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What is another popular name that blue whales are affectionately called?

Sulfur Bottom Click to see the answer

What is the world's tallest mammal?


How many mph can great kangaroos hop?


Where does the badger get its name from?

The 'Badge' On Its Forehead Of A Contrasting Stripe

On its hands, a bat has a thumb and how many fingers?


What helps badgers to dig burrows?

Their Powerful Forelegs

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What is the typical diet of deer?

Green Plants Click to see the answer

How deep can seals dive?

5000 Feet

What is the smallest of the kangaroo species?


Why do foxes have whiskers?

To Help Them Feel Their Way In The Dark

Can the fleece of a sheep be tan in color?

It Can Be.

What is the largest living species of lizard?

Komodo Dragon

If you purchase lard, what in fact have you bought?

Pig Fat

What is the name for a male hog?


The fat from a sheep is called 'Tallow'. What items can be made from this substance?


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Why are grizzly bears called grizzly?

Because They Have Grizzled Colored Fur Click to see the answer

How are deer and moose alike?

They Both Have Antlers

Which of these best describes the body of a badger?

Short And Broad

While sleeping, how often do cats purr?

They Don't

What is the habitat of the Old World badger?

Forest Areas

What other animal belongs to the horse family?


What is the skin of the hog used for?


To what use is horse hair put?

Stuffing Furniture

What type of animal is a kangaroo?


While leaping a kangaroo uses its tail to


What is a virgin female hog called?


How wide is the wingspan of a flying fox?

6 Ft

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I saw a leveret running across the lawn yesterday. What young animal did I see?

Hare Click to see the answer

Penguins are what?


Bears love honey and tear apart bees' nests to access it. Which is the only part of a bear's body that is unprotected from bee stings?


What did the Indians do with the deer's antlers?

Made Them Into Harpoons

With such a long neck and long legs, how does the giraffe drink water?

Spreads Its Front Legs

Many seals migrate long distances. Which seal prefers to stay close to home throughout the year?

Harbour Seal

Which animals were dolphins killing hundreds of in 1990?


The baby of which common wild mammal is called a joey?


Complex burrows that Old World badgers build are called


When do foxes hunt for food?

At Night

What is a stallion?

Adult Male Horse

With which of the following conditions can dogs play a helpful role?


One treatment for urine spraying is the drug diazepam. What is another name for this?


What do lions prey?

Zebras' Individual Stripes Are As Unique As Your Fingerprints

What makes Bactrian camels special?

They Have Two Humps

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Is there any way the hog can benefit mankind other than as food or leather?

Research Experiments Click to see the answer

The Manx Shearwater is an amazing bird that is a member of the shearwater family. What does the prefix 'Manx' refer to?

Isle Of Mann

All of these are types of mammals, except one. Which one is it?

Prehistoric Mammal

What is an ox?

Work Animal

What do rabbits eat?


Which of these terms best describes the meerkat's unique society?


What do bats use their legs for?


How may a rabbit communicate that danger is near?

Thump The Ground

Seals are found in which ocean?


Dogs belong to the same family as these other animals:


What did ancient people consider the rabbit a symbol of?


What is the fastest movement of a horses natural paces?


What is a young female horse called?


Does the sheep have to be killed before its wool is taken?

Wool Is Shorn From Live Sheep.

What is a centaur?

Half Man, Half Horse Mythological Creature

What sort of wings would a bat that flies quickly have?

Long, Narrow

The natural habitat of the Golden hamster is where?

The Desert

What is venison?

Deer Meat

What color is the tip of the red fox's tail?


What is the oil from seal blubber mostly used for?


What is a foal?

Young Horse Until It Is Weaned

Which animal family does the Pine Marten belong to?


What is the largest species of bear in the world?


What spurs on male dolphins to capture females?

Female Promiscuity

In the wild, rabbits construct special enclosures. What are they called?


How do bats generally roost?

