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The first bottle of which fizzy drink was sold in 1885?

Dr. Pepper Click to see the answer

Johnnie Walker is the most popular type of which drink?

Scotch Whisky

Which drink is also known as the green fairy?


Blanco, Joven and Anejo are types of which spirit?


Stella Artois beer comes from which European country?


The name gin comes from which type of berries?

Juniper Berries

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Brad's Drink was the original name of which fizzy drink?

Pepsi Click to see the answer

Jenever Gin is the national liquor of which country well - known for beer and chocolate?


What is the base ingredient of the Japanese drink sake?


Lassi is a yoghurt-based drink from which country?


Charles Alderton was the inventor of which fizzy drink?

Dr. Pepper

Which brand is the top selling American whiskey in the world?

Jack Daniels

Sangria is a traditional wine punch typically found in which European country?


The Gin Gin Mule is a cocktail which is also named after which famous Hollywood actress?

Ginger Rogers

Kilmarnock is the Scottish town where which drinks brand was founded?

Johnnie Walker

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Which island in the Caribbean produces more varieties of rum than anywhere else in the world?

Jamaica Click to see the answer

What spirit would you find in an Irish coffee?

Irish Whisky

Fanta was the second drink to be sold by which company?

Coca - Cola

Which alcoholic drink is made from fermented rice?


Soju is a Korean spirit made from which food?


Which drink was founded in Dublin in 1759?


The Diamond Jubilee is a special edition bottle of which brand of whisky?

Johnnie Walker

Which country is the biggest coffee grower in the world?


Sake is the national beverage of which Asian country?


A Pornstar Martini is a cocktail typically served with a shot of what on the side?


What type of drink is Guinness?


What type of drink is made from corn?


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Which country consumes the most tea per capita?

Turkey Click to see the answer

What is the alcoholic component of the Spanish drink sangria?

Red Wine

Brad's Drink was renamed Pepsi - Cola in which year?


The Sully cocktail contains two shots of grey goose and what else?

A Shot of Water

Absinthe is a spirit which is also known by what name?

The Green Fairy

Absinthe is a drink which originates from which European country?


Which drink is named after the German word fantasie, meaning imagination?


Which part of the agave plant is used to make tequila?

The Heart

What is the national drink of Peru?

Pisco Sour

What is the name of the green, potent French alcoholic drink, banned in several countries?


What percentage of alcohol should a good whisky have?


What color is the Italian drink Campari?


Prosecco is a sparkling wine from which country?


Jasper Newton Daniel is the real name of which whiskey founder?

Jack Daniels

Ouzo is a strong spirit popular in which country?


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What sort of juice is used in the famous Canadian cocktail called a Caesar?

Tomato Click to see the answer

Jack Daniels is a brand of which type of whiskey?


Vodka, triple sec, lime and which other fruit juice are the ingredients for a Cosmopolitan cocktail?


Water, hops, yeast and barley are the main ingredients which go into making what type of drink?


To be classified as Tequila, a spirit must be derived at least 51% from which plant?

The Blue Agave

Johnnie Walker was founded in which country?


Where will you find the Dr. Pepper museum?


Which spirit is illegal in some countries because it is believed to have hallucinogenic properties?


The Mojito is a classic cocktail which originates from which country?


Which of the following is the name of a popular cocktail?

The Long Island Iced Tea

What flavour is the South American drink called Curaçao?


Campari is an aperitif from which country?


There is a cocktail named after which pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson river?


In which country will you find the Guinness headquarters?

Republic of Ireland

Iceland's national drink is Brennivin, also known as what?

Black Death

Bubble Tea originated in which part of Asia?


It's considered rude to add a mixer to vodka in which country?


In Canada you can drink a Sourtoe cocktail which contains which human body part?


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Which organ in the body processes alcohol?

Liver Click to see the answer

How many bottles of Johnnie Walker's special edition Diamond Jubilee were made?


It is a wedding tradition in which country to steal the bride's shoe and drink from it?


Which cocktail is named after a Bond girl?


How many grapes does it take on average to make one bottle of wine?


Which reference book was founded for the purpose of solving pub disputes?

The Guinness Book of Records

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How many alcoholic drinks does Queen Elizabeth II drink per day?

4 Click to see the answer

Salvatore Calabrese is legendary for being what?

A Bartender

To be classified as tequila, a spirit must be derived from at least what percentage blue agave?


Oenophobia is the fear of what?


It is supposed to take 119.5 seconds to pour which drink?


Which cartoon got its name from a Christmas cocktail from the 1820s?

Tom and Jerry

Strong rum bottled at 57% is known as what type of rum?

Navy Rum

What is the name of the name who invented Guinness?

Arthur Guinness

Goldschlager, Jägermeister and peppermint schapps are the components in which cocktail?

