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How many times has Hetty unsuccessfully resigned on the show 'NCIS'?

2 Click to see the answer

What is one of Forensic expert Sebastian's Quirks in NCIS: New Orleans?

Conspiracy theorist

Which character is a former Navy Seal on the show 'NCIS'?

Sam Hanna

Where does principle shooting for NCIS: New Orleans take place?

New Orleans

What is Kensi's last name on the show 'NCIS'?


What color is Hatty's hair on the show 'NCIS'?


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What is the nickname of the NCIS forensics expert?

Abby Click to see the answer

Which actor plays field agent Sam Hanna in NCIS: Los Angeles?

LL cool J

According to Deeks on the show 'NCIS', what is Kensi's favorite movie?


What does NCIS stand for?

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

What is investigator Leroy Gibbs middle name on the show 'NCIS'?


According to Callen on the show 'NCIS', the combination of Hetty a mechanical bull and tequila equals what?

A bar fight

What rank does Deeks hold in the Los Angeles Police Department on the show 'NCIS'?


How many field agents are on the Gibbs' team in the original NCIS?


Which actor plays the role of Leroy Gibbs in NCIS?

Mark Harmon

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What is Ziva's sister's name on the show 'NCIS'?

Talli Click to see the answer

What number spinoff is NCIS: Los Angeles from the original NCIS?


As of 2018, how many seasons of NCIS have been made?


Which character is a Psychologist on the show 'NCIS'?

Nate Getz

What does the 'C' stand for in NCIS


What's Abby's favorite holiday on the show 'NCIS'?


Which character handels the teams tech needs on the show 'NCIS'?

Eric Beale

What is Doctor Donald Mallard's nickname on the show 'NCIS'?


In Season 3, who becomes the NCIS director?

Jenny Shepard

On NCIS: Los Angeles, what does Callen like to eat during stake outs?


What color is Nell's hair on the show 'NCIS'?


What beverage does Gibbs need to function on the show 'NCIS'?


According to Hetty on the show 'NCIS', how many foster homes did Callen live in?


Which character does Michael Weatherly play on the show 'NCIS'?

Anthony DiNozzo

NCIS is a spinoff from what other TV show?


NCIS involves Agents from which US military branch?


What fictional drink does Abby need to function on the show 'NCIS'?


Oh...I broke the Internet.' is a quote from which character on the show 'NCIS'?


Which actor plays Lead Senior Special Agent and undercover operative G. Callen on the show 'NCIS'?

Chris O'Donnell

What network did NCIS originally air on?


Driving a Gremlin is a crime.' is a quote from which character on the show 'NCIS'?


Which Character does Pauley Perrette play on the show 'NCIS'?

Abby Sciuto

What personality disorder does Nell suffer from in NCIS: Los Angeles?


How many times was Gibbs married on the show 'NCIS'?


Agent Dwayne Pride is seen playing what instrument in NCIS: New Orleans?


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What is the name of Deeks' police dog on the show 'NCIS'?

Monty Click to see the answer

Since 2018, how many seasons of NCIS: New Orleans are there?


What foreign language is Nell Jones fluent in on the show 'NCIS'?


What type of gun does Deeks favor on the show 'NCIS'?


How many times was Callen shot in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode 'Legend'?

5 times

What does OSP stand for in NCIS?

Office of Special Projects

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What is one of Dwayne Cassius Pride's nicknames in NCIS: New Orleans?

King Click to see the answer

Sam's wife Michelle used to work for what government agency on the show 'NCIS'?


What phobia does Sam suffer from on the show 'NCIS'?


What is Callen's sisters name in NCIS: Los Angeles?


What is Christopher LaSalle's title in NCIS: New Orleans?

Senior Special Agent

What is Sebastian Lund's profession on NCIS: New Orleans?

Forensic Scientist

What is Hetty's favorite beverage on the show 'NCIS'?


The original team consisted of Gibbs, Tony, and who on the show 'NCIS'?


