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How many US No.1 hits did Michael Jackson's 1987 album 'Bad' produce?

5 Click to see the answer

Which of these did Michael Jackson NOT wear when visiting the White House in 1984?

Black Hat

Who released his breakthrough album 'Off The Wall' in 1979?

Michael Jackson

One of these artists won a record 8 Grammy Awards in one year, but who was it?

Michael Jackson

Which pop singer had major hits with the singles 'Billie Jean' and 'Thriller'?

Michael Jackson

A popular YouTube video show's which rapper getting tearful when talking about Michael Jackson?

Chris Brown

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What type of dance walking did Michael Jackson introduce in 1983?

Moonwalking Click to see the answer

Michael Jackson sang about the 'Man in the…' what?


Out of these 4 artists, who has won the most American Music Awards?

Michael Jackson

Which of these is not featured in Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' video?


Which Michael Jackson album broke all records in 1982?


Starring Michael Jackson, name the 1978 film, based on the 'Wizard of Oz' with an all black cast.

The Wiz

Which of these was Michael Jackson's first number one of the 1990s?

Black or White

What did Michael Jackson declare he was on his 1987 No.3 single?


On stage, Michael Jackson famously wore only one what?


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Madonna and Michael Jackson both have singles called what?

Human Nature Click to see the answer

A statue of which singer was unveiled outside Fulham Football Club's ground in London by his friend Mohammed Al-Fayed in April 2011?

Michael Jackson

In 1984, Michael Jackson suffered burns while making a commercial for which company?


A popular YouTube video shows 'Bubbles' the monkey re-uniting with which of Michael Jackson's siblings?


Who recorded the album 'Off the Wall'?

Michael Jackson

Before his death, Michael Jackson was set to play his London gigs at which location?

02 Arena

Which of these was Michael Jackson's first number one of the 1980s?

Rock With You

What song did Eoghan Quigg choose to sing during Michael Jackson week in the 2008 X-Factor show?


Who starred as the Scarecrow in the 1978 musical 'The Wiz'?

Michael Jackson

Which universal selling recording artist is known as the 'King of Pop'?

Michael Jackson

Whose first UK hit single in 1972 was 'Got To Be There'?

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was what age when he passed away?


Which of these singers was not born in 1979?

Michael Jackson

Detroit is one of the most influential cities in American music. Which of these superstars is not a Motown native?

Michael Jackson

Which song by Michael and Janet Jackson was accompanied by an expensive video?


Michael Jacksons's smash album 'Thriller' was released in which year?


Which 'Billie' took Michael Jackson to No.1 in his international hit of 1983?


Complete title of this 1988 Michael Jackson single: 'Dirty…'


In which year was Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' number one in the US?


Which Michael Jackson single was in the Top 10 when the Great Storm hit Britain in 1987?


What was the title of the Michael Jackson film supposedly about his life?


Starting with the earliest, put these Michael Jackson albums in order of release.

Off the Wall

In which year was Michael Jackson's album 'Invincible' released?


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How many weeks did Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' stay at the top of the UK album charts?

1 Click to see the answer

Which was the last release from Michael Jackson's 1987 album 'Bad' to top the Hot 100?

Dirty Diana

In 2009, which pop star emulated Michael Jackson's fashion style?


Who produced the Michael Jackson album 'Thriller'?

Quincy Jones

The 2002 MTV VMAs took place on which pop star's birthday?

Michael Jackson

What did Michael Jackson call his pet snake?


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Who did Michael Jackson marry in 1994?

Lisa Marie Presley Click to see the answer

Which artist did NOT appear in 'We are the World'?

Katy Perry

Whose top selling album 'thrilled' the world in 1982?

Michael Jackson's

In January 1996, the separation was announced of Michael Jackson and which singer?

Lisa Marie Presley

In 1972, Michael Jackson had a hit with which boy's name?


What was the name of the guest guitarist on Michael Jackson's Dangerous album?

Bon Jovi

In which decade did Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album come out?


Of these Michael Jackson singles, which never reached number one in the US?

Stranger In Moscow

Which album followed Michael Jackson's pro-mo video depicting him in belts, buckles and straps?


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Which of these is one of Michael Jackson's brothers?

Jackie Click to see the answer

In what year did Michael Jackson release his hit album Bad?


When did Michael Jackson hit the charts with 'Dirty Diana'?


Where did Michael Jackson first show off his 'moonwalk'?

Motown's 25 Anniversary Special

Who provided the scary voiceover in Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'?

Vincent Price

What is the name of Michael Jackson's singing sister?


Michael Jackson went to Number 1 with the single 'Black Or White'. Which album was the track from?


Which of these forms of dancing is particularly associated with Michael Jackson?


The hula hoop became a massive craze in the same year that which Jackson was born?


What Michael Jackson album featured 'Black or White' and 'Heal the World'?


Starting with the most recent, place these world events in order.

Michael Jackson dies

Which pop star paid $40,000 for a refrigerated jacket in 1996?

Michael Jackson

In which year did Jarvis Cocker disrupt Michael Jackson's performance at the BRITs?


Which horror movie actor did the voice-over on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video?

Vincent Price

Which of these gave Michael Jackson a killer of an album in the early 80s?


What is Michael Jackson's daughter called?


What did Michael Jackson nickname his third child?


What position did Michael Jackson reach in the UK chart with his 1989 hit 'Leave Me Alone'?


Which of the following is NOT a Michael Jackson song?

All For You

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Who directed the video for Michael Jackson's song 'Bad' ?

Martin Scorsese Click to see the answer

Which artist holds the record for the biggest selling album of all time?

Michael Jackson

Which star was reputed to have bought the bones of the Elephant Man?

Michael Jackson

Which of these 80s hit makers is a sibling of singer Michael Jackson?

Jermaine Jackson

Who played a guitar solo on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'?

Eddie Van Halen

Who had a UK No.1 hit with 'Blood On The Dance Floor'?

Michael Jackson

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Which Michael Jackson single entered the UK charts at No.1 in 1991?

Black Or White Click to see the answer

Which Michael Jackson single was the first in history to enter the US chart at No.1?

You Are Not Alone

Where in the US was Michael Jackson born?

Gary, Indiana

Who married Debbie Rowe in 1996?

Michael Jackson

Who topped the US charts in 1991 with 'Black or White'?

Michael Jackson

What was Michael Jackson's first solo Number One UK single?

One Day In Your Life

Who did Rockwell claim was the inspiration for his solitary hit from 1984 'Somebody's Watching Me'?

Michael Jackson

How many UK No.1 hit singles did Michael Jackson have from his 'Thriller' album?


The godfather of Michael Jackson's first child is who?

Macaulay Culkin

Michael Jackson made headline news all over the world for doing what on a hotel balcony?

Dangling his baby

Which artist performed during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII in January 1993, drawing one of the largest viewing audiences in the history of American television?

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson passed away while rehearsing for a series of concerts at which venue?

London O2 Arena

Who is Nicole Richie's very famous godfather?

Michael Jackson

Who was No.1 in both UK singles and UK album charts in November 1991?

Michael Jackson

Which British journalist made the controversial 'Living with Michael Jackson' documentary?

Martin Bashir

Whose 10-concert run at the O2 Arena sold out within hours, but never took place?

Michael Jackson

Which of these birds gave Michael Jackson a hit in 1972?

Rockin' Robin

Name the supermodel who appeared in a Michael Jackson video?

Naomi Campbell

Which supermodel appeared in the Michael Jackson video for 'In the Closet'?

Naomi Campbell

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