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Koulourakia is traditionally served for which holy day?

Easter Click to see the answer

What is Bougatsa`s place of origin?


What is hidden in the cake Vasilopita to provide good luck to the recipient?

A coin

What nut that is unshelled is a Fystiki Aeginas?


What is a Meze or Mezze?

small dishes served as appetizers

When was the earliest Greece wine produced as per evidence?

6500 Years Ago

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How much olive oil does an individual person consume annually in Greece?

24l Click to see the answer

When was the Frappe invetned?


Since when Metaxa has been part of Rémy Cointreau Group?


How long does the Xynomizithra cheese take to mature?

2 months

What type of food is Portokalopita?

A dessert

What century was Greek coffee introduced?


Which town does the food Metsovone come from?


Which vinegar is used in the dish Pastitsio?

Wine vinegar

What are the main ingredients for Finikia?

Almonds, Honey, Grains

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When lunchtime typically had in Greece?

1pm-2pm Click to see the answer

What region does the dish Diples belong to?


What is the name of a beer brewery based in Greece?

Olympic Brewery

In Greece, Taramasalata is associated with what?


When is plate smashing practiced in Greece?

Special occasions e.g. weddings

What is the age of Metsovo when fully matured?

3 Months

What is the minimom alcohol percentage allowed in Ouzo?


What are the main ingredients in Melomakarono?

Semolina, Olive Oil, Honey

The white wine Assurtiko is indigenous to which island?


The Revani dessert gets it's sweetness from which ingredient?

Sugar Syrup

What is the main ingredient in the dish 'Tomatokeftedes fritters'?


According to to TasteAtlas, how many degrees of sweetness are found in a Frappe?


What color is Kalathaki Limnou?


Who was the Greek goddess of food?


The city of Serres won what award?

Puff Pastry

Tsipouro is associated with which island?

Island Of Crete

In what part of Greece is Magiritsa not served as a soup?


Which is not a vegetarian Greek dish?


What is the level of alcohol in the drink Tsipouro?


When was Metaxa introduced?


Commandaria is made of how many types of grapes?


When was the first brewery introduced into Greece?


Which city does the dish Bougasta originate from?


When was Tentura first introduced?

15th Century

What is the name of the cucumber that is grown on the island of Santorini?


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Mastika resins are found on what island?

Chios Click to see the answer

Which vegetable is the key ingredient of the pie 'Spankopita'?


What is the flavour of Mastiha?

Pine flavour

What type of food is the dish Melomakarona?

Walnut Cookies

What is the expected ripening age of Kefalotyri?

3 months

What is the ripening age for Graviera?

5-12 months

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What is the source word for Tentura?

Tincture Click to see the answer

What is Spanakorizo`s place of origin?


Which one of the following is Graviera`s place of origin?


What is the minimom amount of time it takes Kefalotyri cheese to ripen?

3 months

What is the ripening age of Feta?

3 months

The origins of wine making in Greece dates back to how long ago?

6,500 years ago

At what course is Meze served?

At the start of the dinner

Made of almonds, orange juice, honey and grains, what kind of food is Finikia?

A cookie

Tskioudia is what color?


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The dish Paschaliná Melitínia has what as a filling?

Goat milk cheese Click to see the answer

How many layers are there in a typical Greek Moussaka ?


Tsigareli is mainly used in a dish in which region of Greece?


Plakous' referring to thin or layered flat breads, is the origin of which Latin word related to preganancy?


What is the expected age time of Manouri?

60 days

Greek salad is traditionally made with cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese and which other ingredient?


San Michali is what type of dairy product?


What course of food Moussaka belongs to?


What is the approximate fat content of the cheese Mizithra?


Stafidopsomo bread has what type of dried fruit in it?


The Florina pepper is shaped like a what?

Cows horn

Tripe chorba is considered as a tonic of what?


What is an alternative cookie to Finikia?


What citrus food would normally accompany a Kleftiko dish?

Lemon juice

How is the liquid Mastiha described?

Sweet liquer

What is Patsas?

A soup

Koulourakia are sometimes shaped into a cylindrical shape to represent what species?


What type of food Bougatsa is?


Whats the common topping for Lagana bread?

Sesame seeds

Lakerda is generally accompanied with what?

A sliced onion

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What green vegetabe can be used to flavour Loukaniko?

Leeks Click to see the answer

What color is the Kalamata olive?


What is the color of the drink Commandaria?

Amber colour

What color of grape is used to make Assyrtiko wine?

White grape

How is the the dish Xiphias cooked?


What is typically the top layer of Moussaka made from?


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What is the predominant meat used when making Souvaki?

Pork Click to see the answer

Which one of the following can be made with almost all of the fruits?

Spoon sweets

What is the traditional nut used to make Amydalota cookies?


What civilsation had created the dish Koulourakia?

Minoan civilization

Loukaniko is what type of food?


Romeiko is what color grape?


How is Saganaki cooked?


What is the main ingredient in Anthotyros?


What year was the first Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard planted in Greece?


Elipsomo is what?

Bread with olives

Vasilopita is eaten to celebrate what day?

New Years Day

With What food Pastitsio is dressed with?

Wine vinegar

Paximathia bread was traditionally eaten by whom?


What is the English translation for the dish 'Bakaliaros'?

Fried cod

What type of dish Lakerda is?

Pickled bonito

What is the Greek name for Revani?


At what time period did the dish Kefalotyri originate?

Byzantine era

How is the dish Paidakia prepared?


What is the literal meaning of Mavrodafni?

Black laurel

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