What is serial killer Marcel Janvier's code name on the show 'NCIS'?

The Chameleon

Questions: 20
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What was the original name of NCIS: Los Angeles?

NCIS: Legends Click to see the answer

What is McGee's sister's name on the show 'NCIS'?


What is the name of Sam's wife on the show 'NCIS'?


What was the name of the dog that Callen and Tracy had on the show 'NCIS'?


What part of New Orleans does agent Christopher LaSalle live in on the show 'NCIS'?

French Quarter

What is Hetty's most prized possession on the show 'NCIS'?


What did Deeks disguise himself as in the Season 6 episode called 'The Grey Man' on the show 'NCIS'?

Homeless person

What reality show does Kensi love to watch on the show 'NCIS'?

America's Next Top Model

What new NCIS spin off was announced but ultimately passed on by CBS?


Actress Jennifer Esposito plays which character in 'NCIS'?

Agent Alexandra Quinn

What is Gibbs building in his basement on the show 'NCIS'?


Kensi is dating which other character in NCIS: Los Angeles?


What Language is Nell able to read on the show 'NCIS'?


What did Kensi say was her favorite perfume on the show 'NCIS'?


What is Kensi's cover story in NCIS: Los Angeles?

Art Curator

In what city was Tony a police officer before joining NCIS?


What is the name of the headquarters used by the undercover division of NCIS?

Office of Special Projects

In what season does the serial killer known as the Chameleon first appear in NCIS: Los Angeles?

Season 3

What lasting nickname did Deeks give Kensi on their first undercover assignment on the show 'NCIS'?


What phobia does Kensi suffer from on the show 'NCIS'?


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Hetty owns a bottle of scotch that once belonged to what world leader on the show 'NCIS'?

Saddam Hussein Click to see the answer

The actor Miguel Ferrer who played Owen Granger on NCIS: Los Angeles died in 2017 of what?

Throat Cancer

In which country did Sam get buried alive on the show 'NCIS'?


For which agency does Talia Del Campo work for in NCIS: Los Angeles?


According to Hetty, who tried to make her 'his special Musketeer' on the show 'NCIS'?

Oliver Reed

Gregorio's ex-husband, disappeared after embezzling more than $80 million dollars from what event on the show 'NCIS'?

Hurricane Katrina

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What does Ziva say her favorite toy was as a child on the show 'NCIS'?

G.I. Joe Click to see the answer

The nickname that Kohl gave Hetty, Gartenzwerg, means what in German on the show 'NCIS'?

Garden Gnome

Deeks grew up playing what instrument on the show 'NCIS'?


How old was Marty deeks when he shot his father on the show 'NCIS'?

11 years old

What does Sam's Wife Michelle do when someone heckled her daughter's team at a little league game on the show 'NCIS'?

Choked him out

Eric tells Hetty she one of his Facebook friends on the show 'NCIS', what number is she?


Agent Dominic Vail is killed in what season of NCIS: Los Angeles?


As of 2018, How many seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles have been produced?


How old was Kensi when her father was killed on the show 'NCIS'?

15 years old

According to Callen, who breaks the glass by putting their feet on the table on the show 'NCIS'?


The first two pilot episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles were what type of pilot episodes?


What did Kensi dress up as for a Renaissance fair on the show 'NCIS'?


Jun Lee was discovered to be a spy for which government on the show 'NCIS'?


During an episode in season 3, what dance do Deeks and Kensi perform on the show 'NCIS'?


What did Kensi say that Callen loves during her palm reading session on the show 'NCIS'?


According to Dom's missing person report, which of these is his physical description on the show 'NCIS'?

5ft. 11in., 170lbs

Agent Dominic Vail stepped in front of a shooter to protect which character on NCIS: Los Angeles?


There have been two crossover episodes between NCIS: Los Angeles and what other show?

Hawaii 5-0

According to Sam, survival kits are for urban sissies who can't make a flotation device out of what on the show 'NCIS'?


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