Questions: 3
Difficulty: Hard
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What is the name of the scary clown in 2017 movie 'It'?

Pennywise Click to see the answer

Jack Nicholson plays villain Jack Torrance in which 70s horror movie?

The Shining

Lex Luther is the supervillain nemesis of which superhero?


Questions: 4
Difficulty: Easy
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President Snow is a villain in which series of movies?

Hunger Games Click to see the answer

Jafar is the villain in which Disney movie?


What is the first name of the FBI agent who goes up against Hannibal Lecter?


Who played villain Saruman in the 'Lord of the Rings' movies?

Christopher Lee

Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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Tommy DeVito, villain of 1990 movie 'Goodfellas', was played by which actor?

Joe Pesci Click to see the answer

Who played super-villain Dr Evil on screen?

Mike Myers

Who voices Scar, villain of 1994 animation 'The Lion King'?

Jeremy Irons

Tom Riddle is the birth name of which movie villain?

Lord Voldemort

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