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Which designer created the little black dress?

Coco Chanel Click to see the answer

What were first made with both cup and band sizes in 1935?


What is a merkin?


Which First Lady influenced women's fashion in the 1960s?

Jacqueline Kennedy

Threadless are a company selling unique what?


What item of clothing was Axel Rose from Guns N'Roses known for donning?


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How many children does Stella McCartney have?

4 Click to see the answer

Where would espadrilles be worn?


The biggest fashion retail chain in the USA is?


Carnaby Street, famous in the 60s as a fashion center, is in which capital?


Corn Rows is a what?


Which designer is famous for his 'polo' range?

Ralph Lauren

Vera Wang is best known for which type of dress?


Which fashion icon was born in 1973?

Tyra Banks

Which of these is Russian jewelry house?


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How many stripes does the brand Adidas have in its logo?

3 Click to see the answer

Who invented jeans?

Levi Strauss

A pair of shorts are named after which Caribbean island?


David Bowie and Marc Bolan popularized which fashion?

Glam rock

Men's slip on shoes made from soft leather are known as what?


Which fashion term means 'high fashion'?

Haute couture

Which of these is NOT a standard style of earring?


What in kind of bathing suit debuts at a fashion in 1946?

The bikini

Where would you wear Doc Martens?

On your feet

Which designer is best known for high-heeled shoes with red-lacquered soles?

Christian Louboutin

Hairstyles were fashionably what in the 80s?


Which celebrity part-owns the fashion label Holmes and Yang?

Katie Holmes

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What was the first name of the fashion designer Chanel?

Coco Click to see the answer

What color is a proper Tuxedo?


What is the nationality of the fashion designer Kenzo?


A circular band worn as jewelry around the finger is known as a what?


Which street in Manhattan is called 'Fashion Avenue'?

Seventh Avenue

Where would you wear a 'moggan'?

On the leg

How long is a Princess necklace?

18-20 in

Worn on the feet, what are Crocs made from?


Where would a 'busby' be worn?

On your head

Which US fashion designer introduced the Polo clothing line?

Ralph Lauren

If a lady is a full-figured model, what is the industry term?

Plus Sized Model

Anna Wintour holds which position at Vogue?


Which fashion designer has a brand called Rugby?

Ralph Lauren

Sex and the City increased sales of which designer shoe brand?

Manolo Blahnik

The world's biggest selling brand of men's underwear is?

Calvin Klein

Questions: 18
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The world's most popular brand of ladies boots are?

Uggs Click to see the answer

What number is associated with Levi's jeans?


Which of these fashion trends is NOT associated with the 80s?


Who wore what is probably the world's most famous bikini?

Princess Leia

Which of these fashion trends is associated with the 80s?

Leotards & Dancewear

Which of these describes the heel and sole of a style of shoe?


Which singer married female fashion model Iman in 1992?

David Bowie

What's the name of Gianni Versace's sister who took control of the business in 1997?

Donatella Versace

Where would you wear a 'peruke'?

On your head

In which city is Rodeo Drive?

Beverley Hills

In which city did Coco Chanel live?


Which French Fashion designer introduced the New Look?

Christian Dior

Skorts are a combination of shorts and a what?


How might Lesley Lawson be better known in the world of fashion?


The brand Ray-Ban make what sort of fashion item?

Sun Glasses

Which French fashion designer founded his brand in 1961?

Yves Saint Laurent

John who is a famous fashion designer?


The summer shoes with a toe post are called what?

Flip Flops

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Which of the following are a designer brand of sunglasses?

Oakley Click to see the answer

In which country was the first fashion magazine published?


Name the ubiquitous furry sheepskin boots?


Which girls' name is also a successful French fashion house?


In which Italian city is there a top 'Fashion Week'?


What tapered pants end at mid-calf?


Which fashion item symbolized the bad boy in the 1950's?

Leather Jacket

What is the name for the hideous 80s tracksuits?

Shell Suits

Which of these is a cut of t-shirt?


Antarctic explorer Amundsen and his team wore which now famous fashion label's gear?


Which of these is a type of hat?


What is a full-body fake tan known as?

St Tropez

The soles of Christian Louboutin shoes are which color?


In the USA it's the runway, what is it in the UK?


Which of the following city hosts a major fashion week?

New York

Which of these is a type of undergarment worn to hold in the figure?


In which decade was 'Adidas' founded by Adolf Dassler?


A jacquard is a type of what?