A Rich Dead Nazi

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How many steps are there in the process of pouring a pint of Guinness perfectly?

6 Click to see the answer

Absinthe and Champagne is a cocktail which is also known as what?

Death in the Afternoon

It can take up to how many years for a bottle of port to reach maturity?


Blanco is a type of tequila. How many different classifications of tequila are there?


Which country has the highest minimom drinking age in the world?

United States

The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of which country?


Which former US President had a liquor licence and sold whiskey before being elected?

Abraham Lincoln

How much were the bottles of Johnnie Walker's Diamond Jubilee sold for?


In which year did the first cocktail party happen?


20% of wine consumed in the world is which type?


How many ingredients are there in Guinness?


Which drink comes from the Dutch word brandewijn which means burnt wine?


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How many flavours of Fanta are there worldwide?

70 Click to see the answer

In which year was Johnnie Walker blue label first launched?


Which is the oldest soft drinks brand in America?

Dr. Pepper

In which year was Guinness founded?


Blackthorn bush berries are also known as what?

Sloe Berries

What was Johnnie Walker's profession before he started blending whiskies?


A pint of Guinness has how many calories?


Which author famously invented the cocktail Death in the Afternoon?

Ernest Hemingway

How many millions of bubbles are estimated to be in every bottle of Champagne?

49 Million

In which century did flavoured soda drinks first appear in Europe?

17th Century

The 'head butt' is the Dutch way of downing which type of drink?


What is the official drink of the United States?


Where in the world can you drink the Sourtoe cocktail which contains a severed human toe?


Urban legend states that Jägermeister contains the blood of which animal?


How many pints of Guinness are brewed per day at the Dublin Brewery?

3 Million

Which member of The Rat Pack was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels?

Frank Sinatra

A Jagerbomb is a shot of Jägermeister mixed with which other drink?

Red Bull

Which alcoholic drink is the world's most popular beverage?


40% of all Guinness is sold on which continent?


A bottle of Macallan 1926 60 - year - old whisky was sold for how much at Sotheby's auction house?

£1.5 MIllion

A worm - like insect is typically found in a bottle of which alcoholic drink?


Giuseppe Cipriani is the founder of which famous bar?

Harry's Bar

80 - proof vodka freezes at what temperature?

Minus 27 °

A Rich, Dead Nazi is a cocktail containing Goldschlager, peppermint schnapps and which other spirit?


The employees of which alcoholic drinks company get a bottle on pay day?

Jack Daniels

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What would you add to coffee to make Irish Coffee?

Whiskey Click to see the answer

Which fruit is used to flavour a bellini?


What comes before 'Iced Tea' in the name of a famous cocktail?

Long Island

Erdinger and Paulaner are beer brands from which country?


What is added to coffee liqueur and vodka to make a Black Russian?


The early soft drinks company, Compagnie de Limonadiers was established in which city in 1676?


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What is mixed with wine to make a spritzer?

Soda Water Click to see the answer

What is distilled to make rum?

Sugar Beet

What color does Coca-Cola use in the branding of its Coke Zero?


The British East India Company held the monopoly on the importation of which drink in the 18th century?


Ocean Spray is best-known for producing which type of fruit drinks?


What juice is used to prepare a Bloody Mary cocktail?


Sarsparilla is used to give which soft drink its flavour?

Root Beer

Crème de Cassis is made from which fruit?


Rum was first distilled in the 17th century in which part of the world?


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What proportion of milk is water?

90% Click to see the answer

What flavour is the liqueur called Midori?


What was the profession of the inventor of Dr Pepper?


Yarra Valley and Hunter Valley are wine growing areas of which country?


How mant servings of Coca Cola products are consumed each day?

1.7 billion

What percentage of the world population recognises the red and white Coca Cola logo?


Ardbeg whisky is made on which Scottish island?


What color does Cadbury use on the packaging of its hot chocolate products?


Which type of herbal tea is said to boost immunity and reduce stress?


Mirin is a Japanese wine made from what?


Comforting, warming, fortifying since 1906' is a slogan for which British hot drink brand?


Pepsi Max was launched as a low-sugar alternative in which decade?


Kingfisher is the leading beer brand in which country?


Which tea brand used chimps in its advertising until 2003?

PG Tips

Which European country produces Peroni beer?


What is removed from cocoa pods before they are ground to make cocoa powder for drinking?

Cocoa Butter

How many bottling plants does Coca Cola have around the world?


What alcohol is the basis for a Hurricane cocktail?


No beverage can be above what percentage alcohol?


Mirin is a rice wine from which country?


Lemonade is made from water, lemons and which other ingredient?


What percentage of UK households buy instant coffee?


The typical UK person drinks how many pints of milk annually?


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