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Approximately, how many baugettes are consummed annually in France alone?

10 billion Click to see the answer

What type of meal is Pâte de Paques de Limousin?

A pie

What era of the 1900's was Crème brulee popularised?


What is Gougère?

A savoury cheese pastry

French law indicates that the traditional weight of a baguette should be what?


What year did Michel Roux die?


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What time is dinner traditonally held in Paris?

7.30pm to 11pm Click to see the answer

How long is Roquefort cheese aged for?

5 months

When was the earliest reference of the Crème brulee?


When was Malabar Gum created?


What temperature in degrees centigrade are Pâté and terrine cooked at?

160 degrees

As part of traditional French culture, how many meals a day do French people eat?

2-3 meals

How many deserts make up the a Provençal Christmas?


What is the main fruit used in making wine?


In 2009, what was the youngest age a person could legally drink fermented alcohol?


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When would you say to a waiter 'L'addition, s'il vous plaît'

Asking for the bill Click to see the answer

What are Brasseries?

An informal restaurant

What is a Macaron?

A sweet meringue-based confection

What fruit juice is used with the sauce for Crêpes Suzette?

Orange juice

How many Cognac producers exist?


Croquembouche are comprised of which type of pastry desert?


In what year was the soufflé invented?


What meat is traditionally used for Jambon-beurre?


How many times does Cognac need for the distilling process?


When should you say 'Bon Appétit!'?

Before the meal starts

Approximately, how many tonnes of snails do the French consume annually?

30,000 tonnes

Who was Michel Roux brother?


In what century was bœuf bourguignon documented?


What vinegar is mixed to form Dijon Mustard?

Wine vinegar

How many litres of milk is required to make 1kg of Roquefort?


What is a truffle?

a mushroom

What time is lunch traditionally held in Paris?

12pm to 2.30pm

What is the minimom time needed to brew Cognac brandy?

2 years

According to The Connexion in 2020 how much did a bottle of 1762 Cognac cost in £'s?


When is soupe au pistou traditionally eaten?


Which pastry is the pain au chocolat closely related to?


When was 'croque monsieur' first discovered?


What does the word souffle mean?

To blow

When is France's national cheese day?

27 March

What is aioli?

A sauce

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What is the main ingredient used in making a souffle?

Egg whites Click to see the answer

When did the crossaint become a national product in France?


In what year was the chocolate eclair renamed?


What cooking containers are souffle's baked in?


How many desserts are traditionally eaten in the region of Provence at Christmas?


Where in the world does France rank for beer production?


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How many pounds of milk does it take to make 1 pound of cheese?

10lbs Click to see the answer

How many distinct type of cheese are there in France?


Armagnac has what volume of alcohol?


In 2020, how many 3 starred Michelin restaurants were there in France?


When is Saint-Honore feast day held?

16 May

What is the percentage of French people that eat cheese daily?


What is the maximom amount of Michelin stars a restaurant can earn?


How many litres of Crème de cassis are produced annually?

16 million

What temeperature should you cook oysters?


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When do you normally eat macarons?

At the end of a meal Click to see the answer

In 2019, how many Michelin starred restaurants were there in France?


What type of drink is Calvados?


What is the approximate date of when the baguette was given its name?


In what year was Picodon registered by the AOC?


And what year was this founded?


When in the 2000's was French gastronomy added to Unesco's cultural list?


How many cloves of garlic are used to flavour Tourin soup?


Which one of these words is not synonymous with baguette?


In which century, did the French start consuming Frog legs?

12th Century

In 2010, what was the value of exporting Frogs legs from France?

$40m USD

What is the percentage of French people that eat cheese?


How is the chicken cooked in Poulet chasseur?


What bottle size is Sauterne wine most commonly sold in?


What part of the pig is used in the dish 'pieds de porc'?


In what year was the most champagne sold?


What is the bulbous purple skinned vegetable used in Ratatouille?


According to USAtoday, when is Cheese traditionally eaten?

After main course, before desert

When were Michelin stars established?


What meat product derived through French from the Latin 'salt'?


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How many tonnes of Comté cheese are produced annually?

64,000 tonnes Click to see the answer

What herb is used in the Bearnaise sauce?


What is the translation of salad niçoise?

Salad from Nice

Who published the first French cookbook in 1651?

La Varenne

Tête de veau is a dish consisiting of what as a main part of the dish?

A calf's head

Which group of people in France eat quatre-heure?


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What percentage of dark chocolate is found in Ganache?

60-82% Click to see the answer

A Patissier is better known as what?

Pastry cook

What is the French word for a drink that is drunk after a meal?


A fouée has the distinctive flavour of which fruit?

Orange blossom

What is the aging time required for Picodon?

2-4 weeks

What was the record of bottles sold in that year?

338.7 million

Which fish is often accompanies Beaufort cheese?


What is the French word for a drink that precedes a meal?


What is a Rosette de Lyon?

A cured sausage

What is forcemeat?

A meat and fat stuffing

What is the annual consumption of cheese per person?


Where would you buy a Rosette de Lyon?

la charcuterie

Where does France rank in Worldwide wine production?


Faisselle cheese is often eaten when?

As a dessert

What is a Religieuse?

A French pastry

What is a Café liégeois?

cold dessert

What is the region of France that shares its name with a variety of brandy?


Oeuf au plat is better known as what?

A fried egg

What is in 'Fruits de Mer'?

A combination of raw and cooked shellfish

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