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Which band played a tearful final show in July 2015?

Grateful Dead Click to see the answer

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, who was Soviet Premier?

Nikita Khrushchev

In the 2015 British General Election, which party won?


What is Franklin D. Roosevelt's middle name?


By 2012, what percentage of US newspapers are being recycled?


Spanish newspaper Marca dubbed Beckham what in 2004?

Forrest Gump

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How many trees does it take to make 1 ton of newspaper?

24 Click to see the answer

A.C. Milan was once owned by which of these politicans?

Silvio Berlusconi

The Dallas Morning News is published in which state?


Which of the following countries is NOT a democracy?

North Korea

Two freight trains collided in which state in May 2013?


Jimmy Carter beame U.S. President in which decade?


Prime Minister's are free to use Chequers, what is it?

Country Retreat

Which hacking group declared war on ISIS in November 2015?


Which of these newspapers only comes out on a Sunday?

News of the World

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The French presidential election was won by who in 2012?

Francois Hollande Click to see the answer

Which product was given UNESCO world Heritage status in 2015?


Which country was involved in a civil war in 2013?


Which country was hit by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013?


Which famous US news broadcaster died in July, 2009?

Walter Cronkite

Which U.S. state was struck by a tornado in May 2013?


The Canadian Head of State is who?

The Queen of England

Which country was Juan Peron the President of?


Which BBC show did John Barnes appear on in 2011?

Russell Howard's Good News

Who succeeded North Korea's Kim Jong-il in 2011?

His son

Who was the first female prime minister of Australia?

Julia Gillard

USA Today, launched in 1982, is which kind of publication?


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News Corp. has which ticker symbol?

NWS Click to see the answer

Who did Vladimir Putin work for before becoming a politician?


The Irish political party Sinn Fein was founded by who?

Arthur Griffith

Which U.S. President served first?

Thomas Jefferson

What will you find on the 'Reddit” website?

Social News

What is the first name of the wife of Jeb Bush?

Columba is what kind of website?


In what job would you need an autocue?


Which country did News Corp originate from?


In 2000, who became President of Syria?

Bashar Al-Assad

In what year was Al Jazeera launched?


Which country declared a state of Emergency in June 2015?


What is Baltimore's main newspaper called?

The Sun

The first Prime Minister of Great Britain was who?

Robert Walpole

NWS is the ticker symbol for which company?

News Corp.

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Which country held a November 2015 referendum on a new flag?

New Zealand Click to see the answer

Which of these brands is not a magazine brand?

The Global Review

What are you most likely to do on

Check News

The Australian Head of State is who?

Queen of England

Which of this selection of US newspapers circulates the most?

USA Today

Which of these is a national daily newspaper in the UK?

The Independent

Which daily newspaper was thirty years old in 2000?


Bill Clinton became U.S. President in which decade?


Who became the all time NFL leading passer in November 2015?

Peyton Manning

In which country is Gerry Adams a leading politican?

Northern Ireland

Which nation was Cuba once a colony of?


Who was the North Korean leader who died in 2011?

Kim Jong-il

Bill Clinton was how old when he became U.S. President?


Which country had a government shutdown in October 2013?


What nationality is the wife of Jeb Bush?


Perez Hilton's website features what?

Celebrity News

Who designed the Embryo Chair?

Marc Newson

What is the predominant color in the logo for News Corp?


In what year was News Corp launched?


Donald Trump deleted a tweet about whose wife in July 2015?

Jeb Bush

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Starting with the earliest, put these US newspapers in the order they were founded.

The New York Times Click to see the answer

Shortly after the 2010 UK general election, which British Prime Minister resigned?

Gordon Brown

L'Equipe is a French daily newspaper covering mainly which subject?


The buck stops here' is a phrase associated with which U.S. President?

Harry S. Truman

Which country was placed under a state of emergency for 3 months in November 2015?


Vladimir Putin was succeeded by who as Russian President in 2008?

Dmitry Medvedev

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In 1848 the London Daily News carried the world's first what?

Weather Forecast Click to see the answer

Which sports brand were amongst companies to ditch Donald Trump in July 2015?


