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The Philippines Trivia

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The Philippines is a beautiful country with over 7,000 islands filled with natural wonders, beautiful cites, great culture, and amazing food! From Metro Manila down to the tip of Davao City, the nation has great heritage and a world's worth of trivia questions. How long did Spanish rule last in the Philippines? What's the national bird? All that and more, you'll find out in this trivia challenge!

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Who is generally acknowledged as the first President of the Philippines?

Emilio Aguinaldo Click to see the answer

Is best known to local and foreign tourist for its crystal clear waters and powdery white beaches.


Name the oldest Philippine city.


What place in the Philippines is also known as the “walled city”?


From which language is the Filipino vernacular largely derived?


What is the capital of the Republic of the Philippines?


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For how many years did Spanish rule last in the Philippines?

333 Click to see the answer

What city is known as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines"?

Baguio City

On June 12, 1898, what memorable event took place at the balcony of Emilio Aguinaldo's house?

The declaration of Philippine independence

Who was the Supreme Being of the ancient Filipinos who, they believed, had created the universe?


Magellan attempted to sail around the world but was killed in the Philippines. Who led the men who killed him?

Lapu Lapu

Philippines is located in which continent?


The Filipino boxer that is known for his nickname as "Pac-Man?"

Manny Pacquiao

Philippines national food is?


Who is the explorer arrived in the Philippines in 1521?

Ferdinand Magellan

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In which year Gloria Diaz won the Miss Universe contest?

1969 Click to see the answer

Name the country that was occupied by the Philippines during World War II?


What island province is known for its production of quality marble?


What is the longest mountain range in the Country?

Sierra Madre

The Hispanic Period had started in the Philippines in 1500s. Who was the first Governor of the Philippines?

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Who was the mythical heroic princess who ruled a kingdom where Pangasinan is now located?

Princess Urduja

Where is the highest peak in the Philippines?

Mt. Apo

A group of elite, well-educated individuals whose main focus was Philippine nationalism, were collectively called?


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Who is considered the second president of the Philippines?

Manuel L. Quezon Click to see the answer

When did the original Edsa (People’s Power) Revolution begin?

February 22, 1986

What is considered the earliest form of writing in the Philippines?


Palawan was colonized by which country in the 18th century?


Who first introduced the Islamic religion in the Philippines?


The Mayon Volcano is located in what province in Region V?


The Barasoain Church is located in which Philippine province?


Which Philippine hero was born in Ilocos Norte and was also known for his “Spoliarium”?

Juan Luna

Who was the "Hero of Tirad Pass"?

Gregorio del Pilar

This body of water separates Guimaras island from Panay island. What is the name of this strait?

Iloilo Strait

One of the Philippines delicacies is called balut. What is balut?

A partially formed duck egg

What is the largest provincial capital in Luzon in terms of land area?

Ilagan City, Isabela

Pangasinan is found in what part of the Philippines?


Where was the Rizal’s novel ‘Noli Mi Tangere’ published?


During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, a Filipino president was appointed by the Japanese. Who was he?

Jose Rizal

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