Questions: 5
Difficulty: Hard
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In 1999, which state's School Board decided to eliminate the teaching of evolution?

Kansas Click to see the answer

What is the lowest grade that an American student can obtain in an assignment?


As of 2013, what percentage of American school-age children attend public schools?


In 2009, what percentage of Americans aged 25 and over had a Bachelor's degree?


In the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities, how many US colleges are in the top 10?


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In 2014, approximately how many American children were being homeschooled?

1,500,000 Click to see the answer

What is the name given to the different age levels in US schools?


Around what holiday do American children begin the school year?

Labor Day

Which of these colors is the name of an Ivy League university?


What was the average cost for the year of a US university in 2010?


In what part of the country are the Ivy League universities situated?


Who became the 9th United States Secretary of Education in 2009?

Arne Duncan

Questions: 8
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Which of these is the first level of education?

Elementary School Click to see the answer

What is the oldest university in the United States?


Which of these states doesn't have an Ivy League college?

New Mexico

Which US president signed the No Child Left Behind Act?

George W. Bush

Which of these is a doctorate degree?


What is the primary language taught in US schools?


How many Ivy League universities are there?


What number is given to the final year of high school?


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