which country first introduced guide dogs to help visually impaired people?


What was the name of Isaac Newton's cat?


A mixed-breed dog is also sometimes termed what?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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Singapura cats have an average weight of what?

1.8 kg Click to see the answer

Laika the dog, was sent into space in which year?


The most intelligent breed of dog is which of these?

Border Collie

Name the Egyptian goddess that had a woman's body with the head of a cat.


The oldest breed of dog is which of these?


Which of the following breeds is native to Scotland?

Golden Retriever

Which Egyptian deity had the head of a cat?


In 1975, Gary Ross Dahl made a small fortune selling what as pets?


The Breton Spaniel is better known as what?

Brittany Dog

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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Which organization is in charge of Crufts?

Kennel Club Click to see the answer

What is the largest dog breed native to China?

Chow Chow

Which of the Christian saints is often depicted with a dog's head?


Who was Mary's dog that lived in a flat with her and Midge?


The Korat cat breed originated in which country?


Which dog is Dick Dastardly's sidekick?


Which poor breed is believed to be the dumbest?

Afghan Hound

What bred is reckoned to be the most intelligent?

Border Collie

Robbie Fowler's dog in Eastenders had what name?


What breed of dog is the fastest on earth?


How many teeth do puppies have?


By what names were the cartoon cat and mouse Tom and Jerry originally known?

Jasper And Jinx

Questions: 29
Difficulty: Hard
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The famous Jack Russell on the HMV label was called what?

Nipper Click to see the answer

Scamper in Enid Blyton's Secret Seven was which breed?

Golden Spaniel

Which of the following was the subject of a song?

Old Shep

Which breed won the first ever Best in Show award at Crufts?


How many muscles does it take for a dog to move its ear?


Kate Moss' Staffie cross has what name?


What kind of dog haunted the Baskervilles in the Sherlock Holmes mystery?


What was the name of Paul O'Grady's dog who died in 2009?


Which breed are the best swimmers as they have webbed feet?


Chihuahua's are named after a city in which country?


A Georgian Shepherd dog is a national emblem of which country?


Galgos are a hunting breed from which country?


What is the #1 health problem amongst dogs?


Santa's Little Helper is which TV family's dog?

The Simpsons

A Miami dentist inherits a pack of what is the film Snow Dogs?


What is the name of the Kennel Club dog show especially for mixed breeds?


Which wire fox terrier accompanied Tin Tin on all his adventures?


Where did the ancient Chinese carry their Pekingese pups?

Up their Sleeves

Which dog breed is known for its long, corded coat resembling dreadlocks?


What was the name of the dog in the film with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson?


The coat of which breed requires stripping as opposed to clipping?

Border Terrier

Which of the following was a famous Blue Peter dog?


The second fastest dog in the world is which Hungarian breed?


What is presumed to be the modern descendent of the Agassian Roman hunting dog?

Welsh Springer Spaniel

How many eyelids do dogs have?


The state dog of Massachusetts is what?

Boston Terrier

The famous Skye terrier who watched over his masters grave for 14 years had what name?

Greyfriars Bobby

What breed of dog is the smallest used in hunting?

Miniature Dachshund

What was the name of Donald Duck dog?


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