Which former Spice Girl announced plans for a new fashion line in 2004?

Victoria Beckham

DKNY is the signature of which designer?

Donna Karan

Which fashion label was founded by Donna Karan?


Which London street was the hub of the 1960s fashion industry?

Carnaby Street

Who is the fashion designer known as the 'silver fox'?

Ralph Lauren

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Which of these lends its name to a music and fashion style in the 1990s?

Grunge Click to see the answer

What is the first name of the French fashion designer, Givenchy?


Which 1990s fashion movement featured all-black outfits, hair and coats?


In which London department store did Nicole Farhi open her first fashion shop?

Harvey Nichols

Which company logo is called the swoosh?


The Devil Wears Prada' is said to be inspired by which fashion mogul?

Anna Wintour

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What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start during the US civil war?

Side Burns Click to see the answer

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon and the maxi skirt became fashionable - in which year?


American businessman are renowned for wearing what type of trousers?


Name the daughter of a Beatle who is now a successful fashion designer

Stella McCartney

What is the TV character Don Draper known for wearing?


How are jumpsuits better know in 2014?


Which fashion item was not essential for a fashion concious girl in the 1980s?

Flared trousers

Which piece of the garment has been banned in French public schools since 2004?


Who said of Issey Miyaki: 'So I asked Issey to make me some of his black turtlenecks that I liked, and he made me like a hundred of them.'?

Steve Jobs

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Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent died in 2008. What nationality was he?

French Click to see the answer

What are denim jeans made from?


Who was Karl Lagerfeld speaking about when he created an international storm by saying the she was 'a little too fat'?


What item of clothing is sometimes sold 'Stonewashed'?


Which daughter of Pablo Picasso is famous for her jewellery designs and perfumes?


Which David Bowie alter ego was a major trend-setter in 1970s fashion?

Ziggy Stardust

For the manufacture of which of these is Luton famous?


What 1970s fashion jewelry changed colors according to skin temperature?

Mood Rings

Which 60s British band sang about a 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'?

The Kinks

Which artist has twin sisters, one is a fashion designer and the other is a famous DJ?

Mark Ronson

Which fashion company makes the fragrances 'Escape' and 'Euphoria'?

Calvin Klein

What are the iconic Doc Martens?


Questions: 15
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Calvin Klein is best known for what type of clothing?

Pants Click to see the answer

Which fashion house's creative director is Sarah Burton, designer of Catherine Middleton's wedding dress?

Alexander McQueen

Which of the following ultra-bright colors were big in 1990s fashion?


Which British fashion deisgner has been a big influence on the punk scene?

Vivienne Westwood

Which of these is a UK-based fashion store with concessions in many Nordstrom stores?


People who live where in the USA spend the most on clothes per month?


Which fashion accessory was particularly favored by followers of punk fashion in the 1970s?

Safety pins

Obsession' and 'Eternity' are two fragrances created by the company of which American fashion designer?

Calvin Klein

The flip flop label Havaianas originated in which country?


Which band's look (black leather, sweat suits, chains, hats and Adidas) made them 1980s fashion icons?


What is the name of the unisex sheepskin boots said to have origins in both Australia and New Zealand?

Ugg boots

When were Hush Puppy shoes first popular?


Often fashioned into jewellery, how is the 'calcareous skeleton of certain sea animals' better known?


Between 1997 and 2014, Marc Jacobs was the creative director for which fashion brand?

Louis Vuitton

Which sports brand is Michael Jordan synonymous?


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Carnaby Street, famous in the 60s as a fashion center, is in which capital?

London Click to see the answer

Which character from The Dukes Of Hazzard lends their name to very short cut-off jeans?

Daisy Duke

Which well dressed actor plays the main character in the TV show 'Mad Men'?

Jon Hamm

Which Spice Girl married a footballer and turned herself into a fashion designer?


What's the first name of the furniture and women's fashion retailer ... Ashley?


What item of clothing originally worn by professional dancers became an essential fashion item in the 1980s?

Leg Warmers

Which is the fashion label famous for its beige, black and red check?


In Indian culture, what type of garment is a kurta?

A Shirt

What name is given to a small item of headwear attached to the hair with clips that often features feathers or beads and is commonly used at formal events?


In which country was fashion label Vera Wang initially launched?


Jimmy Nail sang about '... Shoes'?


Who was known as the 'Clothes Horse Ambassadress of Fashion' during the 1980s and 1990s?