Where did Morgan Tsvangirai become the Prime Minister of in 2009?


These inventions are separated by about a century each. Rank them chronologically.


In what year was the Magna Carta, the foundation of English libery, signed?


In the 2008 U.S. Democratic primary race who did Barack Obama defeat?

Hillary Clinton

In which city did an abandoned building collapse in June 2013?


In which European country is Il Mondo one of the main national daily newspapers?


Who ran against John McCain in the 2008 presidential election?

Sarah Palin

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The renowned 'Blood and Iron' speech was given by which politician?

Otto von Bismarck Click to see the answer

The first drug was released in October 2015 that slowed the decline of…?


If you were reading the newspaper 'Le Figaro' in which country would you be?


When Barack Obama became U.S. President in 2009 how old was he?


Who ran against Barack Obama's in both the 2008 & 2012 U.S. presidential elections?

Joe Biden

Kermit, the famous explorer, was the son of which American president?

Theodore Roosevelt

Barack Obama defeated who in the 2012 U.S. presidential election?

Mitt Romney

Who ran against Mitt Romney in the 2012 U.S. presidential election?

Paul Ryan

What song did Barack Obama sing at a eulogy for Clementina Pinckney?

Amazing Grace

With which newspaper is the cartoonist 'Giles' chiefly associated?

Sunday Express

Handmade is the name of the new handicraft store launched by whom in October 2015?


Who said in 2013 'who am I to judge?' when talking about gay priests?

Pope Francis

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Barack Obama was defeated by who in the 2008 U.S. presidential election?

John McCain Click to see the answer

Which nation claimed Russian Caspian missiles fell there in October 2015?


Dimitry Medvedev was succeeded by who as Russian President in 2012?

Vladimir Putin

The 'Rivers of Blood' speech was delivered by which politician?

Enoch Powell

Which country launched nuclear tests and threats of war in 2013?

North Korea

In the 2012 presidential election, which French President was defeated?

Nicolas Sarkozy

In which state was there an explosion at a fertilizer plant in April 2013?


As of 2010, what is the largest business newspaper in the US by circulation?

Wall Street Journal

Which country entered recession for a third time in November 2015?


The first British Prime Minister is generally regarded as who?

Robert Walpole

Which country is Silvio Berlusconi the former Prime Minister of?


Which US tabloid newspaper gave the world the infamous 'Bat Boy'?

Weekly World News

UKIP, a new political party causing waves in England in 2014 is lead by who?

Nigel Farage

Before becoming a judge on 'Britain's Got Talent', what was Piers Morgan's job?

Newspaper editor

What was the name of Twitters news service launched in October 2015?


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Which nation rejected an asylum plea from Julian Assange in July 2015?

France Click to see the answer

Which Swiss site, a rival to Reddit, admitted to financial problems in July 2015?


Who was the first woman to read the 'Nine O'clock News' on BBC TV?

Angela Rippon

In which country was the Westgate shopping mall attack in September 2013?


In what category did 'Al Jazeera English' first win an Asian Television Award?

Best News Report

The youngest U.S. Vice President of the 20th century was who?

Richard Nixon

What does the first letter B stand for in the abbreviation BBC?


In 2011, which nation became the newest member of the United Nations?

South Sudan

The book publisher HarperCollins is owned by which media group?

News Corp

Which U.S. state did Arnold Schwarzenegger govern for two terms?


Carlos Acosta embarked on a world tour in 2015 in which field?


Complete that tile of a 2015 film starring Tom Cruise 'Bridge of ___'?


Which country's political system is the political system of Canada based on?

United Kingdom

In 2010, the Labour Party in Britain elected who as their leader?

Ed Miliband

What appeared on page one of The Times on 3 May 1966 for the first time?


What newspaper caught Sarah Ferguson on camera trying to sell access to Prince Andrew

News of the World

Which of these major networks dumped Donald Trump for its coverage in July 2015?


Immediately prior to becoming Prime Minister, which Cabinet post did John Major hold?


F. W. de Klerk became president of which of these countries in 1989?

South Africa

Which comedian replaced Simon Hoggart as the chairman of Radio 4's News Quiz in 2006?