In Colonies

How are bottle-nosed dolphins generally perceived?

As Friendly Animals

Which of the following is not a mammal?


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When lion cubs are born, they are often what?

Spotted Or Striped Click to see the answer

Which breed of dog is the fastest dog on earth?


What colors are common for the American badger?

Grayish To Reddish With A White Stripe

What do Eurasian badgers eat?

Mostly Insects, Worms And Young Rabbits

What is the closest relative of the lion?


Which breed of sheep produces the finest wool?


Questions: 9
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Rams are what?

Male Sheep Click to see the answer

Into how many groups do scientists divide whales?


Which meerkat is charged with the job of sentinel?

Any Subservient One

If you were invited to a stud farm, what activities would you expect to encounter?


How many species of rodents are there?

More Than 2,000

What do you call a baby panda?


By what age do beef cattle move on to their destiny?


Hamsters were named from the German word 'hamstern' which means to what

To Hoard

Where do polar bears live?

In The Arctic

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When does a deer's antler fall off?

Winter Click to see the answer

What does a walrus use its whiskers for?

To Find Its Way In The Dark Or Underwater.

What is the closest relative of the dog?


What is a ewe?

Female Sheep

What is a young goat called?


Man has many uses for rabbits. What is one?

Perform Scientific Experiments On

What island off the welsh coast can the Atlantic Puffin be observed in great numbers?

Puffin Island

Baleen whales do not have what?

Vocal Chords

What products are produced from horses?

Glue And Medical Serums

Which is the largest of the kangaroo species?


What factor determines the territory that a pride chooses?

Availability Of Prey And Water

Which of the following is a mammal?


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How fast can foxes run?

40km per hour Click to see the answer

How many baby kangaroos can be born from a single pregnancy?


What are fawns?

Young Deer

What can kangaroos be trained to do with humans?


What is the general lifespan of a hamster?

2 - 3 Years

A filly is a what?

Female Horse

What is a mature swine called?


Whales eat what?


For what purpose is the hog's intestine used?

Sausage Casings

What skill sets polar bears apart from other bears?


Mammals are which of these?

Warm Blooded

What are lions also known as?

King Of The Jungle

How did the early settlers to the USA preserve deer meat?

Dried It

Hair is primarily used for what?


Which animal has tough foot pads like hiking shoes?

Rock Wallaby

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Complete the name of this mammal. Grizzly _____

Bear Click to see the answer

What message is a horse sending when its ears are pinned back and it reaches its head towards you?

Warning To Stand Back

What is the name for the social group that lions live within?


Which infant animal falls nearly 6 feet (1.8 meters) to the ground when born?


All members of the order Carnivora have what in common?

Eat Meat

A cross breed of a donkey and a horse is called what?


How many pounds can an adult ewe weigh?


What is the natural inclination of sheep?

Flock Together

Which type of whale has the longest flippers?


What kind of terrain do giraffes prefer?

Open Grassy Plain

Monotreme means what

One Holed

What is the largest mammal?

Blue Whale

How are whales categorized?

By Their Teet

At what time of day do fur seals sleep?


How would you describe a fox's ears?

Erect, Triangular Ears

Tigers live in the wild only in:


Where are flying foxes usually found?

High Trees

Bats prefer to spend their time hanging upside down. For which activities do bats turn right-side up?


How would you characterize the rodents as a group?

Destructive Pests

What do whales drink?

Whales Get Their Water From The Food They Eat.

What are young kangaroos called?


In what way is the fox sometimes a pest?

It Destroys Poultry.

What year was the hamster first discovered?


In which way are dogs far superior to humans?

Sense Of Smell

To what use are unused parts of the hog carcass put?

Feed For Other Hogs

What do kangaroos eat?


Which continent do giraffes live?


What do vampire bats eat?


Which is the largest type of bear?

Kodiak Bears

Infrared vision allows cats to detect which of the following?


How are calves intended for beef production prepared?