Princess Diana

In what year were hot pants the latest fashion craze and George Harrison organised a free concert for Bangladesh?


In which country did fashion label 'French Connection' originate?


Who of these was a central figure in the American fashion public relations industry?

Eleanor Lambert

What is the name of the equipment worn on the hands of boxers?


Who was head designer at the fashion house Chloe in the late 90s ?

Stella McCartney

Which 1990s fashion movement featured spiked hair, work pants and boots?


What type of footwear relieves discomfort from many foot and ankle disorders?

Orthopedic shoes

Which fashion designer was Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren's partner?

Vivienne Westwood

What major event had the largest effect on 1930s fashion in the U.S.?

Great Depression

Which of these is another name for Flip Flops?


What color '... Suede Shoes' did Elvis ask you not to step on?


What do athletics stars wear on the bottom of their shoes when racing?


What is the name of Paul McCartney's fashion designer daughter?


What item of clothing is usually tied using a Shoelace Knot?

Bow Tie

Name the classic 80s retro watch brand from this list.


Which of these fashion designers was considered a rival to Coco Chanel?

Elsa Schiaparelli

Which French designer survived poverty, an orphanage and a cabaret performing career to become the first lady of fashion?

Coco Chanel

What name is given to a single strap of material that runs from the front of a garment around the back of the wearer's neck exposing the wearer's back?


Which iconic fashion item did Mary Quant introduce in the 1960s?

Mini skirt

Which Japanese designer famously collaborated with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton in 2002?

Takashi Murakami

Spot the correct name of the TV programme based at a fashion magazine ...?

Ugly Betty

Which world renowned fashion designer was killed by Andrew Cunanan on July 15, 1997?

Gianni Versace

Brikenstocks are a brand of what?


Questions: 6
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How tall is supermodel Jodie Kidd?

6ft 2in Click to see the answer

What sort of clothing item is a bolero?


Espadrille originate from where?


Sneakerhead is someone who collects what?


A placket is a type of what?


In what year was ASOS founded?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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In which country was ASOS founded?

England Click to see the answer

What does DKNY stand for?

Donna Karen New York

What was Coco Chanel's real first name?


Agent Provocateur is a retailer of what?


In which year did Christian Dior die?


In a man's closet, what are balmorals?


In a man's closet, what are 'balmorals'?


Which of these is an outer garment worn over the body with one hole for the head?


What is the name for a corrective lens used to correct or enhance the vision in only one eye?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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Who founded Fendi in 1925?

Adele Casagrande Click to see the answer

1 Denier means what measurement?

1 gram per 9,000 meters

What nationality is Anna Wintour?


Which sports star created his own brand?

Michael Jordan

Hilary Rhoda is the face of which brand?

Estee Lauder

Pointe shoes contain a what?


What is a knee-length pleated wool garment which is traditionally worn by Scottish males?


What used to be tied to the married couple's leaving vehicle before tin cans became standard?


Which of these is a type of scarf?

Infinity scarf

Which of these is a famous hat designer?

Philip Treacy

What sort of clothing is a 'jemima'?


Where was model Lara Stone born?


Questions: 29
Difficulty: Hard
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Men's shirts button down on which side?

Right Click to see the answer

Where would you wear a 'toque'?

On your head

What does ASOS stand for?

As Seen On Screen

What nationality is Gisele B√ľndchen?


King Henry VIII put a tax on what?


A tote is what kind of accessory?


Another name for 'kerchief' is what?


What is Vivienne Westwood's middle name?


Which of these is a decorative hairnet?


Which of these is not a part of a shoe?


What nationality are Dean and Dan Caten?


Where should you wear your 'banador'?

Swimming pool

Why are tie pins not good for silk ties?

They Poke Holes In Them

Chinos are what type of clothing?


Who founded Net-a-porter?

Natalie Massenet

What's sticking out of the jeans pocket on the cover of Bruce Springsteen's album 'Born in the USA'?

Baseball cap

A fez is shaped like what?

A Truncated Cone

What in science is the unit of measurement of thermal insulation of garments and bedding?


Which of these hats is not a type of cap?


What nationality is model Miranda Kerr?


Birkenstocks are a brand of what?


Which shoe does not have a tall heel?


What is the designer Valentino's surname?


What color is the DKNY logo?


What is the name of Valentino's husband?


A trilby is a type of what?


What is the American name for tights?


What item of clothing is a 'babushka'?


In fashion, what is a sloper block?

Basic Pattern

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