Sandi Toksvig

Karl Marx was a European correspondent for which US newspaper?

New York Tribune

Jack Dorsey was appointed permanent CEO of which company in October 2015?


Which Conservative party leader did not become Prime Minister?

William Hague

Questions: 6
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The New York State Department fined which bank for its conduct on foreign exchange in November 2015?

Barclays Click to see the answer

In which section of the newspaper are you most likely to read stories about Chris Couch?


Who was Bill Clinton's vice-president?

Al Gore

Who was elected leader of the UK in 2010?

David Cameron

Which of these people is NOT somebody you're likely to read about in the overseas section of the newspaper?

Richard Madeley

What is the surname of the former U.S. Presidential candidate who has the first name Mitt ...

… Romney

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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After the 2010 United Kingdom general election, which two parties formed a coalition government?

Conservatives & Liberal Democrats Click to see the answer

Melissa Theuriau had fan videos posted of her on YouTube and was then voted 'TV's Sexiest News Anchor' in which magazine?


Who said in 2013 'when you are subverting the power of government, that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy'?

Edward Snowden

Which of these noteworthy people are you most likely to read about in the sport section of the newspaper?

Brian Bateman

In the German parliamentary election in 2013, who won a third straight election victory?

Angela Merkel

The quote 'I want every girl, every child, to be educated' was said in 2013 by a native of which country?


The US signed a groundbreaking environmental accord with which nation in November 2015?


Which of these men was a political theorist?

Edmund Burke

How much was the jackpot worth, when The Mirror newspaper offered it's first bingo game on the 21st of September 1981?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
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If you run a shop specializing in magazines, newspapers and other general items, what is your job?

Newsagent Click to see the answer

Peter Robinson announced in November 2015 he would step down as First Minister of where?

Northern Ireland

In what year did 'Al Jazeera English' first win a Concentra (Belgium): Breaking News Award?


In what year did the Banana Wars start?


The online version of a newspaper published on which day is the 15th most popular site in Oz?


In 2002 which Spanish newspaper run a poll of Real Madrid legends that placed Michael Laudrup in 15th place?


Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was born in which city?


In which year did the British Government scrap the shilling (s) and pence (d) coins and divide the pound into units of ten, including half, one, two, five, ten and 50 pence denominations?


Which Canadian city was flooded in July 2013?


Which show did the Canadian-American journalist Peter Jennings anchor between 1983 and 2005?

ABC's World News

Since 2009, which group of political activists have been attempting to influence U.S. politics?

Tea Party

Which former President claimed in 2015 that there was 'no hope' for middle east peace?


Questions: 15
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In October 2013 the U.S. government went into 'shutdown' because of which piece of Barack Obama's legislation?

Healthcare Click to see the answer

When was the Al Jazeera Media Netowrk founded?


Hillary Clinton was replaced as U.S. Secretary of State by who when she retired in 2013?

John Kerry

Which U.S. state was Barack Obama the senator for before he ran for the presidency in 2008?


When John Major became British Prime Minister in November 1990, who was U.S. President?

George H. W. Bush

Spanish newspaper Marca voted Zinedine Zidane's goal against which side as the best goal ever?

Bayer Leverkusen

Todd Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication in April 2013, which band is he a member of?

3 Doors Down

A popular video on YouTube is of a Fox News reporter falling over, by what name is she infamously known as?

Grape Lady

In the news in November 2015, Sapo is the criminal investigation unit for which country?


The President of where said 'we have not said that we possess chemical weapons, nor have we said that we do not possess them'?


Which of these is a real book release from 2015, the latest in a long running series?

The Girl in the Spiders Web

Which nation caused controversy by launching their first air strike on Syria in October 2015?


TV crews and news channels display live 24/7 feeds of what during the election of a new Pope?

Vatican Chimney

In a 2002 poll by Spanish newspaper 'Marca' Michael Laudrup was voted in what position in an all time list of Real Madrid legends?


The Prime Minister of which country said 'I will tell the truth in the face of the sweet talk and the onslaught of smiles'?


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