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The Golden Girls Trivia

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Four mature women live together in Miami. Together, they experience the ups and downs of living in their later stages in life. "The Golden Girls" is a television show that has captured the hearts of many. See how much of the show's storyline, characters, and plots you can remember in this trivia challenge centered around one of the most iconic television shows from the eighties!

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When was 'Golden Girls' first aired on TV?

14 September 1985 Click to see the answer

The girls are obsessed with one dessert. Which is it?


What did Blanche call her dad?

Big Daddy

What does Sophia always carry around?

A purse

Where do the Golden Girls live?

Miami, Florida

Where is Blanche Devereaux from?


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Which one of the cast members was listed as one of the first members of the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve in 1943?

Bea Click to see the answer

Which one of the cast members had Thanatophobia (fear of death)?


Rose is from St. Olaf, what is the name of St. Olaf's sister town?

St. Gustaf

With which women is Stan moving on from Dorothy?


Question: In season 6, Dorothy finds herself in a love triangle with Sony Bono and Lyle Waggoner. who did she choose in the end?

Sony Bono

What was the name of the butler who appeared in the pilot episode?


What was the name of the neighbor who "dropped dead" in the episode, “It’s a Miserable Life”?

Mrs. Claxton

Which 70's actress played Sophies' sister on the show?

Nancy Walker

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Dorothy grew up in which state?

New York Click to see the answer

Whose house did all the 'Golden Girls' live in?

Blanche's House

What was Sophia Petrillo's husband's name?

Sal Petrillo

What is the retirement home Sophia lived in called?

Shady Pines

What was Chrissy's job?

Airline Stewardess

Sophia has a special nickname for Dorothy. What was it?


Who's wake did Sophia host?

Her wake

What ride did Sophia want to ride on her trip to Disney World?

Space Mountain

What game show did Sophia get the girls tickets to?

Grab that Dough

Questions: 12
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What are the names of actresses who played Dorothy and Sophia?

Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty Click to see the answer

Which of Rose's treasured items did Blanche give away to a little girl?

Her teddy bear.

Why did Blanche go with Rose to Spanish class?

To meet new men.

Which two cast members didn't get along very well?

Betty White and Bea Arthur

What is the name of the bar Blanche likes to go to meet men?

The Rusty Anchor

Blanche has a brother who comes out to her as gay. What is his name?


What does Rose do after winning a free honeymoon to Paris?

She proposed to Miles

What is Sophia's surname?


Who does Dorothy marry in the last episode?

Lucas Hollingsworth

What happened to the girl's home while they were at a Madonna concert?

It was robbed.

Name the actress who played Blanche.

Rue McClanahan

Who was the famous person to shop from Dorothy’s sister Gloria’s grocery store in California?

Bert Convy

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"How was Bea Arthur different from her character Dorothy? "

She hated cheesecake in real life. Click to see the answer

Which of the Golden Girl actresses had terrible stage fright in front of a live audience?

Estelle Getty

Which one of the cast members wore clip-on earrings?

Bea Arthur

What was Rose's insomnia caused by?

Drinking tea

Which cast member was very particular about the kind of jokes that were in her script?


Which President did the girls find out was coming to Miami?

President George H. W. Bush.

What did Rose's adoptive parents want her to be when she grew up?

champion figure skater

The spin-off show that started McClanahan, White, and Getty was named ______?

Golden Palace

What was Harry Weston's profession on-screen?


Dorothy's Childhood nickname was:


Who was Rose's real father?

A Monk

What did Blanche's father do so that he could live his dream of becoming a country music singer?

sold his mansion

Sophia used this catchphrase.

"Picture it..."

Apart from being a mental health counselor, Rose also worked as a ____.

A News Reporter

Which Shakespeare play did Blanche audition to be in?


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