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Where was Icograda founded?

London Click to see the answer

Who designed the I ♥ NY logo?

Milton Glaser

When was Adobe founded?


In which state was Adobe founded?


Who designed the Gmail logo?

Dennis Hwang

What year was Milton Glaser born?


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When was Quark Inc. founded?

1981 Click to see the answer

Who created the Coca-Cola logo?

Frank Mason Robinson

When was NeXT founded?


Where was Tom Geismar born?

New Jersey

Who, in 2003, created Project M?

John Bielenberg

Where was Adrian Frutiger born?


Who designed the Bouquet font?

Dzianis Serabrakou

What year was Wolff Olins founded?


Who designed Apple's first logo?

Ron Wayne

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Where was Alan Fletcher born?

Kenya Click to see the answer

Which font is this as example of?


Who designed the Verdana font?

Matthew Carter

Who wrote 'Just My Type'?

Simon Garfield

When was Jan Balet born?


Who designed the Rufina font?

Martin Sommaruga

Who wrote 'Beware Wet Paint'?

Alan Fletcher

What does this CD stand for?

Compact Disc

When did the font Chiller debut?


What does this HD stand for?

High Definition

Who designed the 'recycling logo'?

Gary Anderson

Who designed the font chiller?

Andrew Smith

Who designed 'Google' font Catull?

Gustav Jaeger

When did Nike this logo?


Who wrote Made You Look?

Stephan Sagmeister

Who wrote 'Perverse Optimist'?

Tibor Kalman

Where was Storm Thorgerson born?


Who wrote 'Left to Right'?

David Crow

In what year was Saul Bass born?


When was Icograda founded?


When did Starbucks use this logo?


How old will AIGA be in 2014?


Who designed the Jabana font?

Nils Thomsen

Who won the AIGA medal in 1920?

Norman T. A. Munder

Who designed the Tuesnight font?

Ricardo Marcin & Erica Jung

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In what year was Herbert Bayer born?

1900 Click to see the answer

When was Unimark International founded?


When did Quark stop using this logo?


Which font designer created Bastarda?

Jonathan Barnbrook

In which country was Jan Balet born?


Who created the original Atari logo?

George Opperman

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Which font designer created Transport?

Margaret Calvert Click to see the answer

When did Apple introduce the PowerBook?


Microsoft was founded in what year?


Who designed the elegant font Narziss?

Hubert Jocham

When was QuarkXPress first released?


Which font designer created Orion MD?

Michael Doret

Which group created Freehand in 1988?

Altsys Corporation

Which font designer created Chicago?

Susan Kare

Who wrote Thinking with Type (2004)?

Ellen Lupton

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Who does the Google Doodle celebrate?

Claude Debussy Click to see the answer

Whoe wrote 'Picturing and Poeting'?

Alan Fletcher

What nationality is Hans Hulsbosch?


Which font designer created Palatino?

Hermann Zapf

When was this Walmart logo introduced?


When did Adobe release PostScript 3?


Who designed the 'Nokia Sans' font?

Erik Spiekermann

Which font designer created Thesis?

Lucas De Groot

Which city was Milton Glaser born in ?

New York City

Who designed the Desire font family?

Charles Borges De Oliveira

In what year did Saul Bass pass away?


Who designed the AIGA medal in 1920?

James Earle Fraser

Which company now owns Fontographer?

Fontlab Ltd.

Which font designer created Lemona?

Julián Moncada

Who wrote Hand Job: A Catalog of Type?

Michael Perry

Who designed Thirsty Script Rough?

Ryan Martinson

Which font designer created Delphian?

R. Hunter Middleton

Who designed the Port Vintage font?

João Oliveira

Who wrote Graphic Design Cookbook?

Leonard Koren & R. Wippo Meckler

Who designed the 'Nokia Pure' font?

Dalton Maag

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Who published the font family Core Circus?

S-Core Click to see the answer

Which common font is this an example of?

Harlow Solid Italic

Which agency redesigned the Skype icons?


Who designed the 2014 font Industry Inc?

Mattox Shuler

In what year was Windows Vista released?


Who designed Apple's 'rainbow Apple' logo?

Rob Janoff

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Who designed the Jacques and Gilles font?

Emily Conners Click to see the answer

In which state was Katherine McCoy born?


Who founded Altsys Corporation in 1984?

James R. Von Ehr

Since when have AIGA medals been awarded?


Who designed the Lunchbox font in 2013?

Kimmy Kirkwood

Which font designer created Carter Sans?

Matthew Carter

Which font designer designed ITC Galliard?

Matthew Carter

Who designed the 1952 'ABC Circle' logo?

Paul Rand

Which font designer designed Poliphilus?

Francesco Griffo

In which city was Massimo Vignelli born?


Which font designer created Trebuchet MS?

Vincent Connare

How many AIGA medals were awarded in 1921?


When was the NBC peacock first introduced?


Which common font is this as example of?

Ms Reference Sans Serif

Who wrote 'The Art of Looking Sideways'?

Alan Fletcher

Which brand's logo features a pink 'B'?


Macromedia acquired which company in 1996?

Iband Software

Which font designer created Comic Sans?

Vincent Connare

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