They Are Castrated

What does a giant panda usually eat?


If you are offered mutton, what are you about to receive?

Female Sheep Tail

From where do most breeds of meat sheep originate?


Where do meerkats run to when the sentinel alerts them to danger?

To Bolt-Holes That They Have Built For This Purpose

Do you know the common unit of measurement used to describe a horse?


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The life span of tigers in the wild is thought to be about how many years?

10 Click to see the answer

What happens to a deer's antlers?

They Grow Antlers In Spring And Shed Them In Winter

How many pounds does a ram reach?


In a meerkat gang, who produces 80 percent of the litters that survive?

One Dominant Female

What do we call a group of Old World badgers that live together?

A Clan

Which mammal lives the longest after man?


Questions: 9
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When do deer usually breed?

September Click to see the answer

What are purebred cattle?

Cattle Born To Same Breed

What is the average lifespan of a fox?

1 4 Years

Why do lions often live in grassland areas?

Because Game Is Plentiful There

What is a species of wild horse?

Przewalski's Horse

The largest of the big cats is what?


What technique do foxes use to outwit their predators?

They Zigzag Quickly To Safety.

The greatest gathering of any one kind of mammal takes place in the Peribilof Islands in the Bering Sea every year. Name the mammal.


How did dogs help after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995?

They Searched For Victims In The Rubble.

Questions: 12
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How does a hippo see underwater?

It Has A Clear Film That Protects Its Eyes Click to see the answer

What mouse can leap up to 6 feet (1.8 m)?

Kangaroo Rat

If a stink badger sprays its musk at a predator, what can happen?

The Predator Might Feel Pain Or Get Sick.

What substance makes up a rhino's horn?


How are sun bears different from other bears?

They Have A Distinctive Marking On Their Chest.

Which century were hogs first domesticated?

2900 B.C.

When the elephant is scared, what does it do with its trunk?

Blow A Trumpet Sound

What brings grizzly bears together?


What is different about the training of a guide dog for the blind?

They Are Trained To Ignore An Owner's Command.

Which country first domesticated hogs?


The venom of a Shrew is present in what type of bodily fluid?


How many species of giraffe are there?


Questions: 25
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What is a group of Moles called?

A Labour Click to see the answer

Which breed of dogs is generally used for detecting illegal agricultural products brought into airports?


A donkey can live for how many years?


Shortly after giving birth, what will a mother meerkat often do?

Go Foraging For Food

In which decade were most of the new dolphin behavior discoveries made?


These mammals push their ill friends to the surface of the water so that they can breathe. Name the creature.


Many rodents have cheek pouches. What are they for?

Carrying Food

What do lionesses do with their cubs at about six weeks of age?

They Lead Them To A Fresh Kill To Get Their First Taste Of Meat.

How tall is the largest deer?

Six Feet (1.8 M)

Why were foxes introduced to Australian soil?

In Order To Keep The Rabbit Population In Check

Which of the following is the largest group of mammals?


What feature do polar bears have that prevents them from slipping on ice?

Bristles On Their Feet

How do Indian and African lions differ in appearance?

The Indian Lions Are Smaller, With Smaller Manes.

What rodent is found only in Central and South America?


What can an allergic cat lover do to lessen the harmful effects of proximity to cats?


How do badgers recognize members of a clan?

By Their Unique Musk Scent

Pup-sitting meerkats sometimes act as


The badger has very good senses, except for which one?

A Badger's Eyesight

Guano is sought after by humans. What is guano?

Bat Droppings

Where does musk come from?

Musk Deer

This hoofed giant has one or two sharp horns, what is it?


What is a group of rabbits called?


A tiger's stripes are what?

Unique, Like Human Fingerprints

In cats, the cornea — a transparent membrane that covers the pupil — bulges out like one-half of a bubble. Why?

To Allow In More Light.

Which body part of a walrus is most useful for hunting?


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